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  1. It's crucial Villa play at Villa Park. and its even more crucial we don't follow the trend of having a bowl stadium. 4 massive stands traditional football ground maybe even return to an updated version of old style flood lights. If you want to attract the casual punter you need to give a different experience than manutd spurs etc. funnily enough someone mentioning moving to longbridge..... I heard a rumour from a reliable source that john towers and the phoenix 4 planned to buy Villa with the dowry they got from bmw. They bored a massive tunnel from longbridge to villa park. but when they left the uk with all the money they had forget that they had left an diamond encrusted austin maestro vandem plas in the tunnel. Randy Lerner found the car one day whilst partaking in his hobby of metal detecting and weighed it in and promptly gave the money to O'Neill to go on a mad transfer bender. my source is 100% ITK
  2. Sick of all these Villa fans who are scared. all these blogger fools on youtube bricking it about spurs away. Had we Grealish fit all season, Mings and a decent partner and solid goalkeeper we would have walked that league much like Wolves did the year before. It was a tap in for any manager who took over, everyone on the outside looking in could see only bruce couldn't as he had lost the plot. We can go to spurs and compete. Dele Ali is a mannequin these days, the keeper is a liability. Harry Kane will be breathing through his arse after rushing his comeback to play in the champ league. one of the belgium centre halves will go to manu errickson says he's off. they peaked last season. Poch knows this and wants oiut. I believe a result for villa could be as seismic as when we done chelsea 2-0 and Abramovic walked off in fury shaking a grinning doug ellis's extended claw to sack jose. I've looked at white hart lane on YouTube it's looking awesome inside and out but I'm not going there sight seeing I want 3 points. Smith needs to start strong.
  3. There's no room for sentiment towards Steer. Get Butland in. He won't be Englands number 2 for long. That Pickford is rapidly disappearing up his own arse, just like what happened to Joe Hart. Butland is more mentally stable.
  4. Every spurs fans knows whats going to happen. Grealish will put one in the top corner and celebrate by jumping in the away end and kissing the badge
  5. we need to come out of the blocks straight away at spurs. Ali and Kane look finished Errikson's off, the keepers an unreliable piss head, the manager is fluttering his eyelids at any big job that comes available there's nothing to fear. I think we will go there and take the points. I'm defiantly getting a ticket for this one even tho it's on tv
  6. I'd play for blues if they paid me 12k a week. I'd even put a shift in. and if I earned my dream move to Villa I would give it the big un like steve gatley when he "came out" and sing new beginning as my canteen karaoke initiation in front of the lads. However earning your dream move to Villa is on a different level than earning a dream move to blues.
  7. For some reason Villa have looked after Gary Gardner for many years whilst he's done nothing and been injured and made the great gesture (for him) of selling him to blues. He's been here for ages and done jack all. and people moan about Gabby Agbonlahor who scored at every big stadium in the prem? I think it was back in 2014 when every one realized this guy was finished, but for some reason we held on to him and even gave him a new contract last year. How come people like Chrissy Herd or Weiman didn't get the same treatment. Weiman had a bigger contribution in much the same ammount of time. Is it because he's from birmingham and Villa want to send the message to the parents of brummy kids whoever they support they will be looked after? Villa could of cashed in in 2015 when he played 20 games for brighton.
  8. every Villa keyboard warrior is rejoicing as being back in the prem means 100% guaranteed free home and away streams again....get in there! it was tough finding one in the champ unless the game was on sky. theres nothing worse than torture of listening to a game on the radio or watching one of those text screens. some villa memories of being huddled over a laptop are as special as the ones I've watched at Villa park. like the last min ashley young goal at everton and sheffield weds away this season.
  9. Its crucial Villa join the elite of teams that pack in minimum 60k. and it is quite possible for Villa to win and convert neutral punters just because of the location of the club. If you go south down the M40 these crap little towns like bourgeoisie reading oxford bambury can be big catchment areas for Villa as there is a massive void for a big team. We just have to convince them that a) we are winners...... or at least contenders b) play good football c) going up to brum is easier/quicker than going to london to watch any of those teams. But I just hope the club respects the supporters who have been there in the bad days of 2016. If only 16k tickets become available for champions league final in 2021 it should go on length of service.
  10. I think Jota is cover for Grealish. We all know the difference between Villa with Grealish and without. it's like day and night. However I've never seen Jota as a massive threat like for example Dwight Gayle or bradley dack? This isn't the awe inspiring signing that will send shockwaves through the premier league.
  11. If you don't pay 25m for Abraham you end up having to pay 40m for a proven prem goalscorer or take gambles with crocks the likes of charlie austin etc. If he gets 15 goals in the prem you can't moan as long as the others chip in. I did notice towards the end of the season his back to goal play improved. When he first came he had the touch of a trampoline. It's crucial to keep possession in the prem so we need him to hold it up. Keeping the spine of the team is vital to how we do next season
  12. Don't look back in anger is one of the greatest Villa songs. I had a tear in my eye as I belted it out on Monday. I love walking out of Villa Park and hearing the piano kick in. It gives me an enormous sense of well being. I feel like the old piss head geordie walking on the bridge at the end of our friends in the north....a total legend!
  13. Phillips gets away with being a persistent fouler because he is in the champ. In the prem he's probably only play 12 matches due to suspensions. I can't see any other attributes to his game apart from the "hatchet man" jobs he does. I would defiantly consider bringing in Jack Butland but make it under no illusion that he will have to compete for the shirt and steer is in pole. I would bring in delph as replacement for Whelan and Jedi. Also I think the board should make 2 marquee signings to make a massive statement of intent and send shockwaves through the premier league. One should be gerard deulofeu, the other a striker.
  14. It would be a huge mistake to ignore the games against derby county this season. We've battered them comfortably twice. it wasn't by accident. So why should we forget about it? Why should we change the approach? Just because its on a different pitch? If you find something that works you do it again and again. and who cares what Lampard is expecting? Give him what he fears most by coming out on the front foot and playing the whole game in their 18 yard box. We steam rollered our way into the play offs. derby sneaked in by the patio doors! The privilidged ex public school boy Lampard is a rookie got the big job as his first one. Smith has had to learn his trade in the toilets of league two. Grealish Terry Adomah Hutton Chester and the lads from last years final know what its about they can use the heartbreak as fuel. Smith went all gregory safety first against albion and scraped through. He knows what to do against derby. exactly how we did before. that first half was an exhibition in scintillating football. tora tora tora. Do Villa fans want to drive all the way to london get bent over for shit lager and tenner hotdogs and watch Villa flap it and park the bus again like last year? Derby should be bricking it. their only hope is some Villa fans inferiority complex. We should treat derby exactly like you would treat a team you've destroyed twice. with utter contempt. collars up chests out let the arrogance do the work. I'm going to london for a party. on and off the pitch. and I expect super jack is too.
  15. don't write off adomah. He can do the business and be a match winner. Look at sheffield weds away. crucial goal. but no one remembers it because tammy scored "the winner" 2 mins later. He's better than Andre Green. he will have one game left in his legs even if he's gone in the summer. the african boys get a hard time cos of their perceived laid back attitudes. But they have been match winners on many occasions. a true manager will see this and put an arm around him. I tell my bosses to **** off all the time, its good for grealish if someone kicks back. he won't turn into a spoilt brat and he'll think about ways he delivers his message in future.

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