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  1. Look forward to @CVByrne’s letter to Football365 tomorrow, unless he’s stopped writing they have missed him.
  2. Lucky you, I was in a bar in Tenerife with 4 bluenoses and 3 toffees
  3. What time do you think @JAMAICAN-VILLANwill join the thread. Wonder what refractory period he has.
  4. In Relation to the stand up/sit down and the travel thread, I’ve just found out that my wife is a sit down kind of person. I’ve been married to her for 30 years and never knew before.
  5. Well never watched it but got to download something to watch for the holiday. Did watch the 1st episode today and it’s right up my street.
  6. Who did you book with? Normally most companies offer advice about what to do. Make sure you pay attention to the timing of the PCR some countries it’s 72hrs before departure some 72hrs before arrival. antigen test is just lateral flow but you normally can’t use NHS ones, ours we just took a picture of the result and uploaded it and we were good to go. Same on the one to return to the UK, I think @tonyh29 and @SuperTed had to do a video call.
  7. So jealous should have been there next week as well celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary, damn you red list, we booked it 2 years ago.
  8. He's too busy driving his lad to the new church.
  9. Not surprised their Nationwide BS adverts were rubbish, didn't think they would stretch to a big stage.
  10. Only if the tax payers in Mancheater agree to it, or Mancheater hosts another games, commonwealth or olympics.
  11. I’ve got all 16 of mine on the patio doors
  12. As Wyclef said “he be gone till November”
  13. Maybe he just didn’t fancy JWP as the DCM, not enough height.
  14. 70's humour like "Are you being served?" and "It ain't half hot Mum", wonder how they would be viewed today, in the latter case probably not at all.
  15. Excuse me it’s my 30th Wedding anniversary, oh wait I see what you did there
  16. OT I know but will be there next month with my 2.948m Bailey shirts in my suitcase.
  17. Through Chronomics (TUI partner), it was/is £60 for pre-flight PCR and Day 2, but you have to have booked through TUI. As a seasoned traveller you will probably know this, but just make sure you check the time period of when you should do the PCR test, some are 72 hours before departure and some 72 hours before arrival. Family of 4 were refused boarding on our flight to Kos from Manchester as they had taken their tests to early. Results come through within 24 hours after dropping off at either a Royal Mail priority box or back to a pharmacy.
  18. And as the advert said, I can see our house from here Deborah.
  19. What a wasted childhood I had, I always thought that was Daffy.
  20. Have seen a fan video to the Mavericks “Dance the Night away” that links Buendia, Bailey and Ings. Not quite the same as “in the air” but a reasonable attempt.
  21. Not that I doubted you, but he actually does just watched it back
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