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  1. I'd scratch the Wolves game Costa came back for them today played 50 minutes looked great. Neves and Jota too LOL PSG of the Championship. Do yourselves a favour and work a path to 2nd place.
  2. He can do what he wants. We are the property of Kodjia! He should have squared to Adomah no question, but I don't want him start passing everytime he gets the ball....it his tenacious runs what makes him so good for us. I think he was just desperate for a goal today.
  3. It's Jimmy Danger being back imo...maybe not so obvious to the untrained eye...but the difference with/without is palpable. I can't be adding extra dressing to Bruce's kebab for beating Burton Albion. The real test will be where he's failed many times before with us. With Jimmy though, we play less like a bunch of pussies.
  4. This result will send shock waves around Europe...................a Steve Bruce team has scored 4 goals in a match !
  5. Counter-attacking football against this lot? Zzzzzzz
  6. tbf it's Kodija who's causing them big issues like an international playing vs some park team, they can't handle him.
  7. Wolves are shoe-ins as many of us predicted before the season when they were signing ringers from Porto + a ringer manager. 2nd place is up for grabs though, don't get the 'Boro love in or the Leeds one. If someone asked if I would take a play-off spot now the answer would be no still, we need automatic. This is hope talking though and not expectation. Give it a few more weeks and it may well change to yes, I'd accept a play-off spot....I very much expect this will be the case. We'll have to deal with ACON again in the winter, this is another concern.
  8. Won the game for us today. Class player. We are 100% reliant on this man staying fit if we want to think about promotion. We ain't shit without him.
  9. A win despite of Bruce, not because of him. Kodjia MOM for that run that won the free-kick....he's a different gravy that man. Without him we are nothing.
  10. Adomah looked like he was trying to knock that out of play on purpose/
  11. If Glen Whelan's job is to be crap, he's very good at it.
  12. His interview on SSN "The big decisions went against us". People who were at the match, can I trust this wasn't a true reflection of events and we served up the usual shit?
  13. Quell:- suppress (a feeling). "she quelled an urge to race up the stairs" synonyms: calm, soothe, pacify, settle, quieten, quiet, put at rest, lull, silence, put behind one, rise above, allay, appease, stay, assuage, abate, deaden, dull, tranquillize, mitigate, moderate, palliate
  14. Back to being crap, quell the surprise of no-one. We're the 2nd most successful team in League Cup history, you wouldn't believe that would you? I know people will say don't care, all about the league etc but we had a winnable tie at home. Don't give Bruce a free pass. It's another loss and a truly woeful one at that.
  15. Good to see he's on the mend. That injury was absolutely awful, squirm everytime I think about it. Goes beyond a simple football injury.
  16. Whilst unsavoury it's only paper. No need for people to get hysterical.
  17. Having Kodija back makes such a difference, just his presence. CBA talking about Bruce isn't going anywhere is he.
  18. Winning an away match on sky? Nothing can go wrong from here...
  19. Lost interest I think. They money he has put in is relative peanuts to Recon and with the Chinese Government asking the overseas owners to reign it in there isn't much motivation for him to get to the Premier League now. I's swap him for an Arab today if I could, but we'd still probably be crap. I'm not going to bang on Xia out drum though, his intentions were good but the methodology was failed. A failed gamble for the business man.
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