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  1. You have to question him after that, the goals papered over the fact we were getting outnumbered in the middle of the field and he takes midfielder like for like
  2. If Sanson is fully fit then Sanson , the workrate he brought in the Chelsea game is actually what we need
  3. Love to see us sacrifice Tuanzabe to get Sanson on, switch to a 4 at back with Watkins playing to left bunedia to the right, luiz and mcginn really look like they are getting out numbered
  4. Had first can this evening, 100% worth it, far superior to normal can
  5. Get the lads contact sorted asap , his improvement under Smith is unbelievable
  6. So if he is sitting on the ground having a sulk over a decision he hasn't got while play continues and we concede by being a man down , you don't care?
  7. Not really questioning his work rate tonight, my gripe is more the sulking when not getting your free as play continues
  8. If a half of football ever summed him up , this is it, looks the the most dangerous player on pitch but on ground sulking all the game, fair enough the ref is giving Chelsea a free license to do what they like to him but his attitude is pathetic at times
  9. Think we can beat any team in this league on our day, the Chelsea game was changed by an individual mistake
  10. No doubting the man is a great person , the poor guy is also fighting cancer at the moment he told us on previous stream, but coming online and suggesting Leon is unhappy and villa made promises when we signed him that we are breaking , I can't see how this will benefit Leon's time here, Leon himself has been struggling with his fitness since he arrived and still is, the club seem to be trying to keep up good relationship with butler and is great to see butler's academy now playing at home in the villa kit that that the club has sent out their,
  11. Looks absolute baller, but hope to god he isn't made of glass
  12. If a better option become available , you bet we are giving up on him but until that day he gets our utmost support, By wanting to improve at the cost of a player that has been nothing but classy for us is alway hard, I've been probably guilty of this with mcginn , but if a special player becomes available as I believe CV put it , than ya replace him (is see mcginn a special player so he would have to be very special)
  13. Brought a defender today aswel, but this is our transfer thread , so I'll leave arsenal mostly horrible business alone
  14. I'd argue arsenal have improved , they have spend the money in an awful way but they have improved their defence
  15. Think with every team improving around us we have had a window that will keep up with them but think the hopes of Europe will be out of our grasps unless some of our young lads push on at huge rate
  16. Business to replace grealish has been superb (EmiB, Bailey,Ings as that's what we were told was his replacement) , after that we have brought in young and Axel, that's not enough for me , I understand we might go again in January but at that point prices generally are inflated . Think we have all said a 6 was most important and possibly a backup GK , probably 20 million would have gone a long way to secure that, just feel a bit flat considering the great start to the window we had
  17. pete101

    Louie Barry

    Relax a little , he needs to earn his right to play and when he gets going , I'm sure he will do well, can't just panic the second he is being asked to earn his place
  18. Were you abducted by aliens for the a whole summer during the Phillips pursuit ?
  19. Brilliant today , could have been even better only for a referee that was targeting him all day
  20. Young in the more central role isn't working great imo, get Ollie on and let Carney and Dougie sit deeper
  21. Big day for Carney, best of luck lad
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