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  1. Absolutely abysmal. Totally outfought and outplayed from start to finish, 2-1 hugely flattered us and a better side would have punished us more heavily. Dreadful
  2. You're right in respect it's the idiots on social media on both sides shouting the loudest. Your European exploits surely help us, not to mention your poor record against sides nearer the bottom.
  3. Tough game but one we're more than capable of getting something from. Their Thursday night game helps us.
  4. Various reports and Wolves local rag expecting a lot of their kids to be given game time. If so, surely we have to take advantage.
  5. By the sounds of it Wolves are going to go extremely weak. There for the taking for sure, hopefully we take it seriously.
  6. Complete charlatan. Thank the **** lord for Wes and Naseff.. Looking where we are today my god think what position we were in just over a year ago... could've been so much different for the worse.
  7. Managed to catch the 2nd half while on holiday in the States. Rode our luck at times but fabulous result, glad to get the first win
  8. It was only to highlight that we need to give the team and manager time and have a lot of improvement to do and hopefully we learn from disappointing results like this.
  9. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Not really sure what some were expecting. This is a new side, that's going to take time to gel. A Spurs side missing key individuals and Bournemouth are still levels above us. It was always going to be a battle this year, this talk of comfortable midtable finishing is folly. This team will take 10 games or so before they start resembling a team. PATIENCE is required. Yes, it's been 2 disappointing results, but for god's sake. Look where we were a year ago, it's a miracle we are where we are today. Back the team and back the manager and give them some time FFS they're going to need our support it's a tough season ahead.
  10. And let's not forget, Bournemouth have a very poor away record and the 3rd worst defence last season. From that POV, extremely disappointing.
  11. Mixed feelings after that. Had a lot of the ball, played better 2nd half however stupid mistakes are costly and you can't give teams a 2 goal head start at this level. The team need to learn very quickly that this ain't the championship anymore, can't be losing concentration so easily. Slightly concerned at the lack of bite at the top end of the pitch, however. I think it'll be a while before we see anything resembling a cohesive unit with all the new faces bedding in. I expected a tough season and that's what we're going to get. All those predicting a comfortable midtable finish are in cloud cuckoo land I'm afraid. Oh, and a special mention the ref was absolutely **** awful how Billing didn't see red was baffling.
  12. This handball rule is bloody ridiculous. The wolves goal should have stood, games going if you're giving handball for that imo. They're trying to maker the game black and white unfortunately, there's no middle ground. I'd be raging if that went against us. It's going to cause problems unfortunately we as fans will have to get used to it
  13. I know it was Spurs but the 2nd half was abysmal, sorry. Couldnt string 2 passes together
  14. Must admit I had reservations about bringing in a lot of players. But to be fair, the ones we've brought in have either worked with Smith before, were here last season or are (by and large) young players with a point to prove. Really pleased with what we've done so far in all fairness, looks like we've brought in the right type of players too. We may need to be patient - it won't all click overnight. Might be a month or two before we really start to see this team click into gear. Hats off to Purslow and the recruitment team so far though - good forward planning and clearly had many of these ready to go for a while.
  15. MikeAVFC


    That would be truly ridiculous. Could easily play for a top club
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