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  1. MikeAVFC

    Sir Doug Ellis

    RIP Doug
  2. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Welcome Dean! I'm sure at least the football will be better now. Bring on the Swansea game
  3. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

  4. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    A lot of coaches have that title though. Nuno is 'head coach' at Wolves, so by that logic Wolves are having success despite him. Same with Fulham, Jokanovic is also 'head coach'.
  5. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    He's an improvement on Bruce as he does actually have a game plan (dull as **** mind) but I honestly don't think I can take any more putting 10 men behind the ball. Just some excitement would be nice.
  6. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    He's not necessarily my first choice, but the idea that Brentford are doing well despite Smith is total nonsense. Don't get me wrong, I'd have preferred an Henry/Fonseca/Quiche Flores to be appointed and sure, Dean Smith is part of a system in place at the club but he still has to make it happen. The manager there before him in the same role was a disaster. The man still has to coach the players to a system and get the best out of what he has at his disposal on limited resources. Maybe he's not a lot of people's first choice but I feel some are doing the man a disservice. If it is to be him then I'd be relatively okay with it tbh although it still wouldn't surprise me if it's someone that nobody's even mentioned yet. One thing for sure, it can hardly be any worse than what we've had to watch for the last few weeks especially, regardless of who we appoint.
  7. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    Jonny Sharples‏Verified account @JonnyGabriel FollowFollow @JonnyGabriel More I can only imagine what the Aston Villa inbox looks like at the moment.
  8. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    Hearing that a deal with Thierry Henry has moved from there to there or thereabouts
  9. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    Obviously the unwashed lot down the road lumping on.
  10. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    Would love Fonseca but it's a big ask. Wouldn't say it's totally out the question mind
  11. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    Ah well. We dust worself down and move onto the next one
  12. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    This. As I said the other week, I think they'll be looking for a highly ambitious appointment from abroad.
  13. MikeAVFC

    New Manager Speculation

    One would assume that their chosen candidate has given the green light and said yes, or else why sack him now? Why not wait one more game till the international break? Imagine we'll see an appointment early next week, or maybe even by the weekend and said manager will be in the stands watching?
  14. MikeAVFC

    Steve Bruce

  15. MikeAVFC

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    Everything about this club is **** brain dead. Hope the owners line up their man quickly I can't take much more of this **** clearing in the woods any longer even though I said previously I was prepared to wait for the owners to get the man they really want... **** it put Agnew in temporary charge he can't do any worse than this **** useless clown pretending to be a manager. **** off you potato headed word removed