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  1. Ya it's his acc that replied alright 22k followers
  2. As an Irishman and I love jack but I'd not be behind him returning to the Irish setup , when he switched allegiances he made his decision which at time I really had no problems with, but returning because of not being called up by England is not a reason I want to see a player play for my country, of course I see the hilarious side to this as for years we have picked English guys that have not been good enough for English team but when I see a young player who dreams of playing for Ireland and think about him not getting capped for a reason like this ,it just doesn't sit well with me
  3. pete101

    Matty Cash

    Our finishing position last season dose not help matters while trying to recruit , we basically have 3 options , Option a is the cast off premier League players that are probably older and on higher wages , Option b is championship players who are thought to be playing at a level below they are capable, think I'd include Scottish prem players in same pool Option c a player from abroad that if comes off can be a real coup but comes with dangers of not settling in quick and might not suit British football I can see the bennifits of going for a cash or swift
  4. So basically you want our young lads to come along and Dean will leave a spot open for them to graduate, load of rubbish , you want to play for our club earn your bloody spot
  5. pete101

    Matty Cash

    Be delighted with this , I said few weeks ago in summer transfer thread that Id like another rightback to save Konsa filling in there, Side note guilbert still has potential to improve in his second season and Elmo really has helped us through tough times, it's a long season and all 3 will be needed at times, don't be so quickly to send Elmo to pasture
  6. Would of course be effected by betting trends but will also be effected by links they come across, most likely any story that sky run will be shared with them before it becomes public it's not as clear cut of only depending on betting trends
  7. The cup tie rule was changed last season, he would still be ok to play in group stage for another club if he had played last night
  8. Ya my thoughts exactly , this would be similar to Robert Pires signing, hoping them days are long behind us
  9. I've gone through it as well as I could while trying to skip past the puns , the only links I've seen is regurgitated articles from the kosivan journalist, I've seen Instagram posts by one of our players that is liked by his friend, pretty much like jack might like a James Madison post and I've seen people forensically examining any post milot puts up
  10. Apart from the link from the kosivan (apologize if I said that wrong) journalist that none of us had heard of before this, where are the links ?seriously I'm not trying to have a go at you but it's coming across as it's become a bit of a fanboy thread
  11. The only other thread that hasn't had multiple media outlets quote the link is the tripper thread and yes it should be aswel, Watkins has constant links , Édouard has had multiple links
  12. I call for a lock on this thread until it's reported by some type of media
  13. Think it's very simple announce our intent by announcing grealish signing a new deal , think players we are after might take note
  14. Amazing that skysports are reporting this but at the same time skybet have us odds on favourites
  15. This is obviously personal issues Southgate has with grealish or villa , every excuse he has used in past is s load BS , shouldn't be welcome at villa park from now on
  16. His agent spoke to Celtic about personal terms. It wouldn't get to that point without Hibs giving permission, hence the bid was accepted
  17. Hearing the deal is done subject to medical, us making an offer, Bremen accepting the offer, milot accepting personal terms but nearly done
  18. I'm surprised, it literally says it in my post
  19. Very surprised we got so may pages in this thread , remember someone telling us a full window last summer about how we were signing a player called Leao , hardly the creator of this thread?
  20. If he was a James miller type player that has done well at every club he has been at , I think I wouldn't be bothered about his age but he has failed to make impact for a long time , like others have said it's a gamble we can not afford to take
  21. Would be decent backup striker, for me is a good bit better that Keinan and bit younger
  22. Possibly Morse code .-. .- ... .... .. -.-. .- / - --- / .- ... - --- -. / ...- .. .-.. .-.. .- / -.-. --- -. ..-. .. .-. -- .- - .. --- -.
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