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  1. That site must be run by a Blues fan, all the negative reports recently have originated there. I don't think we would entertain letting CC go at the moment.
  2. I agree with this, not been impressed with his application in a lot of games this season.
  3. Surely a one off going on the season as a whole.
  4. Same as Amavi, uninterested, doesn't close his man down and is weak as ****
  5. Totally agree, this is our obvious problem and it's the easiest thing to do! Work hard, press, win your battle. We do have a bunch of guys looking around, waiting for someone else to do it for them, get **** stuck in!
  6. This!!! We don't press like we actually want to win the ball back. Any team would exploit this.
  7. This is my issue with our team, we started well and everything went through Lansbury. They notice and from then on manmarked him thus changing the flow of the game. We never, and i mean never do this and have failed to react in any way during this game. All we have done is go longer and longer which is a school boy tactic and smacks of panic. We really need to keep our composure more in games and "man up" when it goes against us, it's perfectly possible to change the flow of a game as Brentford have done you just have to find the weakness and exploit it. You just have to be braver with the ball to make it happen, this mean people actually wanting the ball instead of hiding behind players etc etc
  8. No great loss anyway, he is too lightweight and uninterested, unless it's an interception he's terrible at defending.
  9. How can a team start so well and fall apart so much after being put under a little bit of pressure. We've just stopped moving and passing the ball which has invited them on. What really concerns me is we don't look like we have the ability to change it about in game, where are the players getting the game by the scruff of the neck. Most people have been poor but Amavi and Adomah are not worth a place for me, they are both weak, look uninterested and are shit scared of anything near a 50-50.
  10. Really good signing if true, potentially the most important one we make.
  11. Sorry guys is it just me or does that article basically say he didn't do that well (with the caveat of player departures). Not that inspiring unless i'm mising something important?
  12. Pretty impressed overall so far, wasn't his fault we fell apart on Sunday.
  13. Still say he's the best footballer at the club. Comfortable on the ball and helps us control possession as well as being one of the only players capable of doing something up top. No coincidence for me that we fell apart after he left the field Sunday.
  14. I thought he was our worst player on Sunday, was close between him and Bacuna. There were times when he literally just mis-controlled the ball which is not acceptable for a PL striker. I'd put Sinclair upfront and play Traore, Gil and Grealish behind him. God knows why he spent half the time fighting with their cb's instead of running in behind.
  15. I thought he was terrible on Sunday tbh. Didn't even do well from an attacking sense which is pretty much the only reason he is in the team. i think i'd prefer Hutton at rb.
  16. We're after a serious quality of player so fair play to Tim and the team for that, i very much doubt we will be signing them all though.
  17. Ignore the press ratings guys, he plays for us, we get to see him and he played pretty well the weekend!
  18. We're really signing this guy, he seems a bit good?
  19. What do you mean by command his defense? Keepers communicate with their defenders a lot, how deep they are, spacing etc etc. From set pieces if a GK doesn't like where the defensive line/wall is he should be giving them hell until they get it right! Includes taking control of situations like taking crosses/through balls.
  20. on that basis....no one would have signed Benteke or Delph.....avoiding relegation for 4 years on the trot. I think the key there is avoiding, Cordoba did not avoid relegation last season, not even close. They were 15 points off safety with a -46 goal difference! I know nothing about the guy btw, he might have been there only good player.
  21. Hearing good things about him and Amavi.
  22. This all seems a bit silly now, if he was that desperate to come i doubt they would be so obstructive with theirs fees.
  23. I thought he was excellent when i saw him, I've not seen you post for a while, good to have you back Thanks mate, work pretty much killed my footy watching! That said i've got a baby due in 4 weeks so might be disappearing again
  24. Not that I personally watched him that much but he was their player of the season so must have been fairly good. Fair do's!
  25. Hardly watched any footy last year, did Cambiasso actually play well for Leicester?
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