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PL: Hull a Match Thread 2010/04/21 19:45


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If its that painfull to watch, as it seems to be every week, dont watch it.

I wish people wpul stop saying this, its pur team which were going to support no matter what, some of us would just like to see us use the ball better. If we all left when we didnt like a game we`d be as plastic as Manure and Chelsea.

Or as fickle as Villa's fans?

I just don`t like all this don`t go crap. Im not a fan of our counter attacking play, but i still go therefore not fickle. I`d just ratehr go and watch good passing footy.

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Danny on the BBC thinks any of our bench would walk into the hull team!
he's right

would you want any of our players

Would take a fit Bullard in a heartbeat, clever player, he'd do well in a better side.

you can have him on free for me, his wages will cripple my club for the next three years

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