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Which Team do you dislike the most in the Premiership (pt1)?


Which Team do you dislike in the premiership  

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  1. 1. Which Team do you dislike in the premiership

    • Manchester United
    • Liverpool
    • Chelsea
    • Arsenal
    • Everton
    • Wigan
    • West Ham
    • Fulham
    • Tottenham Hotspur

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Liverpoo for me. For years and years United were top for me in my hated list. This season both Liverpool and Spurs have jumped ahead of them. If Spurs were a direct threat tpo us this season I'd have chosen them. Maybe next year.

Same goes for the toon. If they were threatening us I'd hate them more. But seeing as they are a source of humour these days I don't mind them.

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Impossible to answer as I hate multiple teams

Too much hate in your life Ash... :D

I know I'm just consumed by it, but I just can't help it there is just something about West Ham, Spurs, Newcastle and Liverpool that really really gets under my skin.

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Newcastle. Now, I proper hate everything about them. The fans are scum and they have won F'all. The ****fest going on today in the papers and on the radio is amazing, West Brom's record is loads better than them but they get the airtime.

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Quite a few I don't like in that list, but my vote goes to Arsenal. Not just because they are fighting us for fourth either (well maybe a bit). I just think they have crap support, a word removed for a manager that does nothing but complain, an all foreign team, plus they think they are better than they are in reality. I really do despise Arsenal and hope that they drop like a brick over the coming seasons. I am sure Emirates would be half empty if they weren't fighting for top four. Oh wait, it is anyway......

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I'm astonished and disgusted that Chel$ki are lagging so far behind and it's clearly a 2 horse race.

True, Chelsea aka Buy-A-League deserve some votes.

My hate for the 'buy-a-leagues' has clearly transferred to Man City. :lol:

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