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Tough one, I'd go..


Cuellar Dunne Collins Clark

Petrov Coker/Makoun

Downing Young Gabby


Petrov is usually good in these sort of games. Clark is going to need cover and I think Gabby provides that and has the pace to cause whoever plays at rb plenty of problems.

Downing over Albrighton just because more experience and going to need to slow it down more rather than Albrighton who is a little bit 'rush' 100mph stuff.

Cuellar over Walker for defensive ability.

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Why not? We won there last year, have a good team and United struggle against the better teams that don't roll-over (yes blue noses I'm looking at you). Mildly confident of getting a result here. Although us going in front then defending with 10 men conceding two late goals can never be ruled out when playing that lot.

Surprised this isn't on TV can't remember the last time this fixture wasn't televised !

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Can't we just forfeit this 1-0 and concentrate on the game after that? :lol:

Can you imagine if GH actually came out and did that? lmao

I think you'll find if he was ever going to forfeit a match 1-0 he would want it to be ... actually, no, I won't go there. :P

2-2 draw this one, Bent and Dunne the scorers for Villa.

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Nice positive thread.. haha

Come'on guys, we beat them last year. We could sneak a 1 nil..

I'd be positive a little bit even if we were playing Barcelona (who are of course a lot better than Man U). Unfortunately though, this is Man U. We WILL lose.
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this will be really tough no question. united at home are a very strong side

i think we cant play all gabby, albrighton, ashley young and downing its too atacking and we will get murdered in cm

i would go for





i would keep gabby and albrighton on bench and unleash them after 60mins to cause united problems with ther pace at 60 minutes. we need heskey to win the flick ons for bent

we have to definitely go defensive against united

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I think we'll win it, we nearly beat em last time but weve come on some from those days.

I think we have to win it otherwise we could be penalised for taking sides in the manchester derby....we done city now lets do united ;)

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1-1. Bent/Gabby scores first then late United equalizer coming from Hernandez.

We probably will start like this







Hopefully Bradley, Albrighton and Makoun coming on later as impact subs.

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