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  1. Agree. Providing we manage to stay up I'd like to think we could attract a higher calibre of manager next season. Those clubs have as you say, also Wolves got Nuno in the championship, look where they are now. People can say what they like and call it arrogance or whatever but we are a huge club and therefore will be more attractive than a Burnley/Brighton etc even if we are down the bottom of the table. At the end of the season I'd hope that's what we plan to do.
  2. It's coming back whether some clubs like it or not. Motivation is key here. It's an awful thing to say in some ways but the break will have done us good. Others around us seem extremely demotivated in terms of a restart (Watford, Brighton to name 2). It was already extremely tight pre the break, now even more so. Before the break I thought we were nailed on gone. Think we have a real chance now if we want it a bit more than the others. Apologies if this seems a bit of a sensitive post re the pandemic but from a pure football pov if we started again in a month or whenever, I'm fairly optimistic we'd get out of it, the players seem pleased to be back. Maybe it's blind optimism but there we go!
  3. The athletic confirmed that both Prem and Champ would be neutral. https://theathletic.com/1800891/2020/05/08/leagueone-league-two-efl-ppg-coventry/?source=emp_shared_article "As things stand, however, both the Premier League and Championship are determined to finish this season’s fixtures in neutral stadiums behind closed doors, which would mean all these issues would be settled on the pitch in the top two divisions."
  4. The fact that the club haven't released any sort of statement, 24 hours on from the incident, speaks volumes and suggests there's more to this than meets the eye. What the **** have you done Jack
  5. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    He's part of the problem. As much to blame as Smith, he's part of the coaching staff that is failing.
  6. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    May I ask why? The bloke is just as clueless as the rest of them. Appoint Terry and we effectively wave the white flag, pointless
  7. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Long term, they probably don't. However, in the short term, a different voice, a manager bounce and a tactical plan at least gives us a fighting chance. The stakes are too high for us not to be sounding out managers now. I love Smith, and have backed him all season. However, enough is enough. It's got to a point where change is simply a must now imo. He's not going to turn this around, and we should not just sit here accepting relegation. Reading people saying they don't want Big Sam, time to put this Villa pride nonsense to one side. Needs must, to stay up. Whatever it takes, then re-evaluate in the summer depending what league we're in. Yes his style is shit, but it's a darn sight better than what we've been watching all season and maybe, just maybe, we might actually start to a see a something resembling an organised team as opposed to the chaos we're currently witnessing.
  8. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    Our players aren't great, sure. But someone with some tactical knowhow at this level gives us a fighting chance. As we are with Smith, we have absolutely zero chance. We have to take a gamble now, surely. Sure, like others, I'm annoyed it's come to the point of having to most likely bring in an old school fire fighter, but it is what it is. The board cannot just sit back and accept relegation when there's still a chance that a change can turn our fortunes around. Purslow, etc. Act now!
  9. MikeAVFC

    Dean Smith

    **** that... talk about frying pan into the fire. If we're going to make a change, bring in an experienced head who knows what they're doing.
  10. Gutless, pathetic cowardly display. Really didn't want to say it but I think we need to roll the dice now.... Its our only hope. He has to be sacked now if we want even a slither of a chance.
  11. Leicester have been shit for weeks now. Got to be targetting at least a point here surely
  12. That's what I'm clinging to as well. It would be totally typical if we pulled it out the bag on the big occasion after being totally dogshit all season long.
  13. Results today really haven't gone our way, but if some **** how we could pull off a miracle tomorrow... imagine the morale boost that would give everyone. Who expected Watford to beat Liverpool? Nobody. As I said before, it'll be touch and go all the way to the last game of the season.
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