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  1. faster than plodder target. he's demoed his bravery many times. remember lansburys goal at elland road when Taylor won a 40:60 ball in the centre of the pitch he had no right to. one instance of many!
  2. smith got it wrong today on so many levels. We had a depleted squad therefore a cunning plan was needed to go to a strong team and get something. ie. bus parking maneuvers. We could of stolen a point if we were set up better to deal with wolfs big weapons. Taylor should of started to deal with Traore. as I've mentioned on the Neil Taylor thread. Someone should have marked the zone by the D where Neves placed the ball into the back of the net. The stat came up on the telly that neves has score a high % of his goals outside the box so What are the hell are the data analysis boys doing all week? watching Xhamster? Why is Luiz getting so much match time when he's half arsed every game? cos pep says so? To make it worse Luiz and Morares are off to brazil on a jolly now for two weeks. Smith is turning into a hands in pockets shoulder shrugging manager like evertons silva "I told the players to go out and play they're not doing it!" you can't expect a depleted team to go to wolverhampton, build from the back and pass them off the park. it's not happening any time soon
  3. Smith got it wrong today. Taylor is better equipped to handle traore than Target. Target got ripped a new one in the first half. only adama's awful delivery and concussion saved his blushes. Taylor is fast brave and knows when to make a tactical foul. Ok he's limited going forward but it's upto players like mcginn to use the ball better when they get it rather than giving it back to taylor. teammates should show for it and give him an easy ball. it's what we do at 5 a side for the crap players or the fat gits. Smith should of thought deeply about the team selection.
  4. If you have a fit jota you can keep one of gazi jota or trez on the bench. then you have some flair to bring on.
  5. Its time smith was honest with the fans. we had this last season. out for two games. then till xmas. then till jan. finally got him back in march. sick of all the bs from smith.
  6. Harsh on taylor. He did better in the one on ones than target. target was being destroyed first half. only adama's awful crossing kept us in the game. if people give taylor the ball back he's got no choice but to push up. mcginn gave him a poor ball to run on to. both wingers were so awful. neves's goal - why leave someone who can knock it free on the edge of the box? souness said the same at half time. a terrible performance. terrible subs by smith lansbury should of replaced luiz who doesn't want to be here.
  7. wasnt taylors fault. Luiz should of covered. what sort of a tackle was that? just take him down. tactical foul. game over pathetic performance 3 straight defeats. same old story smith
  8. Need to make a change now. Get lansbury in there. loosing the midfield
  9. this is pathetic. why not play with ten till half time see if target is ok? like 1 minute we only have 1 sub now. and it has to be luiz who again is not contributing. I'd get Lansbury on there. but obviously Hourihane is an option too. The wingers need to step it up aswell. especially gazi. this is a pathetic performance.
  10. Steer should have started v tottingham hotsquirts I've no problem with him coming in at all. I'd take a point right now such a weak team.
  11. It's time Villa fans stopped giving a toss about birmingham city and looked at wolfs game with the same trepidation as arsenal tottenham or manutd liverpool. for me it's the big derby. for the first time in my lifetime Villa have inspiring competition down the road instead of the david and goliath thing. If you look back at successful teams they always had strong local rivals. in 80s liverpool and everton. man city used it to fuel their dreams when they struck rich. arsenal always had tottneham snapping at their ankles. We've never had this. untill nuno took over. that season when they pissed the champ and we flapped it in the play offs hurt so bad, we were compelled to get up off our arses and go see how wolfs did it. eg get on the phone to the agent who was supplying all their class players. what happen? we got el gazi and he got the crucial goal. wolves doing well is a good thing for villa. but obviously we really need to get some sort of result today. they might have a better first 11 so it will need a tactical masterclass.
  12. I'd take a point if you'd ask me this morning. But seeing sheffield united top 5 and leicestor destroying arsenal, it's time smith gave us something. sick of waiting for something to happen this season. not one big scalp. same script every weekend plucky losers im sick of watching it. I want a dirty win. nothing less.
  13. wesley is still roughly a 1 in 3 merchant. I think he's due. I was ready to call for him to be loaned out but I saw signs against liverpool that there is some raw material to dig out of the quarry. If you can't score and you can't hold the ball up.......you've got to be a total pest, start fights with the centre halfs diego costa style. which is what he did against liverpool. He was too eager to come off tho. and when he was subbed he sprinted off instead of running the clock down with a slow amble.
  14. Maddison has brought shame on the jersey by pulling out injured and then turning up in a casino giving it the big one splashing cash in front of the fans. His inclusion is just as strange as hudson odoi Who is just another flash in the pan winger with a double step over. (ravel morrison, shaun wright phillips, trevor sinclair) Its corruption on a new level. bring back graham kelly
  15. Missing that liverpool game was crucial. If he'd played we would have won and he'd be in the squad. I would be outside Dean Smiths house revving the nuts out of my ferrari tonight. Now Jack has got to do it the hard way. Obviously Southgate is using every excuse in the book not to pick him. Why? He knows when grealish is england captin he will be the new beckham. He'll basically be running the team. The squad will be pap'd on a regular basis. Boring Southgate will be finsihed. The hard bit for Jack is getting in. putting in consistence performances takes ages the only way to do it is hit the headlines every weekend. Bend one in the top corner at old trafford. hatricks from midfield at all the london clubs. some outrageous double step over skills to mug off harry mcguire and other england defenders during prem games etc etc. Lets be honest he's only done anything against Norwich It's time to hurt the big clubs and the big players.
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