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  1. Was there such a thing as the f side hooligans I seem to remember
  2. We didn’t kill them off I was watching thinking it’s almost not the same team in the second half what happened
  3. Only place in the ground for 5 of us yesterday was one bit of a7 in the upper trinity .... going to be full near as dammit
  4. I live in Devon , had a season ticket for 5 years nearly killed me
  5. Dave Jenkins (don’t know who he is but has 37k followers) says Bruce has said a free agent coming that will make fans lick their lips
  6. He’s not got one wrong , he works in the medical team
  7. Bruce’s silence is odd , I would have thought a rousing we are all in it together going forward interview would of happened by now ??
  8. He says he will be accepting new followers tomorrow from 10 -1030 and has 2000 requests waiting so get in quick
  9. devon ......loads of villa noses only when they arrive on sun readers holiday deals
  10. nah weve got our best player still ....Mr Bent. and we will
  11. General surely we are not going to ban flags from villa park ???
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