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Really I should be doing stuff like sorting out my passport application but that's no fun so I've started to put together a VT promotion on EWR... is anyone familiar with that game?


Anyway, I asked my assistant for advice on who should be given the VT World Championship




Not that grizzled veteran villaajax of course <_<

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No.#3 Heel :D



8 Pints doesn't deserve a shot





The first thing I want to be done, is to get this hat wearing SOB outta my thread! Don't just get him outta my thread, get him outta VT! Because I proved son, without a shadow of a doubt, you ain't got what it takes anymore! You sit there and you tend to your garden and you tell people not to call you Steve and it doesn't get you anywhere!...people still call you Steve, you shouldn't have put it in your damn username.


Talk about your Game of Thrones, talk about Goalie-who-scores 9:85, 8pints 9:85 says I just whipped your ass! All he's gotta do is go buy him a cheap bottle of Rushkinoff Vodka, and try to get back some of that courage he had in his prime!


As the King of VT, I'm servin notice to every one of the VT superstars, I don't give a damn what they are, they're all on the list, & that's 8pints's' list, and I'm fixin to start runnin through all of em! And...As far as this Championship belt is considered son, whichever one I say is the right one is the right one by the way, I don't give a damn if it's Ingram or Leemond, 8pints's' time has come! And when I get the shot, you're lookin at the next VT Champion!


And that's the bottom line, because 8pints said so!


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Just ran my first show on EWR.


Segment 1

Baselayers is walking backstage, when she suddenly stops and looks around. She walks over and looks behind some crates, and suddenly gets knocked down by a chair. Out from the crates emerges StefanAVFC, holding the chair. He hits Baselayers again, then walks off, the damage done.


Match 1

8pints and Meath_Villan vs villaajax and theunderstudy

Armbar takedown from villaajax, boring me senseless. 8pints takes a weak clothesline. villaajax goes to suplex Meath_Vill through a table, but he slips out the backdoor. 8pints kicks theunderstudy in the gut to reverse the momentum. villaajax takes a right hand to the temple from 8pints. 8pints \ Meath_Vill hook up villaajax, then hit a double suplex. Meath_Villan uses a running dropkick into the corner, and clearly misses...that was the shits. Meath_Villan pulls TUS onto the table for a powerbomb, but he uses a backdrop to get out of the predicament. villaajax elbows 8pints in the face to break a hammerlock. Weak forearm by TUS, who has all the athletic ability of a fat asthmatic kid. 8pints climbs to the top rope, ready to leap at villaajax. Meath_Villan bounces off the ropes for an elbow drop without seeing his partner, and crotches 8pints by accident. villaajax sets up the table, then grabs 8pints and climbs up. Tiger driver through the table, the match is over! Meath_Vill and 8pints remain in the ring. 8pints does not look happy at losing. Meath_Villan goes to leave, but gets pulled back in by 8pints. Tensions seem to be rising between these two.


Segment 2

Baselayers is backstage. She put herself over, talking about how great she is.


Match 2

Ingram85 vs leemond2008

Ingram85 slams leemond2008. Ingram85 misses a clothesline. leemond2008 fires off some right and left hands. Ingram85 reverses an irish whip...and leemond2008 runs into the referee. Hah, die referee scum! Double Arm DDT by leemond200, Ingram85 got destroyed. Hooks the leg, but the referee is still out. Ingram85 backdrops leemond2008 out of a piledriver attempt. Back elbow connects, leemond200 staggers backward. Spear by Ingram85. 1 - 2 - shoulder up. Powerbomb on leemond200. 1 - 2 - 2.999 leemond200 counters an arm wringer with an elbow to the side of the head. Spear by leemond2008. 1 - 2 - kick out before the 3. Ingram85 counters a backdrop with a kick to the face. leemond2008 is in trouble. Ingram Stunner! 1....2....3. Ingram85 is still in the ring celebrating. leemond2008 pushes the referee away. leemond2008 spins Ingram85 around. leemond2008 hits the Heart Punch!


Match 3

rjw63 vs mjmooney

mjmooney gets smacked around like a bitch. mjmooney elbows rjw63 in the face to break a hammerlock. mjmooney drives a forearm into the chest of rjw63. mjmooney whips rjw63 into the turnbuckles...and the referee gets sandwiched. Delayed brainbuster suplex, mjmooney held that one for ages. Cover, but there's no one to count for mjmooney. rjw63 fights out of a grapple. Thrown slam by rjw63. rjw63 hits a bulldog off the ropes. 1 - 2 - no 3 though. Lariat, apparently rjw63 thinks he is Stan Hansen. 1 - 2 - almost a 3. mjmooney ducks a wild right hand. Big piledriver on rjw63. 1 - 2 - 2.999 rjw63 ducks a mjmooney clothesline. mjmooney grabs rjw63 from behind and shoves him into the ropes, then scores with a roll-up...but rjw63 rolls through with the move! He is using the tights for leverage! 1....2...3! The referee didn't see it! rjw63 slides out of the ring to the floor, then turns and leaves through the crowd. He's happy to have the win, and evidently isn't going to hang around for mjmooney to get some payback.


Television Report

We got a 0.03 rating for 'VT is War'!
The attendance level was 10 people.
We made $100 from ticket sales.

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