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Premier League football 09/11 August


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5 minutes ago, Keyblade said:

Pogba has been superb. Crazy that people were suggesting to sell him.

I’d have sold him if he were a disruptive influence and undermining the coaching staff. 

I don’t think he’s all that to be honest. I can see he can clearly play but even today, after several flashes of brilliance he’d fall over under a challenge and leisurely get back up with no effort to win back the ball.

attitude is a big thing in how players are judged so I can see why Pogba gets so much stick. 


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19 minutes ago, kurtsimonw said:

I've never really understood this suggestion that he's somehow crap. 

It's just this weird hyperbole obsession in football. It's weird enough when someone says he's not one of the best players in the world, but crap!? 

I think this is part of the problem, theres a world class player in there who has only come out in  United shirt a handful of times. 

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59 minutes ago, Genie said:

Not much more I dont reckon, football fans are incredibly fickle.

Yep, if they get spanked again by Liverpool midweek in The Supercup (which is a real possibility) and then fail to beat Leicester next weekend I believe you will get fans complaining he was too inexperienced, given the job too soon etc.   And in all fairness it will probably be fair comment. 

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