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  1. If Bailey doesn't start I'm gonna punch my fist through my damn bathroom wall.
  2. Only steelbook I have in my collection is this one. My top 5 favorite movies of all time:
  3. Yep that's true pal. We are lucky to have the owners we have now no doubt.
  4. Mel Morris spent money he didn't have to buy their way into the Prem and it has now backfired on them. They were already relegation candidates and this will only make them more so. Ton of games left obviously but will be hard for them not to get relegated
  5. Saw Cry Macho with Clint Eastwood last night. Thought it was brilliant and enthralled me throughout. I have love all his movies and this is one is no different, the actor playing the young kid was good also. From all his westerns to Dirty Harry to Gran Torino and more Clint is an absolute legend and it will be sad, sad day when he passes away.
  6. Been using this stuff for awhile now its fantastic:
  7. I agree it was very good, best Marvel movie for awhile. The guy who plays Shang-Chi was exceptional. First thing I've seen him in but sure he will get some more roles now
  8. Day 3 in the new job...and already have had to stop a couple of make out sessions at lunch time; wait till you leave school at least kids.
  9. Designated Survivor with Kiefer Sutherland was great and I'm not usually one for political type shows. Hate they didn't renew it,maybe somebody else will pick it up at some point.
  10. To each their own pal, that's about the best I can say for those toppings lol
  11. Pineapples are ok on a pizza. At least their not damn anchovies.
  12. Last night I took my dog for a walk and let him take a crap right beside the front driver side tire of my prick neighbor from the other nights car. Up early now with a cup of coffee and just heard him cursing up a storm from my front porch. I assumed he stepped in it.
  13. Should have clarified this was a few years ago now when I read that somewhere lol.
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