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  1. I would go 4-3-3 to begin with. Out of all of our senior midfielders, we only have McGinn and Nakamba who are definitely 'match ready', and they proved last weekend that they can't cope in a 4-2-3-1. So going off who is likely to be fit: Ings --- Watkins --- Bailey Ramsey --- Nakamba --- McGinn Young --- Mings --- Konsa --- Cash Martinez Upfront I'd have Ings and Watkins interchanging, Bailey in his preferred position on he right up against Ritchie and Clark, who will struggle with his trickery / pace. If Watkins isn't fit then it's a toss up for me between starting Wes up top (I know but you've got to give him a chance right?) or putting JPB on the left and Ings up top. Probably leaning towards the latter. In midfield, ideally Sanson in place of Ramsey if fit. Luiz in place of Nakamba if he's got an ounce of energy left him him. There is then the potential to then bring on Buendia if we need to chase the game. In defence I would drop Targett. It sounds harsh after one bad game but Newcastle will almost certainly stick ASM on him after last weekend. Young has the experience and mental strength to manage him better.
  2. I've just watched a YouTube bid of Joaquin Correa. I know it's not going to happen but just imagine for a second
  3. If Smith's major concern from last season was possession breaking down in the final third then he's got to be looking at bringing another left sided attacker / winger in. Most culpable for losing possession in my opinion would be El Ghazi and Traore (and Trez but let's ignore him due to his injury). Decent players don't get me wrong, but perhaps now they become bench options / rotation starters. To ensure we improve we have to have a proper left sided AM who protects the ball - someone as similar to Jack as possible. Ings or Watkins out left just can't be the plan, surely!? With the money we have to spend why would we try and force fit a player in an unnatural or non preferred position? Cantwell made sense. He's good with the ball at his feet, just a little light weight - and looking at Chukwuemeka, our physios know how to bulk players up. But hopefully he's been put to one side whilst we try for a more ambitious sighing from the continent. Kamada (as has been suggested) looks like a great option. Would be the perfect replacement for Jack.
  4. Sorry mate I beat you to it. But you'll be comforted to know that it went down a treat with everyone.
  5. I'm guessing Shakespeare's had a few too many, because the phones rung and he's answered his pint of lager!
  6. Quality player from what I've seen watching La Liga. Sad we're not in for him.
  7. Well half an hour ago he said the sacking rumours weren't true. So looks like Deano's here for the rest of the season at least.
  8. If (sorry) When we go down, I'd concentrate on trying to keep McGinn and Luiz, then plan to build long term around them. Try and get as close to £100m for Grealish and Mings, then buy quality who know the league. Seen Buendia and Benrahma mentioned, both very ambitious suggestions, but those two and Eze from QPR would be my 3 dreaming signings. I know bigger / better placed teams might be in for them, so we might need to get things done early doors or else wait until we know what crumbs are left on the table... however, the losses sustained by mid-table (and lower) PL teams due to COVID may mean less poaching from the Championship this summer, so who knows.
  9. The day they took a 22/23 team Premier league off the table is when they made it a legal disaster. They could’ve awarded Liverpool the title, cancelled relegation and decided European places and promotion from the Championship on PPG. Yes the EFL would've had to put up with a slightly less glamorous set of teams in the Championship for one season - but that would be offset by having 5 come down the next. Plus League 1 down could've ended their seasons early and saved themselves a ton of money. The PL could've called it the Super-Prem and hyped it up something rotten - they would've made a fortune!
  10. Just finished watching You on Netflix. Really enjoyed it, thought it was going to be a bit of a chicks thing, but it turned out to be quite dark and sinister - in a stylishly shot way.
  11. He was a big gamble. Very big, but that's been our strategy ever since coming up. Apart from Heaton who is the exception, name me any of the signings we made in the summer or January which haven't been a gamble in one way or another? Some maybe less so than others, but other than the goalkeeper we haven't once signed a proven PL (or other top class league) player - it's been a mixture of (1) Out of favour/reserves at PL club, (2) From a lesser standard foreign league or (3) Young with potential. I get that we had a lot of gaps to fill, but IMO if we'd have signed one proven player in each of the core positions (GK, CD, CM, CF), we'd have been be a different team this season. And considering the wealth of the owners combined with what we ended up spending, I'm disappointed we didn't manage that.
  12. Need to play Vassilev. Have to limit the time their defenders have on the ball. Need better ball retention. More of that fancy Brazilian shizzle we saw in that little spell against Leicester!! Need to be clever and draw the fouls out of their midfield players. Get a few of them on a few yellows and that will help to nullify the physical advantage they have. But most of all we need to show some bollox!! Go out there and take it to them! Play like it's the last game you've got boys!!!
  13. I forgot it was that bad a line up. No wonder we got skinned!
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