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  1. Football Manager 2018

    Definately worse than last year, first time in a long time I wish I handt brought it. Im bored and its been out less than a month. Overworked with less quality, messed with things like scouting, the user face and 2D to a point where I dont care. Goodbye old friend.
  2. I think you will be told that what they have got right it not being Labour. I know this next comment is a broad stroke but I genuinely believe that a lot of people don't know what they vote for when voting Tory.
  3. Football Manager 2018

    Anyone enjoying the new scouting?
  4. The Film Thread

    Ridley Scott is going to be re-shooting all scenes with Kevin Spacey in for his new film All the money in the world, hes been replaced by Christopher Plummer. Still aiming to release in December. Dont think we will see Spacey in anything every again. The film looks likes its Oscar bait, as it isnt an Alien film it will probably be quite good.
  5. Football Manager 2018

    I am, you have to remember that it isnt a fully released game. But, I think its taken alot of steps back. The tactics screen is poor, they have added a load of random reports for scoutning and they have removed 2D Classic for a half arsed 2D. Miles the developer has stated this due to very few people using the 2D engine. I know I use it. Been using the 3D, lines are blurry, cant see the ball and the whether its my laptop or the game it takes ages for the game to go by even on the fastest match day settings.
  6. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    Not soft it was a foul. Undeserved goal though. The ball that went through to Davis one of our players who could have received the ball just pointed to put it long. althought the play lead to the goal we will not get out of this league with the general playing style.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Bristol were there for the taking and we didn't have the balls to attack them. At 1-1 we will lose more than win if we try to hold onto the draw.
  8. Match Thread: Bristol v Villa

    Nothing to lose now, **** go for it
  9. Next Aston Villa Manager

    We are not sacking the manager after 3 games
  10. Next Aston Villa Manager

    We either need a massive personality or an ex player. Someone who knows the club and is willing to just go for it. We are just a dear in the headlights at the moment. Bring in Olof. Mandatory beards to make men of these millionaires.
  11. Football Betting 17/18 Season

    Im £160 up so far so good start. Ive gone for over 2.5 17-1 on the Palace, Everton, Southampton and West Brom games. Just looking at the lower leagues now.
  12. Football Manager 2017

    Does anybody play with attribute masking on, I dont think I have ever played a game with it on. I think it might stop people building teams or wonderkids really quickly which is probably a good thing.
  13. The Film Thread

    Watched the most recent Terminator again yesterday. While the premise is not terrible it's delivered so poorly. Glossed to appeal to as many as possible and to build the brand. 1st film was essentially a sci-if slasher film. 2nd was big budget but still gritty. Rise of the machines, Salvation and Genisys all are too glossy as well as poor story lines. Calling arnie "pops" throughout all of the last one, **** dreadful. cant see Cameron doing anything with franchise, he had so many Avatars coming out his arse he's forgotten what it's like to make a proper film.
  14. General Chat

    Supposed to be flying to Prague in the morning for a stag do. My passport expires in August. Everything including the uk border office says it has to be valid for duration of trip only. Worried I won't get on the plane, anyone with any experience of this?