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  1. Waiting for the Conor hater's to blame him today
  2. Bit of a mad statement , I'll agree today he was brutal, probably his worst game for us since he arrived
  3. Pathetic trying to blame Conor for his cameo in last few mins. As much as I love Doug luiz, he was non existent at times but Conor is guy who is targeted on here , pure agenda , ya he should have took on the shot himself but the same guys on here crucifiying him for not would be on here saying he should have squared it if Allison had stopped it , only problem with Conor is his name is not exotic enough
  4. Everything about this guy is average, except one thing , this guys heart is amazing we all dream of playing for this club and most of us can only dream of it, but if any of us ever realise that dream let us put in an effort like this guy Can start in any of my team's from here on out ,what an effort
  5. pete101

    Dean Smith

    Was a bit concerned with the way we were defending corners , think was mostly in the middle part of second half where palace had corner after corner No doubt having Wesley back defending with his hight is a huge plus for us trying to defend corners but this leaves us with no out ball at all , found myself shouting at TV , put mcginn or Jota high up the pitch to stop the ball coming straight back in
  6. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/aston-villa/10260230/Paul-Lambert-reports-referee-Kevin-Friend-to-officials-board-following-Aston-Villas-2-1-defeat-by-Chelsea.html
  7. He **** us few years back ago aswel , Think it was against Chelsea Milivojevic made at least 5 fouls before he got booked , nearly all our yellows were on 1st foul
  8. pete101

    Wesley Moraes

    Delighted for him , we wouldn't have got that 2nd goal with Tammy up top , he is so strong
  9. For me he had great game up to about the 70th min and then looked gased
  10. hourihane, Taylor and Engles were stand outs for me , trez worked hard aswel, not sure Anwar is working hard enough , possibly Jota early in second half
  11. United were struggling with image rights
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if the Augustine deal was to be talked about again in last hr , sky reporting that palace see him as zaha replacement , so zaha stays , can see this guys agent scrambling
  13. I can only go on what I have seen and for me looks like a great player As for why haven't any other teams been in for him , just give me a few mins and I'll ring around and ask
  14. We would be much happier if we had overpaid and we had him in a villa shirt , some will just try and brush it off and act like they don't care but in truth they are lying to us and themselves
  15. Lock this just before we hit 1000 pages pls , just to piss people off
  16. Not looked great so far , getting pushed back very easy
  17. Never been a fan of zaha , always thought he was the most over rated player in English football, think a lot of my dislike for him comes from his constant bitching about being fouled , jack gets a lot worse treatment and just gets off the floor and gets on with it
  18. For me , trezeguet is a must to start this weekend , we have seen what Jota brings and am very impressed by him , trezeguet would have to have serious game against Leipzig to get in ahead of Jota for spurs game
  19. Competitio games mins per goal Goals assists Total : 34 1,47 5 6 5 / - / - 1.916' Serie A 34 1,47 5 6 5 / - / - 1.916'
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