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  1. Like everything today people only ask the simple questions, that is what lands you in the play offs and not automatic promotion. Thank god they had an inexperienced manager who made the mistake of not taking gayle of 5 mins before his sending off as it was plain as day for the more astute and not just a meercat fan.
  2. We don't have to go to the hawthorns then?
  3. Whelan should not have started, whatever happened to man marking, gale just sat in between the two defenders all day and ran the show. Defending zones is a new disaster the king in invisible clothes, and when the opposition are giants why would you put high balls in the box, hard and low is the way and attack them down the centre as gale showed us.
  4. Looked to me like Jack thought he had been attacked by the mascot. or was it peggy Mitchel !
  5. All I want is for someone to take charge, clear out the dross the alto egos and the just useless. I am not a great believer in one man teams and the rest play homage to that player so young eager future talent would be an area I would like to go, a few old heads and a mix of younger fresh legged keen to learn footballers. I hope smith can do that but our coaches need to be looked at and maybe a new approach and not just go down the retired footballer route. Now is smiths time I hope he rises to it.
  6. There was one job to do last night and that was to mark billy sharp, our defence is shocking only equalled by the ref and some of our baby players. Its part of the game to read a ref and know what you can get away with Liverpool won titles on it.
  7. Bit worrying when Brentford don't seem to miss smith but smith seems to miss Brentford
  8. I would like to know who those alligators are ?
  9. The aftermatch interview was in the vain of a drowning man, our players are not fit and needed changing, begs the question are their any training staff or just a bunch of freeloaders who turn up in track suits. Ron Saunders would be building those sand hills tonight.
  10. When you worry about timewasting your team has failed
  11. It was more of the same, when you need team players we have individuals and if grealish is missed so much it shows the folly of that so called squad.
  12. Absolute dog turd, we have the defence of an Italian Dictator. Season over

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