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Midweek football 3/4 March


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Hull v Sunderland

Southampton v Palace


Bournemouth v Wolves

Brentford v Huddersfield

Brighton v Derby

Charlton v Forest

Middlesbrough v Millwall

Rotherham v Cardiff

Watford v Millwall

Bolton v Reading 8pm



Man City v Leicester

Newcastle v Man Utd BT Sport

QPR v Arsenal

Stoke v Everton

Spurs v Swansea

West Ham v Chelsea

Liverpool v Burnley 8pm

MOTD 10.45


Small Heath v Blackpool

Leeds v Ipswich

Norwich v Wigan

Sheff Wed v Blackburn

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so wes brown has his wrong red card rescinded, o'shea gets nothing...

hows that work? mad that they still cant retrospectively punish someone, this just highlights how stupid the whole thing is

Its absolutely ridiculous, the FA keep saying "we cant ban a player retrospectively, its against the rules"

You make the **** rules! Just tweak it so you can retrospectively ban someone ffs

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i have absolutely no problem with them being reviewed, rescinding brown's ban is the right decision, but retrospectively letting him off the hook only works if you then ban o'shea


its a complete lack of common sense


if anything the FA should have far more power when it comes to reviewing games and then retrospectively dishing out punishment, this the ref saw it so theres nothing they can do rule is nonsense

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The thinking behind the no retrospective ban is that your effectively taking the decision away from the ref

What I dont understand is why, a day after the game the ref involved cant watch the game back and say "I got that one wrong, if I had seen it from this angle I would have sent him off" etc

Edited by Jimzk5
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Swanseas bafetembi gomis collapses on the pitch with no one near him

Forth time it's happened to him apparently. Only 24, too. Hope it's nothing serious. Edited by Sam3773
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