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  1. I thought the midfield three worked very well last night. It was our most balanced midfield performance of the season so far. I don’t think Jack had his best game but he was still influential. He looks like he is trying a bit too hard to be brilliant. It will come for him.
  2. I totally agree with this. I have been amazed by how much this has changed during our time away. All the teams look bigger, faster and stronger than is in the centre of the pitch. We are going to have to be much better at keeping possession to compete.
  3. We are averaging a goal/game and easily could have scored more (and actually did but for the actions of an idiot ref). I do agree with a lot of your post and this season may be a struggle but it is too early to say in my view. Funnily enough, unlike a lot of posters, I actually think our midfield is a problem. We have good players but lack variety. We need a bigger more physical presence in there to compliment our ball players.
  4. Why are people moaning so much about our performance yesterday? Deano summed it up really well in my opinion. Good start, followed by a ridiculous period before half time when the ref starting dishing out cards, followed by a decent start to the second half, followed by a red card. From that point, away from home against a decent side, it was always going to be difficult. We stuck in and but for a criminal decision would have taken a point. We are finding our feet and in my opinion should have more than the three points on the board. Refs and bad luck have cost us badly so far but th
  5. Thanks for posting this. I just read through it again. A very inspiring start to a Friday. We need to love this guy and watch him go.
  6. The more I see this guy play and talk and also research his life story the more impressive he becomes. Before anybody accuses this guy of being lazy ever again they should look at what he has achieved, the lengths he has been prepared to go in order to achieve it and the many obstacles that have littered his way. Lazy people do not have life stories like his at any age let alone 22. It is those labelling him as lazy that are in fact the lazy ones. You have gotta love a bit of irony!
  7. He has been really good. He works hard, has a great attitude and some real ability. Very impressive so far.
  8. I am away on holiday with the family so had to make do with watching the match on the iPad. The thing that really stood out to me (and was also commented on by Sky) was the support. The crowd were unbelievable. We haven’t had support like that for years and you could really see it lift the players. I really believe that we are potentially on the cusp of something special. What we really need is to just stay up this season. If we can do that then we can/will really kick on. The crowd can really play their part with that. Well done to all who attended tonight. The atmosphere was electric. I
  9. Anonymous first half but really grew into the game after the break. We really do have all the key parts to do ok we just need it all to kick.
  10. Very good. He is cool. Never panics. Worked so very hard. Really very good
  11. Such a thoughtful, intelligent man. A total leader. It also helps that he is absolutely ace at football.
  12. He and Mings are brilliant. Best partnership for years
  13. Absolutely superb tonight against a very good defence. Can we please cut him some slack now and give him a chance. This kid has got it all
  14. Classic Delaney at the end. Totally loved it
  15. Why are people talking about relegation after only 2 matches? Ridiculous! I hope the players have got a bit more stomach for the fight!
  16. He was up against a top quality defence protected by a top quality midfield. Not only are they quality players but they are also extremely physical. It really was a baptism of fire that he will be the better for having survived it. He showed enough for us to be optimistic. I genuinely felt that the referee let him down at times, allowing him non existent protection. We need to have some patience here.
  17. Best debut from a centre half for years. He was so good. If he and Mings stay fit we will be sorted in central defence.
  18. I actually thought he did really well against Spurs. He get virtually no protection from the referee. He went down no easier than Kane but did not get the protection he deserved. He also never failed to get in front of his defender and show for the ball. Those defenders are big, strong and also top quality. He more than made himself a nuisance and made good decisions. When he got hold of the ball he used it well. He will never have experienced anything like what he had to experience against Spurs. He will be better for the experience. He gave all that he had to give but he will get fitter
  19. I thought he did well in the first half but he faded badly after halftime. I think we all need to remember who we were up against today. Pretty much all of their players are better than ours and therefore it was always going to be tough. We did ok considering. AEG and the rest of the lads will be better for the experience
  20. He is quality. He and Mings, if they stay fit, are tailor made for the premier league
  21. I wonder if we will now have a chat with Sturridge? Kodjia looked way out of his depth today. I think Wesley showed enough and I also rate Davis but on a short term deal, Sturridge could prove useful
  22. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    He was exactly what we needed for the last 20 minutes. Has a big part to play.
  23. Come on mate. Let’s give the boy a chance. I actually thought he did quite well today but there is clearly more to come. We are in the best position we have been in for years and it’s time for us to play our part. They deserve our support come what may. Let’s get behind all of them for the entire season. If we do, it could be special
  24. He’s a total baller. He so reminds me of big Stan. I know Collymore didn’t really work out for us due to his poor mental health but there’s no doubting the ability he had. Really feel that Wes has a similar level of ability and also a similar game. Very exciting indeed.
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