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  1. Has a tendency to defend deep and invites pressure onto the team , he falls into the category of defenders that make these last ditch tackles that look great on TV but in reality is caused by his poor starting position
  2. This was kinda what I was thinking aswel , hope we are both off the mark
  3. I'd love to think our owners are in the mindset of with the covid discount on players ( I know that sounds awful ) we might be better to invest a bit more this summer than next when prices will probably inflate back up , but who really knows
  4. He will end up at Liverpool I'd guess
  5. You alright mate ? We are in middle of a Pandemic and your hoping for asteroids
  6. I was I think under the media spell that has always told us Wilson is great , when his named popped up earlier i was thinking perfect for us except his injury history, After reading your comment and looking at his goal record , it's very poor , revised my opinion not for us
  7. Think Wilson would be perfect for us , but his injuries scare the f out of me
  8. decided to treat myself to this , love some of the kappa gear
  9. For me a RB is badly needed , Konsa was playing out of position to cover for us (did very well) , Elmo thought was great but he is in his 30s, Freddy was a bit hit and miss
  10. Think butland was 1/4 last summer might have even gone into 1/8 at one stage.Saying that it's still something I do keep any eye on all the same
  11. Vassilev would definitely benefit from a loan , zero reason to loan Davis unless you extend his current deal
  12. pete101

    Wesley Moraes

    No way we should be taking a loss on a player that has been injured most of the season
  13. Smith said on TV that Watkins could have made a move to Brentford the season before but decided to stay at Exeter to develop further. He sounds like he has a great attitude and exactly the type of guy we could do with around the squad
  14. Come on MacKenzie we are not paying you overtime , identify some targets and let's get them in the door!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Think that would finish top half of table if we address few smaller issues at the back
  16. Origi and Watkins for around the 40 million mark rather than Édouard at Celtic on his own for similar money would serious business
  17. Jota was 4million squad player, hasn't really worked but hardly a major mess up
  18. The Hogan deal really shouldn't influence this , different coaching staff and different player , Smith knows the player
  19. Celtic were low balling Hibs at the time for mcginn when we made our bid
  20. Watched a bit of Celtic ( not a load ,so won't claim to have watched them week in week out) He looks like a real talent , probably an upgrade on Watkins Moussa Dembele left Celtic in 2018 for less than 20 million and for me was a far better player So with the prices being inflated in the 2 years , even so , I don't see where they can quote 40million, Celtic are heavily reliant on gate receipts and will probably have to sell My fear is that with us jumping in and taking mcginn while they were playing hard ball , there might be still some I'll feelings towards us
  21. It's fairly self explanatory with example I gave , it shows how bidding above the release clause is of no benefit
  22. Exactly , it becomes players decision at that point, so let's say we bid 18 and Leeds bid 19 , all Watkins would need do is reject terms with Leeds and our bid is still there
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