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  1. All we need now is Wesley to come back and be superstar
  2. Hope gets few more starts against the weaker teams in the league, great to have around as a squad player and in games like this where we were under little pressure he dose everything tidy and simple
  3. I'd have gone Ramsey aswel but will be interesting to see shackles off Dougie for a game
  4. Hey Pablo have you ever heard of henri lansbury by any chance , perfect for you
  5. Who are a card away from suspension coming into this game? Such a long time ago , thought I remember Targett being one
  6. Was watching Man U and Liverpool game the other day , everytime thiago touched a ball the commutators would lose their #£&@, found myself comparing him to Mcginn , Mcginn passes the ball aswel and overall is more effective in the game, drives me crazy listening to these players and in no way am I saying he is not a great player but they get way more respect than Mcginn
  7. You can't argue that they successful with the time they had with us , they were part of the team that went down along with players u mentioned, I don't care what they do with another badge on them, the original point was the last french player that was successful with us, Possibly under this regime they might have been great but they weren't and like I said already yes they moved on and proved they were good players that wasn't in a villa shirt so who cares
  8. They all got us relegated, I'm a villa fan not a champions League fan
  9. I was kind of in same mind set that it was further down our list, but when you look at the uncertainty over Luiz and city situation and the fact Barkley is looking like a no runner , it's probably a smart piece of business, on the French player situation with us I found myself trying to think back last decent french player we had and was back at ginola , must have overlooked a few
  10. Really is a funny game , if you asked me a month ago about our cover at CB I would have been slightly concerned, Engels lacks pace to play in premier League and was very nervous about Kourtney after his cup displays, but Kourtney has really pushed on and may even push Mings for a starting position, then we see Dominic last night and he has everything that is needed for a CB pace, powerful and communication with rest of back 4 was great , love to see him in oppositions box attacking a corner to see how dose , looks a star in the making
  11. This must be the end of Neil Taylor, Rowe has been superb
  12. So who are the names to watch out for tonight ? seen a game on YouTube few months where Barry had great second half
  13. He did ok , was worked hard , he needs to stop ball watching though, at times he has no idea what's happening behind him
  14. One good moment in the game where he tracked back when Burnley were on the counter, that was it . See a lot of people saying he is not a right winger but did he even play there , Elmo was trying to get forward at times when he had just gone walkabout. At times in second half we looked like a front 3 of jack Ollie and Anwar. He needs to be benched for the foreseeable future
  15. If you contact Amazon and ask them to change your location to UK they will no problem, VPN and maybe an update on your Amazon and your good Turn off VPN if it starts flagging you for vpn
  16. The mcginn tactic of blocking the runner scares the hell out of me , really concerned about this
  17. Gave the ball away so many times , that clearance on edge of box nearly cost us , needs to be given time but as of today is not good enough, all running no product
  18. Keep our shape and we will be fine, Ming's needs to stay as central as possible and not get dragged outside everytime target looks in trouble
  19. Production on this Tyson v Jones event is pathetic , the camera work is making the fights unwatchable
  20. Just want him to be stronger when he comes back , he was on the ground half the time he played
  21. Alderweireld is as slow as Engles , if jack can isolate him he could do serious damage
  22. Just watched Franco v Maloney , was the fight before Crawford v Brook , biggest robbery I've seen in a title fight , the ref declares an accidental headbutt has happened in first round that has caused swelling to Franco's eye and two rounds later calls it a no decision Replay shows it's a punch that causes the swelling and was no headbutt , they then go to replay and the commission and official on reply bottle it and stay with refs no decision. Hard to get excited about this main fight after watching that rubbish
  23. Spot on , type of deal spurs did for Dele Ali for a young up and coming player that is getting game time regularly
  24. When was last team we had that you thought we are capable of beating any team any day ? even under O'Neill , I think that team had a ceiling , ofc let's not get carried away 40pts is our mandate
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