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  1. The meltdown and club v club posts on Twitter is embarrassing
  2. Nope, he’s a good guy. For what it’s worth, I think City have been in contact and Grealish is open to going.
  3. I went to school with Sam, I did message him a few weeks ago as he’s been saying it’s “close” for a few weeks.
  4. New trailer for Dune, looks epic.
  5. Got a friend who is high up in a UK food producer who said exactly this. It’s not the app it’s the lack of drivers, pickers ect due to Brexit. Another mate in Procurement who said the same thing. The supply chain is essentially buggered due to people who worked in it no longer being here. To give it a fair argument I think in some cases people went “home” during Covid to be with their families and maybe just havnt returned yet. And maybe the supply chains are a little bloated and could do with some innovation. I just wish for once they would admit the cause, it’s the first step to approaching it in a considered way to fix things.
  6. Massively interested and massively annoyed that I liked it.
  7. Aldi the same although noticeably more people than usual. I’ll be wearing my mask indoors for quite a while I think. Also after a stag in Manchester last weekend the only lads to have got Covid since are the ones with kids.
  8. Nicho

    Wesley Moraes

    Hes looking in absolute peak condition in the training pics, other than the massive scar on his already misized legs. As others have said, he was absolutely bossing that Burnley game. It looked like a wake up moment but maybe just a game that suited him? Either way it showed me he has value to give to this team dependent on the circumstances. At minimum he stops a back up striker being a priority in this window.
  9. My bad, pretending to work in the garden
  10. Yep I’m lying for attention
  11. Was reading VT before I went to sleep. To be honest I’m happy it wasn’t 7 hours of fish puns.
  12. Dreamt that we signed this guy last night, he scored during the Copa America final and said up the villa to the camera. But, he had a top knot and I was fuming about it. Transfer got cancelled.
  13. This, I’ve doubted tactics and selection so far but when you are winning it justifies the choices whether you agree with them or not. Mismanaged tonight (as we wee other games) but tonight it counted. Saka sub wrong, decisions to defend after the goal wrong, pen takers wrong. I don’t think he is the right man for the job but ultimately not the right man to get the best out of these players. I also don’t know who is so he could be the best we have
  14. I lost count the amount of time he had had hands in the air asking for the ball. Kane should have left it for him, Phillips should have passed it and the actual shot he did have he should have been better with it. I get the running behind stuff with Sterling and he had a great game but just can’t get past if you give Grealish as much of the ball in the same positions he does more. Saka had a good first game, poor second and then was very nervy last night, by the time he went off he looked to have just woken up. He again however is in the team for his ability to run behind.
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