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The 2019 IAAF World Championship in Doha Qatar


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So, the world Championships in Doha Qatar.

Non competing women not allowed to wear shorts of tank tops in or around the stadiums.

Russian athletes not allowed to compete under Russian flag due to doping. Only about 30 in total allowed to compete but under neutral flag.

Kenya who are already under extra surveillance have been exposed by German ZDF handing out EPO to runners on a massive scale 


Doping widespread in Kenya ahead of World Athletics Championships ⁠— report

Just days before the World Athletics Championships, new claims of widespread doping in Kenya have emerged. A report from Germany's ZDF alleges top athletes regularly use the endurance-boosting substance EPO in training.

They're the second most successful nation in the history of the World Athletics Championships but Kenya's status in the sport is under a cloud again, according to a report by German public broacaster ZDF.

Footage first broadcast on Sunday purports to show a top male and female athlete each being injected with the performance-enhancing substance EPO in pharmacies in the African country. There are also claims from a doctor that Kenyan athletes and officials have found a way to sidestep testing methods.

"There is no doping done just before the race or any important competition, here they use EPO in training... From the current national team I had eight runners [doping] with me," the physician, whose identity is not revealed, told ZDF


And the US of A is once again sending a host of stars who have been banned for doping or been cleared by the USADA as they fear civil court.

Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman the biggest names this time.

Same goes for a lot of other countries.

There will also be some now doubt fantastic performances in the 40 degrees Celsius stadium.

And while Athletics fans are not football fans it will still be a big event used as sort of a trial before the big WC in 2022.

As for Sweden the big hope for gold lies with Mondo Duplantis in the pole vault and Daniel Ståhln in the discus throw.

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27 minutes ago, Tegis said:


Absolute toilet of a country in regards to women treatment

to be fair I don't think you can single Qatar out in that regards  ...

OT and anecdote time but i was there (Qatar) one Christmas  / new year  , after the new Year festivities it turned out everyone had been locked out of their rooms due to their computer system not being clever enough to realise the year had changed and that people hadn't overstayed their welcome ... whilst we were locked out the local women were showing my wife and daughter all their henna tattoos and pictures of them at home on their phones , in jeans , swimming suits and what  .. it seems at home they are fairly free to do and dress as they please , it's just outside where the stone age barriers come down  ... not excusing Qatar but it was a least a litlte eye-opener into daily life for some)  women out there  ..though the fact they could show my wife these images and not me was also quite telling

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Not off to a great start.


DOHA. Norway's national team fled the World Cup hotel Ezda Hotel because the rooms were "extremely unhygienic" .

Sweden's stars remain - but are dissatisfied.

- It's like a horror movie, says Angelica Bengtsson.

- The hotel is not good and I would have liked to change, says Thobias Montler.

On Friday start the athletics world championships in Doha and the idea was that both Sweden and Norway would stay at Ezda Hotel. But on Wednesday morning, the Norwegian national team chose to flee.

- When we visited here before the World Cup we were shown completely different rooms, with a completely different standard. Now we got much worse rooms, which are extremely unhygienic. It smelled sewer, there was mold in the bathroom and was bad air, explained Norway's top sports manager Erlend Slokvik for SportExpressen.

- For us, it was clear: If you want to perform at the World Cup, you can't live there.

However, Sweden has chosen to remain. According to union captain Karin Torneklint, this is because it would "cost too much" to move.

The Swedes about the World Cup hotel

When SportExpressen meets the Swedish squad during a press conference in Doha, a few kilometers from the World Cup hotel, they are open that the accommodation has some shortcomings.

"It's such a shame, because it's so terribly fancy everywhere here, but when you get to our hotel it's like a horror movie," says Angelica Bengtsson.

- "The Grudge" comes into the corridor as well.

What was wrong? 

- Bathroom and so, AC, for example. It's either full of beer or nothing at all. That's not what you want. And in the bathroom ... hygiene is the worst, it doesn't feel fresh.


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The long races will be interesting and bit scary.

Starting off with the women's Marathon that will be run in 80-90% humidity and 30-40 degrees Celsius tomorrow night.

Really not the circumstances where a Marathon should be held. Loads of runners will collapse and drop out of the race.

Hopefully no one will be seriously injured or die.

Will be scenes like these galore.


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On 26/09/2019 at 10:09, sne said:

The long races will be interesting and bit scary.

28 of 68 women didn't make the finish-line. We are talking about the absolute best marathon runners in the world here. Not cheeky first timers.


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Pretty cool that all 3 Ingebrigtsen brothers, Jakob, Filip and Henrik qualified for the 5000m final. Even thou it took an appeal to do it.

Family seem a bit "special" to say the least but it's still really impressive.

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Snapping pole on the final attempt
Getting a retry as per rules
Cant find the replacement pole
Competitor accidentally put the pole in question into the wrong bag. Pole is found
Gets the pole back and clears a personal best at said final attempt.
Foooking hell what a performance.


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1 hour ago, Chindie said:

30 elite athletes unable to finish their event...

...having high endurance sports competition in the desert might not be a good idea.

Who'da thunk it?

Hmmm... What if the run for 90 minutes every 4 days? 

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On 28/09/2019 at 19:21, HanoiVillan said:

Great to see that two different American cheats came out on top in the men's 100 :rolleyes:

I've always thought there should be one branch of athletics that is absolutely clean and another where anything goes - any drug, any genetic meddling. We'd end up growing shot-putters in labs with one enormous shoulder. It would be loads of fun. :D

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12 hours ago, Tegis said:

Snapping pole on the final attempt
Getting a retry as per rules
Cant find the replacement pole
Competitor accidentally put the pole in question into the wrong bag. Pole is found
Gets the pole back and clears a personal best at said final attempt.
Foooking hell what a performance.


Angelicas rygg dagen efter.3f717cc3-ea74-4e28-9e3e-c0c913122392?fit=crop&h=785&q=50&w=1100&s=9835419533a663b11434422cb4ec8fae9074aee8

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Another day, another...

Remember, it's not state doping if you let  Nike pay for it.

Boo Russia!


 I have no hesitation.

That coach Alberto Salazar is suspended for four years is the biggest doping scandal since Ben Johnson.

He has had such great successes, trained such great names that he pulls everyone in the dirt.

It's like a head shot on all of athletics.

Athletics has had its scandals where Ben Johnson was the first and incomparably greatest.

When he was unveiled for anabolic steroids following the 100 meter world record at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, it had enormous consequences.

A whole world looked on.

It was also the start of athletics' constant, but seemingly hopeless, struggle against doping.

The fact that Alberto Salazar is now suspended for four years by the US anti-doping agency Usada is almost in the same class.

Then we still had the big Balco scandal that was rolled up after the Paris 2003 World Cup.

It drew lots of stars in the case, including names like Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery and Kelli White.

The question now is where this scandal will end.

Get big stars

Alberto Salazar coached Mo Farah to his double Olympic gold in London 2012, when Farah was the game's biggest star behind Usain Bolt and was already questioned.

And above all.

Salazar is employed by the American sports giant Nike and has led their "Nike Oregeon Project", where from the beginning the aim was to get American long-distance stars but which grew into something much bigger.

Nike has plowed down many million dollars in that project.

It includes several of today's major World Cup stars, including Dutchman Sifan Hassan who has already won the World Cup gold of 10,000 meters and can take two more gold.

She has had a tremendous development since moving to the United States and the Nike Oregon Project and setting a new world record at an English mile in Monaco this summer. German Konstanze Klosterhalfen has also taken great strides since joining the same project.

And it's not just Salazar being turned off.

Jeffrey Brown, who worked as a physician in the project, is also suspended for four years.

I don't think it's over there.

I think it is a business that will grow, as the Balco scandal once did.


Nike is the big financial guarantor for the next World Cup in Eugene 2021, a World Cup that was already controversial for that very reason. The same Nike that was with and paid Salazar's lawyers in this deal.

Many people are drawn to this soup.

No, the old marathon star Alberto Salazar finally got his sentence after an investigation that lasted for several years.

I can only pay tribute to the persistence of Usada and the American anti-doping work.

A past time

I was absolutely convinced that Salazar would get away with this, with all the backing and legal help in the back.

Now, Usada states that they have crossed all boundaries that exist and used their active as guinea pigs in the pursuit of success.

It almost turns in my stomach when I read such a year as 2019.

I thought it was a past time.

Now, of course, Salazar will appeal this verdict, but no matter what happens in the US courts, the damage has already happened.


(Google translate)

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The only surprise in the Salazar case is that they actually completed their investigation into him. A Fancy Bear hack years ago revealed that USADA were sat on an enormous dossier of evidence, prevaricating about what to do next: 

Salazar's own doctor appeared to be just making shit up on medical records:

It's probably just a matter of time before we're sorrowfully discussing how Mo Farah could let the whole country down like this. 

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15 minutes ago, HanoiVillan said:


It's probably just a matter of time before we're sorrowfully discussing how Mo Farah could let the whole country down like this

I'm sure it's just a coincidence he missed multiple drugs tests because he was asleep / didn't hear the doorbell & there is no connection to this at all 🙄

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