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  1. Need to grow some facial hair, should not play until he has done so
  2. So people have just woken up to Heskey being a good player
  3. I’m hoping this lad is why we are not buying two central midfielders (that and available cash)
  4. To be fair it’s because he was consistently terrible. Got to applaud his graft, his tracking is incredibly useful. He will still get dropped due to his ability.
  5. Absolutely, start at 12 all games on tv. Perfect Saturday on the beer when you can’t go to a game or Sunday
  6. 7 goals conceded in 2 games. Entertainin but it’s the points that matter. They cant out score every team every week. Norwich went at Liverpool a similar way the first game last year and went down. Leeds will be in trouble in my opinion.
  7. I divide this subset of fans into ones who play FIFA and those who don’t. Expect some back lash for that
  8. I can’t tell if this is a real question in this thread anymore
  9. I didn’t mean all of them are sexually harassing people, more that they are at a level of power where circumstances allow them do so
  10. I’ve always seen sexual assault as risk and reward related to power. People do it if they think they can get away with it. People do it if they know they are protected or can ride it out. People do it if if they see it as nothing wrong and both right/status has led them to believe anything they want is theirs. All 3 of those statements are true in Conservative party and indeed any high level player in any political party.
  11. I’ve recently had to move back to my desk after working in the sofa/in the garden for the last few months after I got properly bored of working from home. Had to go to the chiropractor last week as my pelvis and 5 vertebrae are out of alignment due to the way I’ve been sitting. To keep on topic, I can’t be spending money in chiropractors every week. Damn Covid.
  12. Turns out Samatta just has a big head
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