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  1. I feel like a spoilt brat writing this we have 12 ponts in 5 games with him up top but gonna say it , he has scored in 1 game out of 5 I'm sick of being a villa fan that says oh but he works hard . It feels along time since the season angel scored all them goals ( I can't include Tammy in championship , no just no )
  2. Thought jack was terrible today but he dose have days like this , Southampton of last year comes to mind but let's hope that's his one poor game of the season
  3. Brazil are playing Peru at 1am Not sure it will be on any normal platform but should be found online somewhere
  4. Best case would be city given a transfer ban , can only dream
  5. No evidence that plane has anything to do with this
  6. Norgaard injured today . Nakamba part of a deal for Said ? his wages would obviously need to be a bit more realistic
  7. Think most of us had little doubt over his ability ( even with fairly average stats) but most were concerned how long he would stay fit
  8. Don't think he belongs there either , maybe off-topic
  9. How do ya think this might effect transfer fees? On one side the market for these players to go abroad will be gone but then they will be the only market for premier League clubs
  10. Obviously they have an issue in camp with covid spreading , how dose it work ? do they submit the list of squad players with negative results to the fa on match day? Genuine concern that we could have issue from this , if it is not done correctly
  11. I would be opting for trez over traore for this one, trez work ethic would benefit us a lot in this game , traore on other hand could become a bit of a passenger with the lack of possession
  12. Sits deeper , beside a partner in midfield mostly , the 10 will be a lot closer to the striker
  13. Left back and I'd be happy if that was us done
  14. It is right now and by no fault of targett but if targett were to get injured we are in big trouble, TAYLOR CAN NOT PLAY IN PREMIER LEAGUE
  15. pete101

    Ezri Konsa

    Amazing performance, defended perfectly. Everytime mitrovic got a head on the ball he was forced away from the goal , you don't have to win the header if you manage your man the way he did. 10/10
  16. Never heard of him , stats and video makes him look like a big upgrade on hourihane and huge plus is that he seems to hit a free kick ever bit aswel
  17. Only issue I am having is , where previously when I clicked on a thread , it took me to that post I had seen , now it takes me to the very 1st post on the thread
  18. Was too good for Everton and never really got too many chances at Chelsea , can't have helped with the revolving door of managers . Would be great for us and hopefully get the best out of mcginn playing next to someone of quality
  19. Games where you are gonna dominant possession , he could slot in perfect mascherano says hi
  20. I'd love to see Dougie play at centre half for this, we look lightweight at CB and in my opinion Engles is too slow to play against any prem league opposition
  21. Liverpool was his assumed destination, have to wonder has the Jota signing changed this , Haven't seen a lot of him , remember him destroying Liverpool, would a raw version of Mane be a fair comparison?
  22. Looked fairly solid , Cash is definitely an upgrade on what we had , Konsa looks amazing, Ming's commanding as usual, Target did a job , think he might be the weakest of the 4 . Bit concerned about that channel between Ming's and Target , at times Shef United came straight through them both . Martinez is the keeper we have needed for years , commanding, shot stopper and can use his feet , when ya look at what keppa cost Chelsea and this guy looks so much better, great business
  23. Arsenal fans freaking out on twitter is a sight to behold
  24. AEG for trez in second half, this much possession would suit him a bit better
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