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  1. If this was a deal that was dead and became alive again I'd kill Nakamba deal like that
  2. Any player in at this point is a bonus, been a great window for us and think any of us would bite the hand off you if we were offered this at time of lifting playoffs trophy On side note , as it's basically Christmas for us this summer, villa park would be nice to hear a Christmas song , maybe on the first day of window Dean Smith bought for me
  3. Ya that's how I see it aswel , would liked to have seen bit more of Engels but hopefully he starts next sat against Leipzig
  4. Davis for me looked like a player that has just accepted he won't be involved, where as Hogan as poor as he has been , he never stops trying
  5. As bad as poor woody is , it's not an easy job to commentate like this on your own , there really need to look at getting ex players to commentate beside him , just someone to bounce off
  6. Probably as close a team to playoff final that we could field
  7. Not sure luiz is allowed to play is he? Think permit needs to be finalized first , could be wrong
  8. Probably been said already but hourihane's comments on his sky interview were interesting, "don't think we are done Yet"
  9. Apologies , I thought for a while you were some crazy person obsessed with Leao , even to the point that I was going to reach out to him and warn him , only just realised that this is a nervous tick , apologies again
  10. Problem with all these new signings is I can only select 2 of them in my fantasy football team
  11. Won't be watching anymore fights that involves Manny Pacquiao again if like this fight he is not going through the usada testing like any other major fights
  12. Last season whenever the ball was near our right side I was a bag of nerve's, Seeing Gills first 2 games it was a pleasure to watch a right back that is composed and a serious threat going forward, Looks to be a great addition, how we managed to get our hands on him as a championship club is a real coup for our scouts
  13. Hope your right , surprisingly generous odds at 6/5 , so put a 100 on it
  14. Staying up will be great for us , we have spent a lot of money but people need to remember the position we were in February , we had a team filled with loan players that were covering the cracks , which we have spent a large portion of our budget on making permanent, we lost our top goal scorer which we have replaced with an unknown quantity as of yet, yes our backline looks stronger but we really need to take a step back from talking about doing a Leicester or wolves ( not saying you said this or this is the majority on here's prospective but have seen few on here mention us in same breath)
  15. At times I read here and think I've landed on a Newcastle fourm with the level of delusion
  16. pete101

    Douglas Luiz

    Wesley deal was first heard about on 13th of June and was not confirmed till 2nd of July, these deals take time
  17. pete101

    Wesley Moraes

    Think this could be the case for Jota , looked at times to be running into areas the BigWes was putting himself about
  18. For me , I would prefer an natural wide player, feel like we screwed kodjia around a lot by asking him to play out of position and don't feel like bringing in another natural striker and asking him to do same thing is the right move
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