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  1. I find it strange that even the people that stuck with it are now sticking with it when most of the comments most of the time are “much better than the last half a season” it must be cheap to make as surely its viewing figures are in the gutter.
  2. While it’s still illegal “nitrous parties” is a bit much for balloons filled with laughing gas that give no after effects and last about 30 seconds, or so I’m told
  3. Where will we finish with 71 points
  4. Who are the better young players in the championship now? I only know if Olise. Good list of players to come out of it recently and I’m happy for us to continue recruiting from there.
  5. Binged 3 seasons of American Gods on Prime. Loved it even if I’m not sure what’s going on.
  6. Batman v superman terrible justice league terrible Snyder cut terrible What I noticed the most was how terrible the music is and how it’s used for each character. Its a choppy unplanned mess, still. The villains are rubbish and the good guys know things about them they shouldn’t.
  7. Take Smith Rowe, hasn’t played to many more games that Lingard this season but he hasn’t been rubbish for 3 seasons.
  8. Lingard has played 6 games for West Ham. 6. **** 6.
  9. At minimum he played himself out of the team and someone else needs the same period of time he had to prove themselves before he gets his chance back.
  10. Ill be suprised if hes back before April
  11. He played very safe last night, I think it was clear he was conscious about losing the ball. His main ability that we are supposed to benefit from is his ability to turn and run and he did it very rarely. He wasn’t poor like the other games he was just ineffective. Lacked the bollocks to make a difference, that’s what he is supposed to do.
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