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  1. A professional job well done. We're going to do it aren't we! Still stunned we're in this position - was convinced it was season over barely 2 months ago, by far the form team going into the playoffs. No one will want to play us that's for sure! Hope Axel is okay.
  2. MikeAVFC


    Hate to say it but they've been a breath of fresh air in the premier league and recruited very well. Think they've got a decent chance of rustling the big boys in the next few years if they continue their upward momentum. Got to admit I'm surprised at well Jimenez has done, struck me as bang average for Mexico and Benfica. Been fantastic for Wolves though this year
  3. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Found the formula and it's working. Momentum at just the right time, we can do this!
  4. Absolutely dominated against a team who set out to park the bus. Hitting form at exactly the right time. Out of all those in the mix, only ourselves and Preston are in any sort of form. We're going to do this! Gutted we have an international break now, hopefully it doesn't halt our momentum.
  5. Solid, gritty win. Well done Smith and the boys
  6. Bloody hell we can actually do this. Playoffs is on, never thought I'd be saying that 3 weeks ago. Mad division
  7. Tough game, MON will park that bus and play counter attack. Early goal and we'll have these imo. Think we'll nick it 1-0
  8. MikeAVFC

    Kortney Hause

    Pretty sure the way Wolves worded it was there was an obligation to buy, might be wrong though. Just remember my Wolves mate saying the statement on their website was as if he had left permanently already, saying 'good luck wish him well for the future, etc. Bit of a strange thing to say if he was going back to them. If I remember rightly, the early reports were he was coming permanently, but we were reluctant to do a permanent deal at the time because he had a slight knock that the medical team wanted to look him.
  9. MikeAVFC

    Kortney Hause

    Liked the look of him so far. We apparently have an obligation to buy him in the summer, which is good. Unlike under Bruce when we had a squad of loans with no option to buy, and were hardly building for the future. A step in the right direction.
  10. Think we'll get something from this. Stoke are even worse and in worse form than we are. Can see us nicking it 0-1 or a dour 0-0
  11. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    And even that Wolves game was a freak result, let's be honest. No one saw that coming after an even first half.
  12. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Literally the only way I'd even remotely accept Smith getting the boot is if we have a bloody good manager lined up ie like Wolves did with Nuno and Leeds with Bielsa, but I absolutely guarantee that we wouldn't. It'd be some other average joe manager, what's the **** point, this season's a dead rubber. Just grin and bare it till May and let Smith get on with the rebuild in the summer. Patience is needed, although it appears a lot of this forum has made it's mind up already. Absolutely sick of the keyboard warriors on here and on social media calling for his head because this ramshack of a squad can't play football. Comes a point where you can't blame the manager. We've had the same slow paced ponderous football under 3 managers now since we've been in this bloody league. What's the common denominator here? I couldn't stand Bruce, but I'm beginning to think that he wasn't as bad as he seemed. This group of players have been appalling for almost 3 years now under different regimes.
  13. Insipid performance today. This squad is uncoachable it seems. Absolutely dogshit for 3 managers in a row now. Roll on the summer when this rabble of a squad is ripped apart, good riddance to most of them.

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