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  1. One of my first thoughts after the game was our back line look like we never train together and I know with the internationals we always look bereft around the 70-80 mins, but seeing Dean and the set piece coach after the game both looking totally glum the thought entered my head was have we been putting to much training into set pieces and not enough passing the ball to one another and defending under pressure. We need all the elements of the game to improve and the mental toughness is part and parcel of it, but today it may have gone out of fashion.
  2. What a shambles, the total lack of leadership on the park and discipline to be in control of the back line was abandoned at 80 mins. All wolves had to do was to step up a gear and bully our defence into flapping and do we do that well.
  3. Penalty at old trafford, every fan can say those words and know its about to happen. The late winner was classic fergi and sweet revenge for all those bad days in manchester when we played well and came away with nothing. Kortney brings another asset to this team, the ability to head a ball with total control and direction and allows our central defenders to stay calm.
  4. Kortney brings power to the team and slots in nicely with our defence, you can only give credit to him for his approach to the game.
  5. He made that header look so natural that it looked to easy, a great bit of skill and reminded me of a certain Mr Andy Gray when he played.
  6. We gave them a game and got their big guns of the bench, got to look at different players under pressure and the lad Archer had the game you could only dream of.
  7. Thought we earnt the right to win that game yesterday with Ramsey and Makamba doing the ugly bits, step up Leon Bailey to take the plaudits and produce his cameo. Strange game for the Villa, we looked like we knew what we were doing. From training ground to on the pitch is it us.
  8. Thought we played well first half but top teams play well for 90 mins, Emi was a big miss as his presence brings a calm to that defence and tactically i am not sure if three centre backs works and would prefer one in front of the two to add the cover. We need to be a team that works for each other because we are to easily exposed and tend to flap when pressed and the result is as followed.
  9. We fell apart yesterday, Watford had desire, belief, hunger and fitness way above our levels. What are our fitness coaches doing when Targett is blowing through his backside after ten minutes and has to be replaced by Ashley Young. The lack of leadership on and off the field was amount to pub football and the result was only to clear to see, it's back to work guys the holidays are over and its time to shine. We missed players of the grafting kind and spirit to say this is not right and change the game, instead we wanted our tummies tickled.
  10. What would we have given for an Ollie Watkins at 90 mins yesterday
  11. onmeedson

    Paul McGrath

    Jack Charlton knew more about football than these jokers and God was on his team sheet every game.
  12. Ollie needs a rest, sad for the lad but still chuffed as a villa fan that he gets the break he needs.
  13. That was a great little end to a season, we had to dig in but we showed we could do it and give game time to some of the squad. What that displayed for me was we do have options and hopefully with a couple of additions in the summer we will be a more balanced side. The established players have done their part but the players that have come in lately have put a shine on the season and to Deans credit he got there in the end. Game management is very important in todays football as the amount of pressing a player is asked to do can only lead to problems along the way, we have found new ways to play and that is the progress being made. Good luck to one and all, roll on next season, Good luck to the kids tonight.
  14. That modern playing out from the back never factored in Ollie Watkins or the high press, Mcginn was back to his best with the help of a not so pretty Nakamba but a work horse in the making and a valuable asset to this side. You could see an argument for playing Konsa, Hause, Mings in the same side with Hause just sitting infront of the central two. Spurs have the sort of troubles you could only wish on them and to see our two youngsters come on and not look out of place was the pep up we needed. Well done Dean we needed a spark and you gave us it.
  15. Definitely brings something to that defence, good to see him on the pitch.
  16. Palace just wanted it more than we did, and fitness seems to kick in at 70 mins with a few players. We all know that the bench is not great and Dean sticks to his 11 players but the work they have to do take's its toil and a rest now and again might help the 11. Squad players have a purpose for injuries and the like but you can use them in games to rest the weary and bolster an area. Midfield was being run ragged at palace did we put an extra player in there or just use jack as a comeback, we really miss Matty Cash when he is out and Konsa suffers when he's not there for the amount of running matty doe's. They got lucky with the 3rd but we could help ourselves much more by managing our first 11 a little bit better and getting Squad or youngsters more game time and maybe the beach will not come so early.
  17. Schoolboy defending yet again by our defence, to continually get the wrong side of a player to tackle borders on stupidity. What is ever is going on at coaching at bmh is a mystery to not only the players but any sense of football ability, always keep your body between the goal and the opposition. We continually get mugged because we allow that crime to take place, communication is non existant between our defenders and leads to to many ball watchers just admiring the play. When a 19 year old can mug you off, you are in the wrong place between the goal and the attacker. Gareth will be well impressed.
  18. He terrorised Everton last night and drew better performances out of other players.
  19. Ollie Watkins what a player, best defender we had
  20. Was it smiths coaching or just Grealish hitting form and then going missing.
  21. The lack of any sort of leadership and direction in our team points to us being a relegation battling team at the moment and a bunch of players that have never seen a training ground or coach in their lives. We are a one man team and it only makes the future look grim once we are without him, the basics of playing together, the ability to pass the ball to one another seems totally lost on these players and a system someone understands was left in the dressing room along with the video games and beach balls that occupies their waking lives.
  22. Citeh didn't have to break a sweat, we looked like ball watching admirers and what the coaching staff are doing is lost on all of us. We got no where near them and they dominated through out the game, we need a wake up call and the soft life for the pampered pets has to stop. If you let your pooches lie in bed all day they become fat and lazy.
  23. Smith got caught out by his own gung ho spirit yesterday,the subs turned the game into plops favour and it was only a matter of time before they took the lead. The mix of players is not right and we depend on Deano to get that right for each individual game and change the balance within the game as it proceeds. It's a tough call but that is what being the manager is all about, getting the coaching right, getting the mentality right and getting the leave it all on the pitch attitude. Bad day at the office but fans just need to see we have that progress and passion to succeed in a game, we all love a win but we can except a loss by a better team.
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