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  1. Dogs...

    My two year old sprocker has had the shits and been sick for the last few days, if its last any longer will have to take him to the vets.
  2. Player of the Season discussion

    Dont think there needs to be much of a discussion
  3. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I hope we continue to scout this division and below to take some young kids with potential and players looking to progress. We need to continue to build a team. The base now seems to be there. Seen the young guys from Exeter and Chester mentioned and Woods from Brentford. This is what we should be doing along side experience like Chester, Taylor, Jedinak, De Laet. We seem to have an endless production line of dead wood that needs to be moved on. The plan needs to be to bring in players to challenge the current players not as back up. Then into the Premiership do the same and continue to increase the quality. We need to build over 3-5 years. Weve had our go at quick fix and now need to be measured in our signings and strategy.
  4. London attack March 2017

    Someone in my office mentioned in jest that a terrorist attack is just the kind of thing needed to get an improved Brexit sentiment in the lead up to triggering article 50. My thoughts to the victims and if it is a British convert I agree with others stating that converts to extremism are just looking for a way to justify their already warped view on society.
  5. The Film Thread

    I wish they would stop making comic book movies, very much flogging a dead horse, accept that horse is made of millions of dollars. Weve had 10 years of Marvel and there seems to be no end. With DCU films coming as well I am so bored of the genre, actors and ever extending cast of characters. TV adaptations are even worse.
  6. I know there is some stats of Villa having the one of the highest amount of Ex players in the top or top 2 divisions. Surely we have we have one of the highest amount of players to go on and win the Premier League with other clubs: Keown, Yorke, Bosnich, Cahill, Milner, Young, Barry, Albrighton, Sturridge (Does he count?)
  7. Cheltenham 2017

    I had River Wylde, Un Temps Pour Tout, Petit Mouchoir and Apples Jade in a lucky 15. The bet said Win and E/W but turns out on Bet365 if you dont choose E/W it doesnt play it. A good start of 2 places, 2 wins and I won a relative FA. Also good work Brumerican for the horses.
  8. Cheltenham 2017

    Just remembered a couple of you had a good festival last year. @CVByrne & @brumerican get your tips out. Please
  9. Alan Hutton

    Villas new motto
  10. Alan Hutton

    Admittedly I havnt watched the last few games which by all accounts he's really improved. But having watched him hit the first man with every cross and venturing beyond the half way line following the ball when he should be thinking about the winger for 4/5 years, it's going to take a lot more than a few good games for me to think he's become a good full back at 32. having said that, your only as good as your last performance so keep it up Alan.
  11. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Anyone seen the 12 Monkeys TV series, just started, hope its as good as the film.
  12. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    The Haye v Bellew build up is embarrassing. So obviously forced, I know there's always been build up and requirement of boxers to do things that make the fight sell, but this time it's terrible. If the fight doesn't turn out like Chisora v Whyte then all the talking bollocks they have done will have been a farce.
  13. Running

    I always run my first mile the slowest and last mile fastest. No matter the distance. I'll start off around 9.35 end around 8.35. Trying to get my start pace Up by going for 2 mile quick runs once a week so I start to learn that pace. Im currently running 3 times a week. Sunday 3-5 miles, Tuesday 2 miles fast as possible, Thursday 2.2 miles play football for an hour and then 2.2 miles back.
  14. Ross McCormack

    That's what happens when you give a player of his age the biggest pay check of his career
  15. General Chat

    Anyone use a cut throat razor for shaving? I have just ordered one, this may be one of my last posts.