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  1. Next Aston Villa Manager

    We are not sacking the manager after 3 games
  2. Next Aston Villa Manager

    We either need a massive personality or an ex player. Someone who knows the club and is willing to just go for it. We are just a dear in the headlights at the moment. Bring in Olof. Mandatory beards to make men of these millionaires.
  3. Football Betting 17/18 Season

    Im £160 up so far so good start. Ive gone for over 2.5 17-1 on the Palace, Everton, Southampton and West Brom games. Just looking at the lower leagues now.
  4. Football Manager 2017

    Does anybody play with attribute masking on, I dont think I have ever played a game with it on. I think it might stop people building teams or wonderkids really quickly which is probably a good thing.
  5. The Film Thread

    Watched the most recent Terminator again yesterday. While the premise is not terrible it's delivered so poorly. Glossed to appeal to as many as possible and to build the brand. 1st film was essentially a sci-if slasher film. 2nd was big budget but still gritty. Rise of the machines, Salvation and Genisys all are too glossy as well as poor story lines. Calling arnie "pops" throughout all of the last one, **** dreadful. cant see Cameron doing anything with franchise, he had so many Avatars coming out his arse he's forgotten what it's like to make a proper film.
  6. General Chat

    Supposed to be flying to Prague in the morning for a stag do. My passport expires in August. Everything including the uk border office says it has to be valid for duration of trip only. Worried I won't get on the plane, anyone with any experience of this?
  7. I think the response is relvevant, no matter how it's changed if you can't actually name anything you don't like about it then it's not relevant to bring up the change. The details matter, whether the leavers that I know are representative is a different matter but all will same something they are unable to back up with fact. its a much more tangled web than anyone ever made out.
  8. I'm past caring with these negotiations. i have no idea what people voted for and I have no idea what they are trying to negotiate. "I've been very clear, I want the best possible Brexit" means **** all. are we just trying to negotiate our current position without all of those pesky immigrants and not having to pay in? I feel the best Brexit is the conditions we have now, we are not getting that so that's a bad Brexit and Theresa should just come back home.
  9. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Disagree with the bold and think that your following statements back it up. The block has been through numerous Conservative and Labour Governments and yet was in a position to cause the damage it has so both can be blamed for standards over the long term. In the short term, a vote to deliver housing that is fit for living in was voted down last year by Tory Mps and Torys MPs only. With funding at the forefront of the national agenda, to use the event as a way to advertise it is wrong but post-mortem cuts to funding and delivery to these kind of areas is completely relevant. Politics has played is part. To generalise all Tory Mps as uncaring, cost cutting money hoarding devils is incorrect, Im sure there are some fantastic Tory MPs. However the funding and situation is a microcosm of austerity and Tory policy. The image of that burning tower and the damage it has caused is the police and fire services, NHS, prisons, schools and all other public services in one image. The media on the other hand can go **** themselves, parasites.
  10. General Election 2017

    Tide has turned and May is drowning. Is the government official formed yet? Things might get nasty in Kensington, could she be forced to step down?
  11. General Election 2017

    I dont know your position on Brexit or vote in the general election but everyone that voted leave and the tories seems to have the same answer and line of thinking. Oh shit looks like weve **** up, to the people telling us so lets just see how it goes so we dont have to acknowledge the choice and decision weve made.
  12. General Election 2017

    While i don't think they should be celebrating a loss it's a massive gain and improvement on postion. I think most of those against Corbyn were so because of the position of Labour at the time. They wanted to be on correct side when he fell/failed/left and could be part of the "I told you so brigade". The problem I have had with Labour is that they havnt been very left. I don't even think they are now but being slightly left is now considered extreme left. Labour have just been Tory light. From a Labour point of view the current government is surely one that cannot succeed and the opposition at least for now are united in stopping them.
  13. General Election 2017

    This coalition is ridiculous. Corbyn needs to regroup and wait to see how they act. Hes a man of the people so has the power to block things like the dementia tax, hes better off letting the Tories do it and take the next election. Surely the Tories wont be so stupid as to deliver some of the policies that impact on pensioners, its suicide. If they dont go through with it they are liars, if they do they lose that whole demographic. As soon as the Brexit negotiations start I expect the media to turn back on Corbyn, hoping they actually invest time in their writing and investigation to find out what May is actually trying to negotiate
  14. General Election 2017

    I thought about this and Labour have been in such a bad position for the last 7 years that it has to be deemed a success. The level people who genuinely seem brain washed into their support of May and the Tories is unbelievable, to over come some of that is incredible.
  15. General Election 2017

    May isnt a dead woman walking if they win, no matter the winning margin. Another Tory leader may result in another election before the end of the term, no one wants that. I am loathe for another 5 years of Tory government but that will allow them to do the damage to allow another Labour government. Lets hope everything hasnt been sold by then.