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  1. maybe the plan is to play the games in hand then just end the season there and then. everyone will have played 29. Whats the point of playing the rest.
  2. I can't see McGinn coming back into the team and having the same impact as grealish last season. McGinn is not the finished article. His injury occured from him giving it away cheap and running around like a lunatic to get it back. It was like he was doing a gascoigne in the fa cup final. He trys stuff and it doesn't always come off. Thats not a bad thing. I don't think McGinn comes back and we win 10 on the spin. Obviously he's better than Luiz Hourihane Nkamba and drinkwater.
  3. Villa have rubbish defence Mings is a defender. FACT
  4. Our only hope is someone testing positive tonight and Smith puts the whole squad in 14 days self isolation. This would show true leadership and a survive at all costs mentality. He should procure a covid testing kit from relatives of Mbwana Samatta
  5. Smith is sacked if he doesn't win....just because there's been a break in the games..... the stats don't lie 5 straight defeats. unacceptable. The ceo and owners arn't mugs.....That new contract he signed must have had clauses in to ditch him with zero pay off for such disgusting performance.
  6. A few people informed him of this but he was inconsolable. From the Archives: When Villa got shirty with Hammers Looks like it was 2009 I'd better start taking some nootropics
  7. I remember we played west ham at home in the prem wearing our away kit. must have been in about 2012. Some guy in front of me walked out in disgust seconds before kick off. "I came to watch a team in claret and blue" he complained. I think we wore white away kit
  8. We don't have to get behind any of the bottle jobs becauses we're not allowed into the stadium. We will soon see who the training ground players Smith referred to away at vicarage. If by some miracle their disgusting form picks up, there will be some serious questions to answer. If you can't play in front of a crowd its not for you is it ? you should get a job working nights in a factory away from everyone. Drinkwater is a disgrace. He looks fit granted but he's a pro footballer not a chipendale. He could hardly move when I saw him this season. Smith should of stepped in and told him to get working on mobility and endurance and not doing 200 sit ups. Hes a joke who think's he's peter Andre.
  9. 2 goals conceeded at home to a championship outfit? What the hell has smith been doing for the last 3 months? disgrace.
  10. I would play him wide left or right. then pump long diagonal balls to him egil olsen style. he can hold it and feed the on-rushing midfielders or go for goal himself. most full backs are slim build so he'd easily out muscle them and many bomb forward these days so he's have loads of space and be able to do something. the tactic would transform football in the same way as Tiki-taka. It would be known as "the diagonal davis"
  11. Smith should take the lions share of the blame. Grealish's injury was an opportunity to blood the lad. bottle job smith was quick enough to use ramsey when the fans were on his back after getting dicked at home by west brom without landing any punches.
  12. I watched ohare in the cup think it was against swansea. he was man to man marked and roughed up all game by some experienced pro with probably 400 games behind him. cant remember exactly who it was, a journeyman pro who's made a good living out of kicking people. O'hare did have some good moments in a brutal game. I remember some nice give and go's. but many people that day said he was crap. Barry bannan played about 100 games for Villa that is enough pitch time to say yeah he really was crap, same with the likes of baker O'hare was thrown under the bus by smith just chucking him in for a cup game and writing him off.
  13. I don't blame O'hare for wanting to leave. When Grealish was injured last season, he was a shoe in to get a run in the team or get minutes off the bench. Instead the tactical genius changed the whole system and for months we were rubbish. Just like Lambert and co, smith ignored the youth. only with fan pressure mounting Smith threw in another youngster who's name I can't remember (possibly ramsey who would have been below ohare in the pecking order but callum was out on loan) who ran around a bit and therefore deflected any fan discord towards another crap home performance. If I was o'hare and smiths number came up I'd cancel the call. a few games in the champ last season for Villa and ohare would have been ready for some prem action this season im sure he would have contributed more than the likes of that waste of a wage "king" jota
  14. screwdriver


    This Moneyball was the transfer policy of randy lerner when he decided to stop signing the cheques for O'Neill and Houllier. It's like a bad smell we can't seem to get away from. Villa should be spending big money to get a strong spine of top players, then blood some of the youngsters through I thought moneyball signing is a player no one else would look at due to some defect that you could get cheap and would make an impact. eg. a 5 foot 4" centre half who wins loads of headers. Well when was the last time or the first time this has happened in english football? erm erm erm that great centre half chris perry perhaps? other than that never. it's different to those bs american "sports" or games as I prefer to call them. I think all these directors should back off. Hire a specialist to build a team. sign the checks and let the manager manage. Thanks to edens genius ideas we have:- a) 22m striker with one leg shorter than the other, has the touch of a trampoline and couldnt score in a crack house 2) brazillian defensive midfielder who can't defend or concentrate for 90mins. (classic moneyball who else would buy a brazillain DM?? [unless he's called dunga ]) b)left wing back with acceleration of glacier c)the less said about Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan the better. If I was David Trezeguet I would forbid this joker from tarnishing his great name. These bullshit projects are ok for little clubs like brentford. wolves bought top talent and ripped up the champ. Easily settled in the prem and now have a chance at champions league, you'll see a few young yams starting to come thru like gibbs white and terry taylor. This makes me sick to my jappa. This is what Villa should be doing. Why woudl Villa fans really want to watch the team of patched together from around the world raggy dolls? Villa should be spending big money to get a strong spine of top players, then blood some of the youngsters through
  15. Konsa's reaction to his goal being poached by mings tells me all I need to know about this dud. The guy was devastated. We'd thrown the kitchen sink at relegation rivals and finally penetrated in the last minute it don't matter who scored everyone should have been euphoric. There's always one counting the small change
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