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  1. I don't think Tammy will move this summer. If he does it will be for serious dough. Prob £65+
  2. 2 lists. Stay up budget £80 Buendia £28m Billing £22m Duffy £12m Mitrovic £30m + few loans (preferably guys with speed) Out. Steer £4m Trez £8m Jota £2m Hogan £5m Going down budget -£140m Hector £12m Bogle £13m Dack £16m + loans Out Grealish £70m McGinn £45m Mings £35m Luiz £20 El Ghazi £9m
  3. Our biggest problem as I see it is creating chances. Super Jack for the most part has to do it himself. I'm encouraged by Samatta's movement and pace. We just need someone apart from Jack threading the ball through to him. The second most prolific provider in English football is Emiliano Buendia. ( Kevin De Bruyne is number 1). Buendia is the sixth best creator of chances in Europe this season!?! The fact that he's only 23 and playing for Norwich means that he should be at the very top of the shopping list if we stay up this year. If we can get Benrahma and Billing I'd be well happy. The 3 B's!
  4. Triple move for Norwich players. Lewis, Godfrey and Buendia. 45 mil prob for 3
  5. This is an absolute no brainer...... Aleksandr Mitrovic Aggressive, potent, a real handful for defenders, great in the air, few better in any league at holding up the ball. Still only 25. 12 goals already this season. Make it happen.
  6. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/hull-city-aston-villa-transfer-3036648
  7. Swaps Davis + cash for Bowen Lansbury + cash for Lolley Kalinic + cash for Rongier Bree + Hogan + cash for Benrahma You can tell its 4.30am!!!!
  8. Love to get Bowen. Hull interested in Keinan Davis. Possible swap +cash.
  9. Bit of both, we have been linked about 6 times in Birmingham Mail! since 8th Nov. First time I seen him play Def Mid last night for Chelsea. Was very impressed.
  10. Ampadu on loan as holding DM. Looked great last night. Great pace as well
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