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  1. Loving the positivity for this one But seriously though, even with Jack it would be a tough one and with our most recent form doesn't really bode well for our prospects today. Would be absolutely thrilled with a point, but yes like others feel probably be a loss.
  2. I still have my PS2 but have not played it for years but now I just might lol. What's your favorite PS2 game? Mine is Devil May Cry which has turned it one of my favorite series and one of the few series I buy from day one when a new one comes out.
  3. Know a bit late to the game lol with this one, but watched 'Trainspotting' last night. Absolutely blown away with how great of a movie it was. My emotions were all over the place with this one, wished had watched it way way sooner. Also never really thought Ewan McGregor was that top of an actor tbh, but he was brilliant in this.
  4. Injury can reoccur and unfortunate it looks like it happened to Jack. Sucks obviously for both him and the club, but is what it is, and good luck to him and will love whenever he does come back. Just means the rest of the squad needs to step it up a bit. Also, I don't believe in conspiracy theories and never will, especially in so far as his head has been turned and he is refusing to play as it were.
  5. Doing a second play-through of Dying Light after having beat it when it first came out. One of my favorite games and hopefully the second comes out this year, we shall see.
  6. Timesplitters still one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played.Would love for them to reboot the series
  7. Just went to see a faith healer perform. He was so bad even a guy in a wheelchair got up and walked out.
  8. Being a Mental Health Technician myself for over 5 years now, It was very interesting to read through this thread to get other's perspectives on mental health, some issues they themselves have had, tips, etc. Think it is fantastic as well that forum members have helped fellow forum members with any problems that may have arisen in their own lives, just great. My current position is a MHT Supervisor on a Dual Diagnosis unit. This type of unit is patients that have a drug and/or alcohol problem or addiction along with mental disorder such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar, etc. To say it is chall
  9. Big Salad


    Beautiful weather today and supposed to be just as nice the rest of the week. Really need to go for a walk or do some yard work,we shall see.
  10. Pretty simple for me:No manager or player is above criticism as long as it doesn't go over the top. Has Smith been off as it were last stretch of games?Yes. Did he make good decisions today though towards the end? Also yes. I am confident that he is the right man still for us going forward.
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