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  1. Absolutely agree pathetic management from Smith. Let's just hold out for a point. Dean Smith frustrates Mr he isn't a fan because a fan as manager would not make so many mistakes that he does.
  2. If your NSWE will you be happy seeing all your jack grealish money sat on the bench. CP said we signed 3 players to replace jack well 2 are sat on the bench and haven't been regulars at all this season
  3. Jeez it said I hadn't sent the first time
  4. Very very negative team selection. This selection is fine for away games but at home against a weak everton team think smiths playing with fire. We may well win but having millions of talent on the bench is utterly pointless if we start terrible.
  5. Smith not said anything on Konsa I found his comments if I'm right Tuesday after the Brentford game he said something along the lines " Unfotunately Ezri had to go off. It was nice for him to captain the team but yeah I think he will be alright. I haven't spoken to the doctor yet for an early diagnosis but he was walking OK. On what planet would you not get an update from the club doctor regarding a player who is vital for us. Too many times he does this just makes his own rubbish up. How can we ever look forward to seeing our villa play at full strength with Doctor DOSNT HAVE A CLUE Smith. 3 days after injury and hasn't asked about what's wrong with Konsa.
  6. Agreed its pointless to spend huge amounts on squad players. Of course you need strength in depth buy huge fees on numbers makes zero sense in NSWE strategy.
  7. I think you're spot on. They love 4 2 3 1 and those DM players they have patrol and protect eh defence nicely. I think West ham will be clear of us in the league.
  8. OK we did great in this window with signings But that huge hole in our midfield hasn't been fixed and for me that spells trouble. I'm not saying we will be relegated but our midfield dosnt have the enforcer we required. I think in a fair few games our midfield will invite pressure due to inability to get what we actually needed. We always want more but im content with the great work the staff did, but hope the midfield holds up from.a defensive point of view. UTV
  9. He needs minutes this has to be his priority, performance should improve when 100% fit. Thanks for updates guys
  10. Any updates on sansons performance would be great
  11. Cheers mate as soon as game didn't start I thought no chance I'm signing up
  12. Needs 50-60minutes really anything else would be a bonus. I'd imagine if he comes through OK he will playing another game before premiership returns. Hope he plays well tonight.
  13. Think this game is free on Y Tube. Cannot wait to see this guy play regular.
  14. This is superb news let's hope he gets valuable minutes and can get ready for league returning games.
  15. That huge hole in midfield is the problem it isn't going to disappear without fixing.
  16. If this was to happen bearing in mind we are lacking a proper DM villa recruitment needs a head wobble. A loan deal is zero risk and far cheaper. But business we have done should keep us up for another season so I'm happy overall.
  17. Anyone know much about the Sparta Rotterdam player were linked with Abdou Harroui.
  18. For me we need to to have 4 3 2 1 Emi Cash Konsa Mings Targett Nakamba Mcginn Sanson/Luiz Bailey Buendia Watkins/Ings When we attack nakamba just sits ready to break up attacks.
  19. 1 poor performance dosnt define a season but Smith needs to utilise the signings in their preferred and best positions. AEG for me is finished he's pathetic as a pro he's brilliant for 1 game in 5 kt good enough. Smith also now has to try a new brand of football, Jack leaving allows us to speed our attacks up. 4 4 2 is a no no imo with our personal. I think if I was manager yo get all players in I'd go 4 1 4 1. I'd also sign a big DM with only priority to break up attacks and pass it forward.
  20. This is the season to see what Smith is about he has to seek a new brand of football post jack leaving. Lots saying we can't do this can't do that can't play this formation or that formation. Smith has signed these players, for me he must use the players in strongest position if we play Watkins and ings then they play as forwards not one on the wing. I personally think Smith is still unsure on formation to use but he needs to get it sorted quickly, Watford game was poor at best. I'd like 4-1-4-1 Emi Cash Konsa Mings Targett NEW DM Mcginn (all-round engine back and forward) Beundia Bailey Ings ( just off watkins) Watkins
  21. Not sure what plans the villa have for JWP and if saints will sell but something looks like it's brewing with JWP and Spurs. Odds for villa to sign JWP are 6/5 but spurs have gone from 40/1 down to 4/1 in 2 days and now they are 5/2. My point of view is if we want him bid our sealing bid and give them a take it or leave it. If they reject so be it we move on and look elsewhere. Let's not sit back thinking we want him and not be brave in the bids only to regret it. I'm happy with our business and would take JWP but if we don't get him we move on regardless.
  22. JWP is a win/win on so many levels for me. Superb ser piece taker- something we have lacked for many years. Covers lots of ground around the pitch pressing and breaking up play then distributing ball forward. 26yrs old so let's say 40mil ish if he's a success he will gain value so profit but in the meantime he will add to our team. We have ings Watkins mings konsa all dangerous from set pieces but if you don't deliver the ball into the danger area it counts for nothing. I'd bid upto 50mil maximum for him and class this as an investment still mid 20s in age and can get better.
  23. Odds on JWP to VIlla currently 1/2 on skybet. Last night it was 6/4 Make of it what you like but I would love him at Villa.
  24. Agree. For me regardless if he fails medical he will not be captain if he stays so he should just leave Win all the trophies and earn the biggest amount of money he can. Oh and pick a nice spot on the bench he likes to sit because he will not be playing 90mins every game FACT. At villa he had a strop because he came off against Newcastle with 2minutes to go.
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