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  1. There are two passes. Domestic and Travel. I couldn’t get my travel one until I uploaded my passport, took a seperate picture and then a video of me saying a sequence of numbers. That then got approved and my travel version became available. No idea what the difference is, didn’t want to get caught out so wanted to make sure I had it.
  2. UK to Spain. Asked if I’d been vaccinated but didn’t ask to see anything. Arrival in Spain checked Spanish locator form. Scanning the locator and asked to see the EU version of the pass the NHS app can produce. Spanish to UK asked for UK locator form and vaccine pass but didn’t scan. Arrival in UK. Asked about UK locator form but hardly bothered to look at it. Basically the Spanish seem to care and the UK didn’t. Locator forms are a pain in the arse though. All in all not a massive difference just extra admin. As my dad will tell me “we used to have to fill out forms and wait a bit in the 70s/80s so what’s the problem” Most annoyingly there is no where central that says exactly what you need and where to get it. Spanish locator form - Spanish health authority. (There’s an app) UK locator form - gov website. UK vaccine - NHS app EU version of vaccine - NHS app but have to prove identity with pictures and videos. Day 2 Covid Test - got mine through TUI Website. £43 for Randox one but there are 100s not in price order. Hope that helps.
  3. Got some stamps at passport control in Spain. What a rush.
  4. Been up and hour and unfortunately caught the terrible national athems
  5. If this happens they will just be another Everton for me. Newcastle are a big club and have some pull but will spend money in the £30-£50 million bracket on bang average players just like Everton.
  6. Nicho

    Louie Barry

    How many 18 year olds are playing in League One right now? Hes a talent that has to learn how to play mens football, that includes being strong and fast enough to play it as well as talent and experience. Ive already said it will be great for him to "slum" it down in League One. If he makes more than 10 league appearances ill see it as an adequate loan. Hes already made 6 appearances across all comps. 36 league games to go, he will get his chance.
  7. Nicho

    Keinan Davis

    He is surely done here. Had his moments and he clearly has something, just not good enough for this level or where we want to be.
  8. Nicho

    Cameron Archer

    Assume that is why there are specific youth scouts. I played with a few lads that got picked up by Leicester, West Brom and Cov when we were playing youth. Granted none of them made it but they wernt even the standouts (from my or any parents/coaches point of view). They were obviously doing somethat that was liked and that a game could be built around rather than having everything you need at that time. Archer has that knack of finding space, imagine that set him out early.
  9. Nicho

    General Chat

    I only care about WhatsApp. Couple of pictures of my dog on social media I would like but I hadn’t actually noticed.
  10. I think our future lies in playing our best players at the same time. Which seems obvious but I’m not sure it is then our best formation. 4222 Defence Mcginn Luiz Buendia Bailey Watkins Ings
  11. Nicho

    Matty Cash

    Playey of the season incoming based on current performances. Will have to fight it out with Mcginns arse.
  12. I thought he lost 5 rounds, no idea how he won that fight.
  13. Bottled the bet of Villa and Usyk at 23-1
  14. I get the pessism in general, he was standout in the games he played for Arsenal. Good enough to take a punt on Im not sure. But those performances is exactly what he does now. Where did he come from, why did no one see it? I kind of struggle to blame Arsenal. Hes perfect for us, I love him and I think he loves us.
  15. I like Targett and he was good last season. I do think he is at his ceiling however, I don’t think he has the raw physical ability to go further. Not a problem for now and certainly not a concern. However I think in the next two summers we will look at replacing him. For now him and Young cover us there fine so I think it will depend on Young, who I expect us to get 2 good years from.
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