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  1. You boys all getting tied down pffffft hump it and dump it
  2. There is pretty compelling evidence from around the world that legalising drugs removes a lot of crime. It also means more tax revenues and a cheaper, higher quality product. The savings to the NHS of not dealing with accidental overdoes and other health issues related to cutting would not be insignificant (and could be re-purposed to pay for drop in centres and similar). And the savings in police time.... It'll never happen in this climate of "war on everything", regardless of the evidence. You get my vote you big hippy
  3. Might have to properly look into it. I was just going by the British Gas website which gives you an "estimate" (dunno how they work it out). But yeah it was like 3k + I'd guess most of it is for the fitting, it's certainly not a quick job and can be quite fiddly. I'm sure there's a friendly VT tradesman that might be able to help
  4. Aren't prisons meant to be about rehabilitation over punishment?
  5. Gun crime figures are harder to quantify from the look of it. Lots of articles saying it's on the rise but the last half-decent study seems 4 or 5 years out of date now. Any report like this fails to take into account the recording of the data. I'm not saying it's wrong, but I'd been keen to see what was classed as knife crime in 2014 and then again a year later.
  6. Redeemed with £15 on the draw for Everton Spurs, back to 3:1 return for the year
  7. As Xela says, she's definitely a keeper, if I was you I'd definitely consider putting a ring on it... oh wait...
  8. I've gone for under 8 corners and over 3.5 goals in the palace Chelsea game, £5 on each. Whichever team takes the lead I might consider backing the opposition to come back to win. Tough game to call.
  9. Seems legit, who else knew lizards could feel emotion or got thirsty
  10. On NYE I put a pork joint in the slow cooker, two bottles of cider, made a rub from paprika, chilli powder, few other spices, touch of bbq sauce, salt and pepper, cooked for 8 hours on low... Coming home pissed and walking into that almost made me jizz. Soft white buns (ooer) covered in lurpack, absolute heaven man, so cheap to make for the 5 of us too, shall be doing that again
  11. We had a WB installed recently, albeit by a friend of the family, and even with all labour costs it was little over £1k, it's not as expensive as you think.
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