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  1. Wolves fans in the main saying what we knew when Adama was here. Running down alleys, no ebd product and no brain. He had a purple patch for a few months last season which was ridiculously hyped up. My Wolves mate would sell him tomorrow and it seems they've finally woken up to what he is
  2. Fantastic performance. We're a joy to watch. **** VAR
  3. Feeling really confident about this. They're nowhere near what they were last season, what with selling players and that horrible injury to their star striker. Can see us winning by a couple of goals
  4. Aston Villa to appoint FC Copenhagen technical director Johan Lange as their new Sporting Director. Replaces Jesus Garcia Pitarch. Lange worked as assistant to Stale Solbakken during his spell as Wolves manager. Phil Mcnulty reporting
  5. We have to be real, we've scabbed it by the skin of our teeth. Anyone thinking we're just going to stroll into the top half/45 plus points and win 15 games overnight is kidding themselves, especially with such a quick turnaround. Offer me 38-40 pts and 14/15th place i'd gladly take it. It's about progression and we need shrewd signings for this.
  6. Probably bitter Leeds fans after the incident last season. Plus Smith's continual excuses after every game did rile people, myself included, after a bit.
  8. This is precisely why, despite what happens tomorrow, I really don't know whether he's the right man to carry on long term. As you say, we were a shower of shit for the majority of last season and only woke up for the finale. Same this season - only started to put in performances since returning from lockdown. Where has this been all season? Let's be honest, we've looked relegation fodder for the vast majority of the season and are fortunate that two teams below us are somehow even worse. We're AVFC, think big, not mediocre.
  9. Don't see it. If anything Watford shithousing a point and us losing is our biggest threat imo. Don't see Bournemouth winning
  10. The reality is, the pressure is completely different now. Previously we looked dead and buried and had nothing to lose and were chasing, in the hope that others drop pts. Now our destiny is in our own hands and we have everything to lose. A totally new kind of pressure. I hope the boys step up and I trust that we will.
  11. For the first time all season, I actually saw a cohesive, sensible game plan from Smith. Credit where it's due. Not convinced by any stretch that he's the man to take us forward but credit where its due for last night. Got it spot on. Same Sunday please
  12. We're actually gojng to do it! Absolutely fantastic today! Everyone to a man. Shows we can **** do it
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