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  1. Come on villa fans ffs gone way too quiet
  2. Smash and grab. We have bee woeful how how we winning
  3. Be hilarous of liverpool missed out but cant see it. Leicester bottled cl two years in a row
  4. Pathetic pile of steaming shit
  5. Scotland has zero points
  6. Zero public votes for Germany we should never let the public have a vote (Im joining the band wagon)
  7. Omg this is hilarious **** this show
  8. Uk humilated Good on james telling them to **** off
  9. I hope iceland win
  10. Big fat zero for UK
  11. Best part of the show for me
  12. I think italy might win this with the public vote
  13. That malta one was fecking shit. How is that 3rd?
  14. Even the aussies don't like us
  15. Scotland still wouldnt give us points
  16. As a greek im embarrassed by it. Every year cyprus and greece give each other 12 points. Utter shit show not based on talent
  17. We could have tom jones representing us and still have zero points
  18. Even the irish dont give us any points
  19. Greece 12 points for cyprus guranteed
  20. Uk only country no points Pathetic
  21. Why does the Uk bother with this pile of shit? Its the same every year
  22. Azerbaijan 12 points for russia What a shock
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