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  1. A long term reader of the site but Julie you've been off form recenty. Clyne, whittingham etc.
  2. You are my solskjaer my only solskjaer You make me happy When skies are grey I never knew how much I love you Till you take my solskjaer away, la la la la
  3. If we beat Bolton, Spurs beat Blackburn at home and Spurs beat Bolton in one of their games in hand at the start of May. We are mathamatically safe.
  4. How about this to that tune? Ooooo Emile Heskey He's a striker He's shit at that Allergic to tackles and he's always on his ass Can't **** shoot and he can't trap a pass Ooooo Emile Heskey He's a striker etc etc haha
  5. Who have been the star performers in the Bundesliga lads?
  6. Oh Gabby Gabby He's a striker He's fast as **** Call his mom a whore And he'll score a **** goal Ooooh Gabby Gabby (To Tune of the balotelli song)
  7. I honestly don't want Mcleish in we shouldn't be aiming for him. However we have to give him the backing if he does join. I'll back him but if he **** it up he wont. We just have to wait and see how he does even if he still joins. Just give him 3 months and see how he does thats all I'm saying.
  8. What was that stat where it was the top 3 goal scorers in the premier league in the last 5 seasons? Bent, Drogba and Rooney was in it and I swore Bent was at the top.
  9. Due to villa not being at their best this season I've took a big interest in Dortmund. Brilliant team, deserve to win the title, great fans and stadium.
  10. On my **** birthday as well. As long as Arsenal completly tonk them it will be a late birthday present.
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