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  1. Bravo, very good predicted texts and sausage fingers is my excuse. Lol
  2. Very, just cannot believe what were linked with imo its not moving forward i love the villa but this is frustrating me after last seasons rollercoaster.
  3. We was dam lucky and you know it dont give all the plaudits to smith he was a car crash for 30odd games he dosnt react or see whats wrong and that is true ans you know it. Sat in the holte end before lockdown he was clearlt out of his depth.
  4. So far this is an awful window. Last seasom newly promoted was going to be tough. If this is club showing us were looking to push on then sorry th club is deluded. Smith has zero clue on tactics and team selection and lange and purslow are complete jokers who couldnt negotiate if there lives depend on it.
  5. Smiths almsot spent half reported.budget on potential nothing for the now.
  6. So Piatek now hertha isnt worth trying would be alot less than 33mil thats for sure top league experience aswell. Thauvin linked said he want to stay. Test the water pit a bid get to comtract stage and sell the god dam club. Villa communicate poorly i bet they are like.rabbit in headlights. Fraser on a freebie also.
  7. We cant keep gambling on signings by paying huge fees on untested player . Wes samatta nakamba trez all inproven and struggled after doing well in the leagies we signed them from this watkins deal is a bigger risk.
  8. This is football suicide imo and will be why we get relegated 44mil so far on championship players is pathetic. At that sort pf money we should.get somone that has played at highest level. YET AGAIN we are in the Young with potential marlet great in terms of business if sold on but will not work Football clubs need quality players this is what we are lacking.
  9. 100% Relegated signings and potential signings all overpriced 33mil for a CHAMPIONSHIP player as our Record signing shows Smith Lange and Purslow know nothing abput what we need.
  10. The villa yet again going for young and hungry prospects brilliant if you want to make a profit but if they think last season wasnt a stroke of luck this season we will reap what we sow very unlikely we will get away with it again. Smith saying dosnt want a repeat of luiz situation pretty much leans towards british based players. 14 day quarentine for most european league players who could come in. Id stick a cheeky bid for ings id pay 40mil aswell hes the type we need someone who can score goals in premiership.
  11. Just seems crazy so many pages for nothing. My opinion which not worth alot is if Rashica or his agent do not decide by next friday tell him to jog on. Villa is a huge club if hes desperate for leipzig let him wait for them we have a new season where we must hit the ground running.
  12. 129 pages of utter BS can mods please close this thread until its reported from.a credible source. 129pages on speculation for one player is a joke.
  13. Ok guys and girls wishlist for signings. Mine are the following all big league experience. For me we need players from either the Premiership, la liga, bundesliga or serie A. Paitek Frank Kessie or Hakan Cahanoglu ( milan) Nikola milenkovic Benhrama Mitrovic Just my wishlist
  14. Heard a rumour smith commented that watford were expected to.win against Norwich and then commented something along the lines of " Its still in our hands" surely he hasnt said that when its 100% not the case we would need results to.go our way and win games. Neither is likely lol
  15. He cost them 16.2mil when they signed him must of seen something to pay that amount
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