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  1. Villa Kit 2017/8

    Hahaha everyone saying how much they liked those 3 stripey mock-ups that looked like Motorcycle/Rugby shirts, they were bloody horrific I do like this new one (love the lions) but as someone has pointed out, it's purple, not claret !
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Wolves getting in Nuno is a massive coup for them and almost guarantees we will finish behind them. We continue to fall behind in all aspects. Don't expect automatic promotion, you will be disappointed.
  3. The Championship thread

    Huddersfield congratulations, shows what can happen when you get a proper manager in.
  4. Steve Bruce

    This is because he's a British manager and the media pundits all believe "he is the man for the job". It's brainwashing. A bit like Kim Jon Un does to his people but without the intent.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Bruce should have been sacked after those 7/8 losses, unforgivably bad run .....not many managers in any league survive a run like that. At least he has "sorted our defence" out though.
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Must be the only fans on the planet who are pleased to have a limited transfer budget. Testament to how shit we are with money.
  7. A whole team can go

    Honestly, this club has had its day...we are now nothing more than a footballing charity for shit players , been that way for a while. Mediocre footballer? Yes, want a nice big contract? Yes - give AVFC a call they are here to help players like you.
  8. At least we've won something this season

    LOL we win this every year. Must be the easiest job in football being our groundsman.
  9. Promotion 2017/18: What does it require?

    I'm going to avoid saying the obvious as there's plenty on that already. What we do need however is a ringer! A what you say? A Shelvey, a Knockaert. The two top promoted clubs went up because of these two players. A player who of this standard. Premier League ilk but playing for us. What we got this season were loads of 'decent' Championship players. Find a ringer, pay him well. The single most effective thing we can do. One decent player is better than 5 average players. Scout the top leagues for him. Do it now.
  10. Steve Bruce

    If we keep in it means Tony Xia's ambition is FAUX. Simples.
  11. Match Thread: Villa v Brighton

    Nah still want Bristol to score to see the scenes at VP.
  12. Match Thread: Villa v Brighton

    Hopefully we get hammered by a few more to put pressure on SB. C'mon Brighton even though I'm slightly amused at their fans pretending they are bothered about "winning the league" when already promoted?! Don't think I would care.
  13. Match Thread: Villa v Brighton

    Who cares if Hogan is injured? He's always injured anyway. He hasn't touched the ball whilst playing for us yet despite costing shit loads. I know a lot of this is down to SB but this guy has no endeavour. I really don't give a shyte.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Chelsea and Real Madrid don't mess about with their managers and it doesn't do them any harm. And before someone says the obvious, in monetary terms, we are a Chelsea/Real Madrid of this league. Rolling out excuses and cliches about needing time to gel and build his own team is a load of old bollocks. We should have been walking these league. You may argue the disparity between a top level player in the Premiership or La Liga vs the rest would be much greater a top level Championship player vs the rest , but not to the extent of mediocrity we've shown, surely? SB seems a bit of soft touch to me, we need someone to grab the club via the balls.
  15. Pre-match Thread

    Will settle for a 5-0 loss for the lulz