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Curtis Davies


What's his worth to the squad?  

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  1. 1. What's his worth to the squad?

    • another quality addition to the squad
    • never rated him, lets sell
    • would rather play untested youngster
    • looking forward to seeing him play in our new look defence

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When he's next to an experience centre back like he was with Laursen, he looks absolutely world class. At the moment though he doesn't seem able to lead the line by himself. I still think he's a quality player though and will develop into a top defender if he keeps his ego in check. Would quite like to see him partnering the Dunney monster, I think they could strike up a Ferdinand/Vidic kind of understanding, i.e. one physical, brave defender and one more technical, sweeping player.

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He has looked extremely good in our defense with Laursen while fit. I suspect he would do just as well with another experienced partner in Dunne - but he will struggle to replace Cuellar and Collins on their given form.

That said, a good addition to the squad and good cover.

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I bet Sir Alex is slightly jealous of our centre back situation. Oh what he would give to have 4 quality centre halves fighting for a place in the team. Shame.

Anyway Davies has quality that I am sure as he matures and reaches his peak over the next few years we will benefit from.

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I think he has been great when played alongside an experienced Premier League CB in Laursen - he looks really strong, good in the air, quick and no nonsense. I am not sure where all of the "bad attitude" comments have come from?

He struggled alongside Carlos when Carlos was finding his feet in the Premier League. Now Carlos has found those feet, I think Curtis could play alongside any of the other three CBs and do well. I think this is quite often the case with young CBs though and Dawson at Spurs has had the same problem - looks great alongside Woodgate or King but struggles with a less experienced partner. This is about maturing as a player in probably one of the most difficult positions (alongside a keeper) as mistakes often mean goals.

Great position to have - 4 quality CBs - but we will need a European run and good cup runs to keep them all happy next year and I'm not sure rotating CBs is the best idea as they need to build partnerships. The other challenge is to make sure that Baker and Clark are given a chance to prove themselves and then integrated into the squad if they are good enough. Much better problem to have than not though!!

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Potentially I think Davies is the best centre half we have. However I think MON has gone for the more physical type of defender - in Dunn, Collins and to a lesser extent cuellar. - this means Davies probably is 4th choice.

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