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  1. You thought he was greedy in the Championship, wait until he's under the bright lights of the premier league. It'll be attempted bicycle kicks and long rang punts every chance he gets! It's that greed and a lack of work rate which mean he's a million miles off ticking the all important 'team player' box and that's why Deano won't start him. And as an impact sub it kind of compounds things, because he has limited time to make his mark on a game. Sad thing is he's got it in his locker... he's got a calmness that allows him to spot the run of a team mate and he can play a lovely weighted ball. He also showed against Rotherham that he can run his bollocks off when he's up for it.
  2. So by your mates reckoning @Delphinho123 it's Wesley today, a big unknown signing Wednesday and Mings on Friday? I'd be well happy with that!
  3. Reading this thread on Twitter, it seems AVFC_Religion just outed AVFCFaithful as a fraud. Sent him a load of made up targets via DM and he replied to say he had heard the same info. So if you believed them in the first place, strike Wallace and Bednarek off as it's all made up.
  4. Don't forget it's also about game management and having a big enough squad to tactically change things up. Maupay is a very different type of striker to Wesley, therefore it may suit us to play him over Wes against different opposition, or switch mid game if one isn't working. We go into the season with just once main striker and teams will soon work out how to nullify us.
  5. If true this (along with Wesley) sends out a big message to potential future signings that we're not playing around!
  6. Try the link i've updated in my post above mate
  7. I don't want to post actual tweets, but have a look here on twitter (click tweets & replies)
  8. If we sign Butland I think we'll go over it 4 times, if we somehow manage to get Tuanzebe towards the end of the window I'd say 5 times: Marquee Striker £25m+ RW/AM £25m DM £20m Tuanzebe £20m Butland £18.5m I think the other positions we'll add will be between the £5-£10 mark
  9. Packed with potential this lad. I still think he's got another couple of levels he can go to. Very glad he's onboard, but let's get someone in to challenge/push him for that left sided spot (fwiw I don't think that is Green)
  10. Schitts Creek (Netflix) Comedy in which a rich family lose all their money and have to move to small town America. Looked on the face of it to be pretty rubbish, but I decided to give it a chance to kill a bit of time and ended up watching the entire series. It's got the dad from American Pie and the mum from Home Alone as two of the main characters. They're ok in it, but it's the actors who play their (grown up) kids who make it.
  11. The day they sacked Jokanovic, I laughed my backside off! Such a bad decision from the Fulham owners, they have massively downgraded in the coaching department now with Parker only really learning his trade. Anyway, I think it's obvious that Fulham are the blueprint for how not to survive and I hope the board have examined exactly what they wrong in order to avoid the same problems. That said it's worrying how similar they are to us, even reading those reasons you listed off I can see us being in danger of falling into the same trap on at-least 3 of them: They had 2 new goalkeepers and couldn't decide which one was worse than the other - we could well fall into this trap with Steer and Kalinic Their defense, apart from Chambers, was not Premier League quality - At the moment the same as us apart from Mings (who we've not even signed yet) They lost Schurrle to a virus for a quarter of the season and he was too inconsistent before that - Jack has had illness or injuries which have kept him out for big chunks of the last two seasons. Imagine if we lost him this season!
  12. Don't get me wrong, I think he tailed off towards the end of the season (not sure how much the injury at Bolton had to do with that) and I would want us to sign another quality striker to really compete with Tammy and push him, but he's still only very young and the amount of improvement yet to come is easily worth £25m. Look at the players from our squad this season who are in that same age bracket: Tammy 21 Axel 21 Andre Green 20 Keinan Davis 21 Matija Šarkić 21 Apart from Axel he's streets ahead! And you'd still say that the others have the potential to become good, valuable players in the long run.
  13. Think he'll link well with Grealish. Always remember how Jack and Carles Gill played some lovely 1-2s when they played together. Albeit they rarely did and the football being played at the time wasn't really set up to get the best out of either player. Imagine that now with Jack being a better player and under a manager that actually wants to play that type of football.
  14. I always thought that about Arjen Robben, but he made a pretty decent career out of it
  15. Exactly the same as me mate. I just don't want to just watch it at home, I feel like I need to be there, but the prices are just so astronomical and only going to go up like you say.
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