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Aston Villa up for Sale.....at a price


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Not a fan but constantly defend him. I am confused.


I don't think that he is deserving of some of the vitriol that is poured upon him, and I will be forever grateful to him for dragging our club out of the Ellis mire.


Whether he stays or goes, in 5 years time even you will probably look back upon his tenure with a positive slant.


I don't get this.  We've had three years of relegation battles in a row, something that never happened in the Premier League under Ellis.  Lerner also let our finances get into such a state that even though the money is all owed to him, we've had to massively scale back spending, such that even if we do get back on an even keel financially, we'll have lost ground on a huge scale to all those teams around us, assuming that we even manage to stay in the top division.  I fear for the future under Lerner.  He's a shit businessman, and a shit football club owner, and I wish he'd **** off.


Sadly this is true - hes got almost everything wrong. - and today marks the 1 year anniversary since he has been at villa park.

He was here a few weeks ago.

I would say that he is now a relatively infrequent visitor compared to what he was, but he still makes regular visits.

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If he was generous, he would have given the club the money-He actually loaned us the money & claimed he was doing us a favour by only charging us a low rate of interest.


In the meantime, he's hijacked the proceeds of sales from players such as Young & Downing & diverted them into his own bank account.


He seems to think that this is the way forward and we are now a club who invest in unknowns in the hope of making huge profits by selling one or two on to ambitious teams


You see, this simply isn't true. His family loaned us around £100m, he has since written off the interest on those loans. As well as this, he has also given (that's given) the club around £100m in equity. There's a chance he might get a big chunk of this money back in a sale, but £250m isn't going to be a break even point for him, it's going to be a loss.


He's used the money badly, but he's given more of his own money to the club during his time here than we have spent on season tickets.


He has no plan to take the club forward, because any plan would need a huge investment which can't be supported by the club generating the income or the clubs sale - every penny he puts in now is money he will never see again. He's in limbo, we're in limbo, it's a bleak picture. 

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