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  1. Huge result , that is sickening for Watford , have to wonder what effect that might have on them On and upwards
  2. With exception of the American's, the general population of these countries are very poor, great to have them all behind us but on commercial aspect I can't see them being very effective
  3. Would have to wonder what issues might arise with permit here, not the greatest time for an Iranian to apply for a visa in UK
  4. Not a hope of him agreeing to this, at that age he will be looking for something a bit more secure then a 6 month deal with us having an option , 18month deal might get it over the line
  5. This is the problem with statistics in football , they tell a story with math and the game football is an art which in my opinion can not be broken down with mathematics. Yes it can point you in the right direction at times Think all you really need to do is go to the in game match thread to see the proper picture, from page 6 on (think we are about 15 mins into game from here on) you can see people start to react to hause from here on
  6. The guy has no brain at all, complete liability
  7. Love to see these stats for a player like van nistelrooy when he was in the premier League Would probably make him look like the worst player ever
  8. Happy to have anyone coming in at this point. On a side note ( yes I know this seasons survival is all that matters) he will be joining trez, almo, and nakamba at the afcon next January
  9. We really are awful investigates , watched don't f with cats last week , they would have the bearded guy's name , travel itinerary , even what he ate for breakfast ( they love toasters ) and I'd say they would have all this within a couple of mins
  10. If pep says it in his press conference how can you not write about it , it's called being a journalist, you write about what the mangers say before the game , it's like taking your car to the garage and mechanic says the breaks need to be changed and you saying that God dam mechanic why is he trying to cost me money
  11. These are my favourite, We don't get a guy ( maybe we weren't interested)
  12. Ya huge step up from that level of football, would probably choose us ahead of Newcastle because of nakamba being here already
  13. Hope we get a striker in soon , tension in this thread is getting high
  14. Any player that comes in will not be available for second leg , would have to have been registered before first leg
  15. Looks to me like this could end up similar to Terry , a short stint playing for the club and then moving into the coaching staff Think this speaks for itself 1X WORLD CUP WINNER 2010 Spain 2X EUROPEAN CHAMPION 2012 Spain 2008 Spain
  16. Could see West ham trying to hijack this if there keeper's injury is any bit serious
  17. If getting benteke in on loan meant we had money leftover to go get Bowen , I'd be happy with that . Any loan deal would have to be with agreed buy out fee , no point benteke turning up here and banging in goals and palace turning around and doing what Bournemouth did to us with Ming's
  18. Piątek translates to Friday just saying
  19. Offer them Scott Hogan in a swap deal Done deal
  20. Do we have many Spanish speaking players to help the kid settle in
  21. Very underwhelming I agree but day one , come on have a bit more class
  22. Two Togo striker's linked in one day
  23. Highlight of the half was nearly a bit of marvelous retribution on Mr Bryan
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