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  1. Think that would finish top half of table if we address few smaller issues at the back
  2. Origi and Watkins for around the 40 million mark rather than Édouard at Celtic on his own for similar money would serious business
  3. Jota was 4million squad player, hasn't really worked but hardly a major mess up
  4. The Hogan deal really shouldn't influence this , different coaching staff and different player , Smith knows the player
  5. Celtic were low balling Hibs at the time for mcginn when we made our bid
  6. Watched a bit of Celtic ( not a load ,so won't claim to have watched them week in week out) He looks like a real talent , probably an upgrade on Watkins Moussa Dembele left Celtic in 2018 for less than 20 million and for me was a far better player So with the prices being inflated in the 2 years , even so , I don't see where they can quote 40million, Celtic are heavily reliant on gate receipts and will probably have to sell My fear is that with us jumping in and taking mcginn while they were playing hard ball , there might be still some I'll feelings towards us
  7. It's fairly self explanatory with example I gave , it shows how bidding above the release clause is of no benefit
  8. Exactly , it becomes players decision at that point, so let's say we bid 18 and Leeds bid 19 , all Watkins would need do is reject terms with Leeds and our bid is still there
  9. Dean said on TV last night that the plan was always to eventually play him down the centre
  10. My understanding from what I've read is that the clause only activated once they failed to be promoted
  11. Offload samatta and bring in Watkins plus one more center forward
  12. Last night I can say honestly is first time I've watched him play, he was very in and out of game due to how well Fulham had set up but late in game there was a point where a ball was played up and he was on his own surrounded by 4 Fulham players and held the ball up and won a free in a dangerous area. At that point I thought sign him up
  13. Dean is in perfect place if Brentford lose
  14. It would be like a palace fan saying let's go get grealish No1: he wants to be at a club playing European football No2: his wages will be way out of our budget
  15. Adam idah at Norwich , throw them Hogan???
  16. Totally agree , at times we were so bad at back this year it was hard to watch . Past few games with Konsa we have looked much better , add stones to the mix and think i couldn't watch at all , not to mention the bad habits that may rub off onto our younger players
  17. Looking at the Copenhagen squad , it seem to have 3 Uruguayan players in it , not sure if this is lange's work or not but interesting
  18. Can not see us getting any players from premier League teams that get regular game time , we need to be realistic , our heads barely stayed above water this season and anyone in already playing premier League football is not gonna find us any bit attractive. Think I'd argue we were a much more attractive option to join last summer than we are now , hope we can get players in but think will be tough
  19. pete101

    Paul McGrath

    As an Irish man I'm still tore between McGrath and Keane , really find it hard to separate them, but being a kid from an Irish family growing up in Birmingham in early 90s , he pretty much gave me a place to belong, he is more than god to me
  20. Devastating news, only seems like yesterday that I was watching him play in youth cup final
  21. The state of that ,5:0 to us all day long
  22. Thought he was terrible today, beginning of season I thought he was gonna be a top player but seems to be going backwards
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