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Well guys, I'm off. Have a good October


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No she went of her own accord

My wife still doesn't get that joke , she won't be truly British until she does :-)

Does she get the following:


"Don't worry, I'll ask her myself"

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"I'm going to Russia"

"No, no... let her take her time"


My friends and I at un iused to make that joke playing pro evo (which was a lot) whenever someone would score and do the celebration where they pick up the ball and run back for the kick off

"He's rushin'"

"Nah he's English!*"

(*or whatever nationality he was)

It wasn't even funny the first time.

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Friend of mine always used to ask:

"Did you get to Chester?" (Chest her!)

Didn't matter how many times we told him it didn't work, he was still thoroughly amused by himself :bonk:

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I went to Jamaica in 2008, had an incredible time. From the moment you arrive in Montego Bay Airport (what a cool airport name btw) its just awesome. Enjoy :thumb:

Here is me, on said trip, doing a spot of pier fishing whilst educating the other holiday makers on who the greatest football team in the world are...


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