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  1. January 2017 transfer window

    Just watch Lansbury's movement in that game against Barnsley - not just for his second goal, but for the forth, where if the keeper gets a glove on it, he's there to knock it in. When was the last time you saw a Villa midfielder make runs like that!
  2. Henri Lansbury

    Sorry, I was too busy watching the blue-bottle racing on fly sports 2
  3. The Film Thread

    Watched The Accountant last night. Liked it. Not sure it was what I expected it to be but it was above average. Worth a watch.
  4. January 2017 transfer window

    Saying that in my head makes me think of Jedward... another shit double act which everyone is sick of, how apt!
  5. January 2017 transfer window

    That's Sam Morsy
  6. January 2017 transfer window

    -------------- Johnstone -------------- Bree -- Chester -- Baker -- Amavi ------------------Jedinak --------------- ---------Lansbrini -- Hourihane ---- Adomah ----------------------- Brady ----------------- Kodjia ---------------- Bench: Bunn, Bacuna, Elphick, Tshibola, Grealish, Ayew, McCormack If we can get those two midfielders in asap, then it gives us the rest of the window to try for Bree and Brady (or alternatives). That would give us (on paper) an absolutely cracking side and an incredibly strong bench (ignoring the fact that a couple of them might go)! Plus it also means we wouldn't need Hutton, Westwood or Gardner in the match day squad, now wouldn't that be nice!
  7. January 2017 transfer window

    Oh I agree @Eastie but I do think some clubs will play a bit of brinkmanship with us and see what they can get us up to... which is another reason for the delay. Personally if I was Barnsley, I'd be wanting to sell to us (a club who are going to get promoted one way or another in the next couple of seasons) rather than strengthen local rivals Wednesday, who if they go up would surely impact on their local fanbase.
  8. January 2017 transfer window

    I doubt it's laziness (although I appreciate your comment may have been tongue-in-cheek, apologies if so). I'm guessing, but it wouldn't surprise me if there's one price for Villa (and Newcastle) and another price for the rest of the Championship when it comes to players like Hourihane. Clubs know that we've got bucket loads of cash and we're desperate to go up, so they can add a couple of million on and we'll pay it. I'm all for stealing in at the last minute once another club has done the hard work, and more importantly agreed a fee - plenty of clubs have done it to us in the past.
  9. January 2017 transfer window

    Just been checking out the Barnsley fans reaction to our supposed interest in James Bree. Here's the gist of it... He's definitely rated by them and has interested the big boys before (Man U / Man City). Seems they were hoping for one of those teams to come in for him and loan him back. They don't think 4m is enough, but he's only got 6 months left on his contract, so under the circumstances a few of them are resigned to it. The ITK's on there suggest that Barnsley view the bid as 'too good to turn down'...
  10. James Chester

    Wasn't impressed when we signed him - perhaps partly down to the fact that I wanted a taller partner for Elphick, even so I thought he was overpriced. Happy to say I was miles off. He's fast becoming my favourite player. Reads the game superbly, comfortable with the ball at his feet and looks a model pro.
  11. Ratings and Reactions: Tottenham v Villa

    For those saying they are concerned that we lost to a Spurs B team, just have a look at the cost of today's starting line ups: Spurs £120m v £40m Villa And that's without even taking wages into consideration The BBC made a big deal out of the £50m we spent in the summer, but like it or not, it was always going to take that kind of investment in the squad simply to buck us out of our tailspin down the divisions. That money bought us just enough quality individuals to make us competitive, but it didn't buy us a team - like it or not that takes time. Other Championship teams with more cohesiveness may have tested them a bit more, but very few if any would have won the tie, so let's not worry too much about that. My positives: Bruce got his tactics spot on for what we were capable of. Gabby scuffs that shot in or Baker gets a head on that corner and who knows what might have happened. Playing like that was our best hope. The new GK showed enough in one game to tell me we have improved that position significantly. Gabby is making an effort and whatever you think of him, we need every little help we can get. Chester and Baker continue to look an impressive pairing. We're still a right back, a proper left winger and two midfielders - all of significant quality, away from serious playoff contenders, and our attacking play needs to seriously improve - however we're a team going in the right direction.
  12. Mile Jedinak

    The reason Jedinak looks so bad is that he's doing everything himself because of our non-existant midfield! The guy is a beast who's job is to break up play, protect the back four and bully the opposition - all of which he does very well. His passing is attrocious i know, but give him two decent mids who will firstly want the ball, but also find space and give him options to make a simple lay off to and we're fine.
  13. January 2017 transfer window

    What's happened to Marko Grujic at Liverpool, only 2 short sub appearances yet he was a star during pre-season for them. Wonder if they'd consider a loan to the end of the season? He's got the physic to succeed in the Championship too.
  14. January 2017 transfer window

    Thing is, now the Dr has gone on record saying we turned down a £25m bid, he's going to look a right pillock accepting anything less.
  15. The Film Thread