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  1. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Literally the only way I'd even remotely accept Smith getting the boot is if we have a bloody good manager lined up ie like Wolves did with Nuno and Leeds with Bielsa, but I absolutely guarantee that we wouldn't. It'd be some other average joe manager, what's the **** point, this season's a dead rubber. Just grin and bare it till May and let Smith get on with the rebuild in the summer. Patience is needed, although it appears a lot of this forum has made it's mind up already. Absolutely sick of the keyboard warriors on here and on social media calling for his head because this ramshack of a squad can't play football. Comes a point where you can't blame the manager. We've had the same slow paced ponderous football under 3 managers now since we've been in this bloody league. What's the common denominator here? I couldn't stand Bruce, but I'm beginning to think that he wasn't as bad as he seemed. This group of players have been appalling for almost 3 years now under different regimes.
  2. MikeAVFC

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v West Brom

    Insipid performance today. This squad is uncoachable it seems. Absolutely dogshit for 3 managers in a row now. Roll on the summer when this rabble of a squad is ripped apart, good riddance to most of them.
  3. Hourihane is a **** coward as well, absolute donkey. Has the technical ability of a slug
  4. Absolutely pathetic shower of shit. I hate this group of players more than the one that got us relegated. Bring on the summer to ship these useless words removed out!
  5. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Your first sentence sums up exactly the problem. Always thinking short term, bore off. Absolute bollocks and a total over reaction.
  6. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Anyone saying Smith out can **** off as far as I'm concerned. How bloody short sighted can you get? Look at the MESS that Bruce and the old regime left us with? Hell, we were frightened of potentially going under just 6 months ago! Smith has come in, inherited a horribly unbalanced, but expensive squad, that needs time and recruitment to get right. Yes, I'm **** off at what I'm seeing on the pitch, aren't we all. But it doesn't take einstein to work out what a shambolic mess this squad is. Why do people think Smith was brought in? Because we were thinking of the long haul, not short term solutions. It's not what people like to hear but we HAVE to ride this out until the summer, and let Smith and co get on with it, sorting this squad out and reducing the age, bringing in some young, hungry players hopefully. Fans need to wake up and realise that we're a midtable championship club right here right now, and patience is needed whether we like it or not! The guy needs at the very very least, the summer transfer window to sort this squad out. I'm not saying Smith is totally blameless, he is the coach after all. However, the vast majority of this is NOT his fault and he deserves a proper chance to mould his own side, instead of this mish mash of 3/4 manager's players.
  7. MikeAVFC

    Ratings & Reactions: Brentford v Villa

    Pitiful performance. Amazed that Brentford took so long to score. Seasons a write off I'm afraid
  8. MikeAVFC


    About to pay a club record £20 million fee for Jonny at Atletico. Jesus, that 4-1 win over them seems an awfully long time ago now. They're far from perfect but definitely the benchmark for a promoted side.
  9. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    I like Smith but can't even begin to work out what he was trying to achieve with those subs today. Absolutely bat shit crazy management!
  10. MikeAVFC

    Tammy Abraham

    The excuse from the dingles is that Tammy lacks ambition and doesn't back himself to break into their team ahead of Raul Jimenez, and they'll be looking for a higher profile signing. Talk about clutching at straws
  11. MikeAVFC

    Tammy Abraham

    My Wolves mate has been giving me shit over this last few days. He's gone very quiet all of a sudden.... Happy days! fantastic if rather unexpected news!
  12. MikeAVFC

    Tammy Abraham

    This. Those saying this would be a bad move for the lad are plain bonkers. A top half premier league side, serviced by the likes of Joao Moutinho and Ruben Neves, it's clear why he'd want to go. The Wolves fan I know says Wolves have been playing two up top in a 352 for the last month or so but are lacking that finisher so judging on that it would make sense if they're after someone like Tammy to finish the chances they create. End of the day I'm pissed off like everyone else about it but it can't be a surprise to anyone, the lad wants to give it a crack in the big league. As others have said, he has nothing to prove in this division. It sums up Bruce's pathetic legacy - building a team of short term fixes with no continuity or look to the longer term. Even looking at the game today - that is Bruce's legacy all over - a disjointed pile of shit. And that is life without Tammy folks. DS has a hell of a lot of work to do both in this market and the summer as realistically promotion was never on.
  13. MikeAVFC

    Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Need to up it 2nd half.
  14. Wolves fan I know really rates this lad, says he's a good ball playing centre half and that he's just been unlucky not to start more ahead of a good defence and can't get ahead of Willy Boly. Surely has to be better than what we've got so I'll back it if it happens.