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  1. Im confident about getting a win here, got a feeling. I think we might see Watkins on the left, Bailey right with Ings up top.
  2. Nicho


    Back in the game after a very boozy summer. Having travelled this path many a time, running 3.1 miles (5k) at a pace I can’t keep up so having to stop. Monday and Wednesday done with 25mins but having to stop after about 2 miles. Will be back running full 5ks by Monday I reckon and then will be moving to sun 7.45 minute miles. (apologies for switch between k and miles. I run and time in miles but essentially aim for distance within 5-10k)
  3. Cabinet reshuffle underway. Turds that won’t flush moved to other toilets.
  4. Nicho

    Dean Smith

    Smith is going no where, based on just how we performed in the last game. He has the players improving and we look a real handful. Granted the results need to be there. I’d snap your hand off for 10th right now. Anything above that is good. Top 8 is real progress. We would have to struggle to finish 15th for him to even be looked at getting sacked for me.
  5. Nicho

    Louie Barry

    I really don’t get this talk of recalling him. Yes we all want him playing every minute of every game and playing well but this is all part of the experience. You get used to an environment, hopefully going from well run at Villa to mess at Ipswich shows him it was being done right/what not to do. He’s having to fight to get in the team and getting subbed when he’s in it. That either wakes him up to compete and helps him understand the desire and physicality needed. Or it doesn’t and shows that he’s not ready to be playing for Villa.
  6. Especially when the tickets go on sale today not Wednesday. Got 3, Jesus that fan Id linking is an absolute shit show.
  7. Top draw today. Looks fit and aggressive.
  8. The experiences his appearances gave him last season is invaluable. He’s got physically bigger with th confidence he could do it last season. At some point this season he’s also going to score a driving run from midfield and put it top corner.
  9. I normally hate even thinking it, he’s been very one sided. Especially with the yellows.
  10. Th biggest thing that annoys me with Grealish isnt Grealish. Its now how the media and certain pundits (and one particular managed) seem to think hes moved up a level. Granted a big money signing raises that profile but the calfs, the hair, the swagger and the actual performances were there at Villa. Now hes at City hes worth giving that big brand exposure to. I truly believe he could have been a megastar at Villa. Just not a megastar covered in medals.
  11. I’d rather scrap all the pre qualifying and have everyone enter. Ruins every start to a season atleast, September and October internationals are ridiculous. How they can even try to spin word cup every 2 years as good for football with a straight face I’ll never know.
  12. Nicho


    While the act isnt a problem its because regardless of whether it happens in other places its unprofessional conduct at an already unprofessional looking club in the middle of a crisis.
  13. He looked a bit lost today, however it will do him a world of good. Towards the end he started stepping across or getting involved in the tackle, before that he looked like a 17 year old playing men’s football. Hope to see him more, he’s currently tall and gangly. If he fulfill anywhere near his potential and fills out he’s going to be a unit.
  14. Nicho

    General Chat

    Yep all good, could feel the heat outside the front, did wonder what the thick black smoke could be. Turns out its a chemical factory. Never seen anything like that.
  15. Nicho

    General Chat

    Got evacuated this morning because of the fire in Leamington Spa.
  16. I dont think many think our midfield cant be improved. We had other priorities. If we dont improve its not the end of the world as we have the numbers. It is quite clearly our next area of improvement in our starting 11. We improve the midfield and then wed move back onto the defence. It is a cycle of improvement, you very rarely improve every area every season.
  17. Agreed, we need to sell players to continue to improve. The Leicester model has let their best players go, Mahrez, Kante, Maguire and Chillwell and allowed them to build. They are also happy to change manager as part of that growth, not that I want Smith gone.
  18. Nicho

    Cameron Archer

    I think with Archer, JPB and Ramsey I forget that 19/20 is young for an adult. Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe, Haaland have skewed people’s minds that if you arnt amazing at 20 you never will be. Most lads develop physically into a man from this age onwards. They are still scrawny/gangly but as they are pros are still fit and strong. Archer looks a little bit stocky and based on that performance against the a poor league 2 side will be a league 1 player at worst. His finishing was ice cold and I hope he gets a prem appearance at some point this season if he doesn’t get out on loan.
  19. Not sure on the better player, certainly a different player. Ings is much more alert in and around the box and you can see he has quick feet and speed of thought to get the shot off. Watkins as a lone striker or rather a focal point runs every channel, dragging the defence all over the place, hes also more of a handful in the air. Not to say Ings dosnt move in the channels or hassle apponents, Watkins is just better at that side of it.
  20. Targett was much improved last season but based on one performance hes comfortably a better left back than Targett.
  21. Was great today, put himself about, ran with it well and moved the ball well. What I will say is that he was growing in confidence, I think he could have been even better today had he taken some of the spaces and opportunity his play was giving him.
  22. Showed today what we miss when isnt there. Good performance from him.
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