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  1. ^^^ also known as paying to have the release clause removed (fairly common practise). And so long as it's not straight away, a handy work around FFP for us.
  2. I see us playing in much the same way as Liverpool have under Klopp. We'll have Wesley as a focal point upfront (playing the Firmino or Origi role), with inside forwards playing off him either side. As it stands, I see us mainly using El-Ghazi and Trezeguet as our versions of Salah and Mane, with Jota being used a bit like Shaqiri i.e. someone who can come in and play a bit of a free role, offer a clever pass etc, rather than being quite as direct as the other two. Quality aside, I do question whether El-Ghazi or Trezeguet have the raw pace to play as effectively in those roles, especially in the PL where the fullbacks are so quick. It's why I think we'll still be looking to sign another pacey inside forward player who can challenge for those spots. Leao would be ideal, so I can see why - whilst he's a very ambitious target - so many are hopeful we're in for him.
  3. I think there will be 4 more at least. 1. GK 2. DM (as well as Douglas) 3. Winger 4. FWD: Versatile one who can operate upfront and on one of the flanks
  4. LW: El-Ghazi / Sessegnon RW: Benrahma / Jota That would be absolutely unreal
  5. I just love the savvy nature of how we're going about things... Fluff up Leeds, make them think they're going to get £30m for Phillips... BANG sign Douglas. Sweet talk Stoke and get them all hot under the collar about £25m for Butland... BANG £5m offer in for Heaton. Give Bristol City a full on foot massage over '£30m rated' Adam Webster... BOSH about to sign Engels for £7m. We are the d*** teases of the transfer window!!!
  6. I don't usually get proven correct that quickly, but todays a good day
  7. I'm optimistic about this deal. He'll have to play incredibly well to get into City's team any time soon - and because it's not a loan there's no time limit on it. Chances are City won't be in a rush to bring him back in - I actually think they'll buy a marquee replacement for Fernandinho pretty soon, but Pep liking Douglas means there's more chance he'll be allowed to stay with us to develop rather than them buying him back to make a profit on him. It also means Leeds can GTF with their £30m valuation of Phillips and will have to now flog Roofe and a few others to meet FFP
  8. Well in the situation I illustrated, Benrahma would come in to play predominant at RW and we'd sign a striker like Leao who could play both LW and up top. That would give balance and options either side. But then thats just one of a thousand or more possibilities. I actually think it's a lot more likely that we'll sign Trézéguet than Benrahma... but like you say, the squad could accommodate both.
  9. I agree sadly on Leao - more hope than realistic links. I do however think we will see another marquee attacking signing. Ibrahim Sangaré is a DM for Ivory Coast Toulouse, young, tall, powerful, looks a talent. Again, pretty tenuous links. Trézéguet would be instead of Benrahma, but again he'd be the one I'd hope for in that position.
  10. Been a quiet day so I thought I would draw up a 25 man depth chart, based on the business we've done so far and my ideal future transfers (based on who we've been linked to). The depth chart covers pretty much all the possible positions we would use across numerous formations. It then shows the 3 players in order of who is most suited to that position (I'm sure that'll spark debate) - so you'll see a few players double up as cover in their non-strongest positions. Being slightly optimistic on the transfer fees, I don't think it's beyond the realms of possibility that we could get all those players for around £170m, which pretty much matches the amount we'd get in TV money even if we went down. I think with that squad we'd safely stay up, thoughts? * Only showed prices for players coming out of this summer's transfer budget
  11. I think he was good when he first burst on the scene, but since then he's dropped off dramatically. There were rumours that due to injuries he sustained a few years ago, he now has restricted movement which limits the way in which he can turn, dive etc. Might be rubbish, but would make sense.
  12. Damn it. Really could do without that happening as it'll only serve to steal their resolve on both Benrahma and Maupay (both of whom I think would be awesome signings).
  13. Inflated price, but I think we need to pay the premium to get some British lads through the door who can not just add quality, but also settle quickly. We all saw what happened when we signed a largely foreign contingent the summer before we went down. It wasn't that they were bad players, just that it was too many at once who all took time to adapt (if at all).
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