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  1. Nicho


    My sprocket spaniel doesn't care about other dogs, hardly registers they are there most of the time. He sits on the feet of other owners and only has eyes for a ball or stick (stop it). hes absolutely knackered with us being home all day, he's also on his way to becoming a bear with the lack of hair cut.
  2. Incubation also 3-10 days so you have time
  3. I've been fairly similar to the point my girlfriend asked me why I kept sighing, I was unknowingly drawing huge breathes to cover for the shorter ones. i have very mild asthma now but it had it badly when younger, I struggle during change of season now and I've had two asthma attacks in my life. If someone who has never struggled for breath and I mean really struggled, gasping for air making you dizzy then even struggling a little bit is going to cause some panic for jo public. I understand why some fairly healthy people are turning up to a and e just because they can't breath as well as normal. some doctors have said the people that are dying are dying in agony, must be what's it's like to be suffocated or drowning.
  4. While I do understand why you would think he's doing the correct thing as on the face of it it seems sensible. We aren't testing so can't confirm our numbers are lower. We are being different by being exactly the same, thinking it's not a big deal and delaying lock down. everyone understands the impact on the economy and that School children have parents that work in the NHS. Our experts who said delay are about to be proven wrong and we will follow other countries into lock down and we should have followed WHO guidelines, the real experts on virus control. Boris has already lost the plot.
  5. Nicho

    Keinan Davis

    This lad isn't our saviour and I wouldn't play him over Samatta, but he can be a bully. He looks fast and strong when he plays and will make space and cause mistakes from the opposition for players around him.
  6. Time to go 2 up top with Davis and Samatta, problem being that Davis is made of glass. A formation of: Gk FB CB CB FB DM CM CM AM ST ST Grealis roaming behind and the two full backs providing crosses from deep and byline when they can. We don't look capable of winning 1-0 or scrapping draws so time to push onto defences and make them make mistakes.
  7. Got an assist but not good enough
  8. The Conservative twitter account is a disgrace, its like a cult of personality aimed at Jeremy Kyle watchers. Its like it's being written by someone from the sun/mirror not the social media presence of a political party. its also posting videos of people supporting no deal Brexit which the party pretends not to want.
  9. So are we not going to see Bran again? No more flash backs? We just watch him wonder around the north for 7 season and then be a weird creep in the 8th and then nothing.
  10. What a game this is. I struggled through the first couple of chapters and found Saint Denis frustrating initially as I kept running people over having to escape the law. However, Saint Denis is a master piece and the moral development of Arthur is great. If I played it again I will do it in 1st person.
  11. It's sad to see Murray go, I think it's fair to say that Djokovic and Murray forced each other to up their levels. The competition between Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Wawrinka and Murray over the last 10-15 years has been great and I don't think we will see it again. Murray has played his part in that. The player he is would have won a lot more in his career in another generation. But as with all of them would he have been that player without the other 4.
  12. He's been terrible tonight
  13. Ousamane Dembele at Barcelona, how Dortmund got €100 million for him I will never know. Crap touch and if he didn't have pace I have no idea what level he would be at. suarez squared a ball to him on Saturday, his touch with his right went chest height.
  14. Looking like we sacked most of our first team coaches without a plan. Taken a week to draw up a shortlist and find who doesn't want to manage us. Good old Villa.
  15. I would go 4231 with green on the left of the 3. he looks to have the talent, he is fast and tall. Would be great to have Grealish and Green in the same team.
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