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  1. I thought Smith got it wrong yesterday. Why make a double substitution when we are winning the game and want to run the clock down? This is tactical Nativity on a new level. 1) it doesn't waste any time c) it disrupts the telepathy of the team with two new consciousness's to connect with instead of one. The subs should have been staggered. If we had picked up an injury it would have been squeeky botty cheek time. Also why bring on Andre Powederpuff Green. It would have been better to switch Kodjia to the wing and totally bring on Davis earlier. Both need as many minutes as they can get. we would have been able to lump it long to davis by passing Millwall's double decker midfield. he could of flicked it on to the overlapping Kodjia then bingo! Smith should of come out and said he got it wrong in the postmatch.
  2. I think we are light years better than both of these sides.
  3. we should easily smash these records with the players we have and the division we are in. rEmemeber even the much maligned Neil Taylor is a full international with many caps. one to fifteen we piss on all the other teams squads including norwich and leeds. Only injuries have stopped us adding the championship championship to our many trophy cabinets. we only need to change up a gear for 10 mins and it's game over. I fear none of them. no one can live with us. ping it around with arrogance. get those collars up. get the swagger on. lets smash this record and in 100 years we can take the piss out of mings haircut and jacks beard. poor fat keeper getting rinsed
  4. if we are premier league 6m is a snip.
  5. If we can get him for about 4m it would be worth buying him. where I was standing against bolton it was thought he was running straight at me, he looked like christiano ronaldo the way he moves and his skills
  6. screwdriver

    Keinan Davis

    I think Davis will have a spell where he gets 20 goals. We should cash in after that
  7. There's only a few games to go just give him a pain killing injection before every game. or use the pain as fuel. abraham should man up. kodjia has been playing with a broken arm for years!
  8. Whats the problem? I loved reading that! I enjoy walking up to the ground with a sense of entitlement which pisses off the opposition fans. giving it the big un in the pubs. we should all be enjoying this superiority complex right now and walk with extra swagger. especially around opposition city centres. its like having a range rover sport and driving in the fast lane of the motorway....everyone gets out your way and a few hyundai drivers give you the rocket polisher sign....and what? next season we will be the underdog again. it will be like oasis selling out stadiums in uk then flying to america to play in little bars in shitsville. so heads up and chests out in bolton on friday.
  9. maybe edens and Sawaris bought us to tidy up the accounts, raise the profile, get us up and make a profit by selling us to someone bigger like qsg. they're the football version of edd china and mike brewer. I would be happy if they bought us out and they were serious about making a challenge for the premier league title.
  10. screwdriver

    Keinan Davis

    all davis needs to do is add goals to his game. he's got all the tools and his hold up play is better than tammy "touch of a trampoline" abraham and jimmy "falls over and rolls around kodjia. He desperately needs take the chances when they come along to bang a few in soon as he won't get the shirt off tammy. remember this guy transformed us last season with his ability to hold up the ball back to goal. in the prem its crucial to retain possession. he got a big contract but has he got the desire to make it? I watched a vid on youtube the players were on about their first motors.....most had bag of shit astras for their first car......Davis had a bmw 2 seriescoupe!
  11. you won't see me creaming my trolleys just yet......7 straight wins is nothing. Brucio got 8 the job's done when we are premier league.
  12. He defiantly gave the question a swerve. which means there's a chance he's in contention to start. desperate times call for desperate measures. a pain killing injection should do the trick. It's a big boost if we can field Chester and hause tomorrow. My only concern is new partner ships need time to build up telepathy.
  13. If smith tinkers with it to try and shoehorn Kodjia back in it will be a recipy for disaster. Kodj and Jedi done a job against an old skool physical long ball outfit. But bristol play different game. so leave that horse for the millmoor course. The only change should be the centre half. hause should return. The team tomorrow will look like the team when smith took over in nov with no minger. we are back to having a suspect defence. but our attacking firepower is such that we should fear no one at Villa Park. so it's tora tora tora tomorrow.
  14. If we come out the blocks quick and are 4-0 up I'd bring him off on 34mins. however look what happend to the wolfs when they took off jota
  15. It doesn't matter how grealish plays for 89mins and 50 secs as long as he's on the pitch he can create some mischief and win a game. Just like baggio
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