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  1. As much as i detest the clown, a part of my head says keep him till the end of the season then drop the mo fo like a neat scotch!.. There is no way he can keep us going. Infact he couldnt keep a rabbit going with lettuce!..
  2. Please could all posters abide by the thread rules - no discussion between posters, don't repeatedly ask the same question/make the same point and understand that the General will not answer questions where the media will pick on quotes and stir trouble. Thank you
  3. Might as well Cut his ears off and pin them to his eyes as he dont bother to use either!..
  4. IT IS TIME TO FLY THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER UPSIDE DOWN... BROKEN ARROW... BROKEN ARROW... BROKEN ARROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinnacle" denotes an incident of interest to the Major Commands, Department of Defense and National Command Authority, in that it: Generates a higher level of military action. Causes a national reaction. Affects international relationships. Causes immediate widespread coverage in news media. Is clearly against the national interest. Affects current national policy. Public hazard, actual or implied. All of the following reporting terms are classified Pinnacle, with the exception of Bent Spear, Faded Giant and Dull Sword. AFI 10-206 notes that the flagword Pinnacle may be added to Bent Spear or Faded Giant to expedite reporting to the National Military Command Center (NMCC). May God Help Us!..
  5. Happy Birthday Gen, Having been a season ticket holder since 1986 i have never been so angry, embarressed, saddened and a lot more emotions all in just a few days than i have this week. Never have i thought i would see the day come that i would see my team surrrender and not take the later rounds of the fa cup seriously. Unfortunately that day came for me and a near 4000 other villa supporters, Collectively its cost us 1-2 days money at work, match tickets, travel, hotels, food and drink. but most of all its cost us pride, WE'R ASTON VILLA AND WE SURRENDERED YET AGAIN ANOTHER FOOTBALL MATCH UNDER THIS MANAGEMENT! Why would you wanna pay serious money week in week out to watch the love of your life keep getting screwed up and over by some delusional man? Especially when the people in charge are so blind that they just stand by and pretend its not happening!.. Is it delusional or are we the new libya of premier league football?.. Get your acts together before its to late and you loose all respect like GH has done to the fans and fa cup!.. Prevention is better than cure so please dont abuse that fact!.. Anyway muggins here has got a coach to catch to bolton, i will only be missing the everton game out of all the home and away games from now till the end of the season as i have already paid out the money, But i can asure you this that if GH is still here next season i will be spending my £3-4k a season on other things!..
  6. Hi Gen, How often dose randy speake to MON?.. are they still buddys?
  7. West Ham on it now http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Birmingham-V-West-Ham-LC-SEMI-Ticket-STUB-26-1-2011-/220734832861?pt=UK_SportsMemorabilia_Football_Memorabilia_ET&hash=item3364d240dd
  8. These are the ones they should be buying http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Birmingham-City-Stub-/180622772503?pt=UK_SportsMemorabilia_Football_Memorabilia_ET&hash=item2a0df4c917 with the blue strip on the top, There buying the green ones as well thats for away fans shows how much they go down the sty! like the post above says its Not even false advertising there just to fcuking thick to realise
  9. Thick fcukers http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380314626537&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  10. Ive told her we are going somewhere expensive first and then ive booked a table for us somewhere else!.. I'm taking her to the petrol station on the way to play snooker!.. Only joking Not really, Its a shame really cos i will be in blackpool that weekend, to bad love but have a nice day x
  11. The one who pays the most money!..
  12. The only one of those I really fancy is True Grit. Will treat it as another filming of the book, rather than a remake of the John Wayne version. Was proof that kids and cowboys dont work, Was a cheap and abrupt ending like they run out of ideas or money...
  13. Films i have seen over the last few weeks... The fighter, yes would recommend Little fcukers, no not even funny. 127hrs, easy to follow ok. Burried, Again easy to follow shite but ending. The green hornet, nope boring. True grit, Pointless want my 2 hrs back.
  14. Gen, Do you think bricklayers should be paid more money?..

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