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  1. Steve Bruce

    All the people who are really responsible for our demise are gone though. Short of pulling Lerner up on some set of footballing war crimes there's not much we can do but (and colour me crazy here) accept it, stay calm and be reasonable in our expectations. Course should you want to mail a few dog turds the way of messrs Fox and Faulkner, then go right ahead, might take the sting out of your anguish. Personally I toyed with the idea of sending hate mail to Eric Black , but in the end... I couldn't be arsed.
  2. Ross McCormack

    It's a double wammy. Not only did we waste £12m, we also funded much of Fulham's rebuilding and made them a very good team as a result.
  3. Steve Bruce

    The Samba situation is a perfect example of a Bruce dropping another clanger and he knows it. Look at our defense, it's tiny! Chester, Elphick, Amavi, Bree, Richards - all sub 6ft! Only Hutton and Baker are of a reasonable height (not giants mind) and you can't rely on either because ones too injury prone and the other's a positionally inept waste of time. When we had Benteke and to a degree Gestede, we had a big guy we could bring back to help defend those situations. We don't even have that now (you could maybe argue Kodjia, but to a much lesser degree). Right now, i'd say Jedi is our only decent threat/defense aerially and that's pathetic. Ask any proper defender about the golden rule when it comes to defending long balls, corners, free kicks etc - DON'T LET THE BALL BOUNCE IN THE BOX. Newcastle was a prime example of what happens when you do. But how do you stop that happening with midgets (pardon the exaggeration)? We should have signed a big imposing centre half (and kept Gestede) but we didn't and now we're scraping the free-agent bin trying to rectify the sorry situation.
  4. Prematch Thread

    --------------------- Johnstone --------------------- -----Hutton -- Elphick -- Chester -- Taylor------ Hourihane -- Jedinak - Lansbury -- Bjarnason ----- Kodjia ------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Hogan -----------------------
  5. Ross McCormack

  6. Ross McCormack

    There's plenty of players who'd run through walls to play for Villa, this guy couldn't be arsed to jump a fence. See ya Ross.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Get Micky P in and fast. Need him popping a few balloons on the bench and keeping old Brucey on his toes!
  8. Ratings and Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    Well I've slept on it. Had a coffee and and a wa... er wash, and here's my take... Any hopes of getting into the playoffs on the back of our new signings - gone i'm afraid. It was always going to take a miracle for them all to hit the ground running, gel instantly and get results from the off. Last night showed just how long that might take. Sadly the rest of the season is going to be a bedding in period. There may well be a few more games like last night still to come, but we should start to see shoots of recovery and some good football emerge at the end of the season. It wouldn't surprise me that come the final 5 games, we're the in form team in the league, but it'll be far too little too late. With a bit of luck, this summer we won't have to change too much. We might just add one or two real quality players, but without causing too much disruption. Then just hope we start well and make a real go of it.
  9. Expectation

    I don't know what to expect anymore if I'm honest. I've had my hopes dashed so many times that I almost know not to expect anything. I can't argue with anything the club is doing at the moment, not one thing. We've got a great owner who's doing everything possible to get us going again, but it's like trying to revive a dead body at the moment.
  10. Ratings and Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    Johnstone - Pretty sure that the actual Sam Johnstone went back to Man Utd after the Tottenham game and it's just Gollini in a mask. Hutton - In a few years time a documentary will be released, simple titled "Allan". It'll be the story of a Spurs fullback, who after suffering a near fatal car accident, has his brain removed and replaced with that of a giraffe's. After months of rehab scientists deem him safe to be re-entered into society whereupon he's transfered to Aston Villa, and his amazing story unfolds. Chester - only explanation is that he decided to get drunk before the game for a bet Baker - went old school Baker, you know Clark and Baker, Baker. Urgh. Amavi - Thought he played ok inside the first ten minutes, then cameras cut to him getting a lecture from Bruce and he turned to ****. Nice one Steve! Hourihane - I bet this guy is a hoot at halloween because today he was a ****ing ghost!! A performance which even the most ardent of Westwood haters would admit was the most annonimous from a Villa midfielder this season. Lansbury - Decent start, got a bit ahead of himself, went all hollywood, went to **** as a result. Thor - Jesus, this guy is nowhere near ready. And I mean NOWHERE NEAR!!!! He made me want Bacuna to come on - think about that for a minute! Adomah - Another who started brightly. Then it was like he swapped his boots onto the wrong feet for a laugh. Green - Too lightweight. Sides work out very quickly that he can be bundled off the ball. Also can someone teach this guy to head a ball on target? Kodjia - WTF was that finish about? Totally isolated after that. Bruce - Got too excited and played with all of his new toys at once, only for the smelly kid with three pieces of lego to whoop his ass. Felt sorry for him in the end when he was stood in the rain with a face which clearly said "What the **** am I going to do now". I dunno Steve, but i'd start with being very apologetic to the angry chinese man who's going to be calling your mobile very shortly.
  11. January 2017 transfer window

    *Agent Dave emerges from the burning ITK wreckage, his liquid metal body slowly reforming as he does so* Cue the music... dun dun dun der dun
  12. January 2017 transfer window

    Big shock, Stan's in an argumentative mood, I swear he'd argue black is white some days. When there's a potential job going, he's one of the first one to make noise about the club being run so poorly over the past 5 years and that he knows what to do to fix it. Yet now he's complaining about the 'vulgarity' of our spending (albeit as part of a wider pop at the financial predicament football finds itself in). What would you do Stan? Let the club rot for another 5 years whilst we save up milk bottle tops? Someone ask him what our net spend is this window... someone ask him what our net spend is over the last 5 years compared to Newcastle or some of the lower PL clubs. In fact don't because he won't listen.
  13. January 2017 transfer window

    It is a big shame about RMC, he's a very clever player (on his day) and was one of the few players in our squad (pre-window) that had an eye for a through ball. But I'm hoping the new midfield recruits will lessen the burden on any player occupying that no.10 role. Plus I'd like to see Jack being given more opportunities there to make it his own.
  14. January 2017 transfer window

    Awh come on now, don't be cruel In all seriousness, if there's one player who should be spared ridicule or abuse it's Westwood. I know he's not performed well enough on a consistent basis, but he's always been professional. I wish him well.
  15. January 2017 transfer window

    I actually believe that if we had both of them in the squad along with Kodjia, it'd be the perfect blend of strike options... One quick and nippy, plays on the shoulder, terrier type - Hogan A decent target man who has strength, good hold up play but not bad on the deck - Ulloa And one quality, all rounder - Kodjia I'd then add Rushian Hepburn-Murphy as your forth option (new contract permitting) and get rid of Gabby/Ross.