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can we be anything more than....


Will Villa ever be anything more than a "nearly" club  

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  1. 1. Will Villa ever be anything more than a "nearly" club

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Forget ellis, ranson or any other would be chairman. Could we really be anything more than we are? No matter how much money is put into the club it will always be a struggle to be any better than we are, but i think we could.

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Thats what Malc, Pete and a whole load of others keep trying to say SW. We can be more than a narly club, but to do that will take a major re-think in the way that the club is run. This season has only clouded the issue in getting a whole load of people thinking that ellis and co/ must be doing isomething right and that any change would not be for the good. OK they have the right to that opinion but its flawed.

The potential is there but to turn potential into reality takes bravery and sound judgement - neither of which will come from the current "rulers" of AVFC.

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....It takes a bit of money and a bucket load of Nous, backed up with a little bit of time.

Have we got it?..... i'll leave it to you to judge.

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Course we can.

There is an understandable amount of trepidation and lack of expectancy on these boards as of late. This is partly due to the Barry sale and Laursen retirement.

Last season we were sticking it to the scousers by stating that we are not a selling club and that it's our terms or **** off.

The Barry sale was very quick and took alot of people by surprise. 12 million didn't seem a lot after the numbers banded about last year.

Apparently Liverpool were not going higher than 8 million this year, so it seems not bad business at all.

In my opinion, I am glad it's over and done with early on and MON has plenty of time to find quality reinforcements

Speculation that Young and Carew are going to follow Barry out of Villa Park are nonsense. And if this happens and our 4 top players are gone in the one season then

YES we will be nearly men

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