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Premier League Relegation 2013-14


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Sunderland , West Brom , Hull ..


Palace and Stoke might be near the mix too .. Although I think Hughs is good with teams that doesn't spend ..


Newcastle might be challenging for either relegation or top half ! Depends of their run .. which is until now ok ..


I forgot Fulham who might be on trouble too ..

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Fair enough, I've not seen them play and I'm just judging them on the squad that came up. I think Medel, Caulker and Cornelius are good signings, albeit too expensive IMO, but other than Bellamy and Whittingham I can't see many players they had last season that will be good Prem players.


I think they're going to suffer from what I like to call Burnley syndrome, get promoted for the first time in 30 odd years, beat a big team in their first home game, look decent through momentum from getting promoted and then fizzle out in the second half of the season.

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Thats why I think they will go down too, I believe they have the least amount of premiership quality players in the league, even less then Palace. But let's wait and see. Come May they could be right.


Haven't Norwich played with a squad that most of them they had in the championship ? (I'm not sure though) ..

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Signing Sessegnon could keep West Brom up.


Not sure about Sunderland though. They've made a lot of signings. A lot of average signings. But they might be good enough to keep them up, it's very hard to tell.


Hull and Cardiff have the ability to scrap points (like Hull against Man City..)


Crystal Palace don't have enough quality.


Newcastle can't score goals. If Cabeye is injured for a few games they'll plummet down the table.



At the moment I'm going for Palace, Sunderland and Newcastle.

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