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  1. 5’8 but I’ll always get the first round in
  2. I have 3 sets of scales knocking about, old, new and digital all throwing out different weights. Did the initial weigh in on the digital and based on that I’m 9lbs down in 2 weeks. I am doing vegan but only keeping that up as I have to really plan and prepare my meals. From experience I know food is the biggest problem. Running 3/4 times a week Weights 4 times a week a front, back, front, back routine Mon - Thursday which is really hitting similar but different areas each day but it’s how I’m defining it. Squats and deadlifts included. Hiit training 3 times a week, focused
  3. Think Renner got an Oscar nod for it
  4. I’m absolutely not telling her to stop worrying, it’s just how I cope. weve been together a long time and she has had these problems the whole time. A lot of ups and downs. I know she needs support. I’m very honest of my ability to understand having never experienced it myself. I genuinely can’t comprehend it.
  5. I’d like to know how many fouls were made by Fernandes and Mctominay
  6. Currently watching the 2012 Karl Urban Dredd film. PS5 needs a massively brutal open world Dredd game.
  7. My girlfriend struggles massively and has a history of depression. The introduction of lockdown and then tier 3 and tier 4 meaning the cancellation of all plans and into Christmas and now the short term future. She just can’t deal with it and visibly winds herself up with the knowledge she can’t do things. I know it isn’t what she wants to hear but the impact of not being able to do anything about it is enough for me,. Those kind of comments make her even edgier. I may be wrong but the clarity of this fact needs to come to her for her to move past and not go round and round in her ow
  8. I’m going Vegan again, last year I did 50 days and got through after realising party rings and other biscuits were vegan. With a vow to never do it again. But here we are again, with impending lockdown I think it will be good to have something to plan and cook. Couple with an aim of 60 days this time and some big goals related to losing weight, running pace and distances and general other things that will require discipline like less time on my phone. Could be a horrendous 2 months but I’m currently looking forward to the challenge of all the things I have set myself.
  9. Could have had another 3-5 assists in the last few games. If he was playing for Man City or Liverpool he’d have those assists. For me on current performances he’s player of the season for the league but the stats and team will go against him.
  10. Said to my brother just as we kicked off that he has obvious quality but will cause us problems with his one touch passing. Passed it to their player with a one touch pass and then hoofed it towards our goal in the first few minutes. Hes going to frustrate and may not be the right choice against the bigger teams just yet. Hes enjoyable to watch and will provide some high quality moments.
  11. I think we need another CB in the window as we are covered pretty well everywhere else in terms of numbers. Id like however: Unknown LB Unknown CB Confirmation of Barkley Koopmeiners from AZ Rashica Whoever is the next Eze, Cash, Bowen, Watkins from the Championship
  12. This is why people get frustrated with him. Not being pros we expect them to be consistent, not sure if that is just unrealistic. He was great today. He looked on it from the start today and has the ability to score goals like that and scare full backs all game like he did
  13. Was Boris always due to speak today?
  14. Also watched it yesterday, some good action scenes, obviously well filmed. Wasn’t interested in what was going on.
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