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  1. Hw was blatently on drugs. He looked off his face
  2. I think if its the odd game maybe but 5 or 6 on the right konsa will struggle. He isnt a rb and struggles with his positioning as rb. Definitely get a rb in
  3. Demitri_C


    Lets see if there is going to be consequences for this.
  4. Two years in a row they have bottled champions league. Cant believe they blew it today
  5. Anymore bitter comments from them today after our win? Thwy must be absolutely raging at us beating spurs and chelsea
  6. Dont want to see him at right back again. He simply is not a rb. Struggled for large parts of the game. Need a rb in the summer to compete with cash
  7. Yeah he didnt really have a impact on the game but its chelsea who have a world class midfield Good on smith to give him 20 minutes today
  8. Great defensive display Targett was motm for me just edged nakamba. Emi was also great
  9. Typocal a-holes I think spurs fans woukd rather lose than have chelsea qualify
  10. So if i was tuchel id be taking off my keye players and aave them for final
  11. If chelsea win cl does that not mean Leicester will miss out anyway if chelsea finish 5th?
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