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  1. I think Mings can't be excused for the run of consecutive defeats since their "winter piss up" he's extremley ropey in the air and he seems to have so many off the field projects you have to question his commitment to the shirt. go on twitter and he's either giving it the big one about doing up a shithole pub, trying to flog his soccer schools to star struck kids or posing on the beech. and the odd photo having a laugh in traing then the usual apologetic tweet for the latest half arsed attempt at a performance. did he really have tonsillitus last weekend agasint spurs? or did he fancy a weekend off for a chance to nip to b&q for some diamond tiles sourced from spain made from recycled materials? If mings is so good why is the defence so crap? the stats don't lie.
  2. Then you have to go out and buy a new squad and listen to the same excuses, witness the same "teething problems" as we've had this season whilst we wait for the team to gel and when they don't the manager just throws them under the number 7 bus. It would be this reoccuring nightmare again. they all signed fresh contracts anyway, and if purslow has included relegation release's then he's thicker than he looks. he would be crazy to let this happen. keep all the best players and we win the league without loosing a game. I'd sell Jack when he's 28. He'll have been kicked so many times by then he'll be finished anyway, he won't be running past players anymore . his shins will look like slabs of swiss cheese. it would be like watching joe cole when he come to villa.
  3. if jack goes you lose 15k off the gate overnight. I've heard people say if he leaves they're not renewing. easier to force him to stay and photoshop the frown on his face into a smile. just like blues did for hogan.
  4. I wouldn't let any of them go. for the following reasons 1) as punishment for this season q)because they're all under contract (unless they have relegation release clauses, but why would Villa do that to themselves? they would have to sign 15 players again in the summer. This is the circus Purslow says he wants to get away from) 4)If the ship goes down. the captain goes down with it. Jack stays.
  5. Gazi was involved in a massive turning point in the game. Mings and Grealish came across to get him to play on. Grealish's was visibly pissed off gesticulating. was he pissed off cos anwar was on the pitch and they wanted to take the corner? why would he be? there was over an hour left. was he pissed off cos he knew gazi wouldn't come back on? likely. Many people have interpreted Smiths after game comments as directed at Anwar El Gazi. training ground player. coasting etc.
  6. this is a good point. always looks to have a double chin. insta photos of nandos looks older than 25 must be bang on the shisa aswell. his brain tells him he can knock the ball past a guy then his body can't collect at the other side. has a good work ethic keeps running like mcGinn but that burst of acceloration needed by wingers is missing.
  7. to be fair to gazi, he has he has a strong mind in different ways. the first leg at albion he played during his fast. then the 2nd leg he broke his fast to give everything for the jersey. This should never be forgotten. I'm sure if Smith had sent a message through the physios ear piece quoting the "holy scriptures" something along the line of "the pain has a devine purpose Anwar....use it as fuel!" Gazi would have jumped up like the gypsy king in fury v wilder V1 and ran the show for the rest of the game. Mings and Grealish's "get up you pussy" isn't going to cut it. he's not from round here. It's up to Smith to think of stuff to motivate the players. If you buy players from all over the world different stuff is going to piss them off or motivate them. barking at them like a load of deadarses from chemsley is just going to cause massive resentment.
  8. deano has said "I’m not bothered about our cup final next week." So now the biggest worry we have is Stubborn smith might play the under 23's against man city next week to prove a point. to have any chance we need all the big hitters on the pitch so smith needs to find a way of motivating the lads he's slaughtered to the worlds media tonight. ron atkinson was brave throwing in graham fenton but any more than one will be an anal massacre....no lube
  9. dunno if I can handle another plucky losers (ie spurs home and away, liverpool home arsenal away.) it's just too heart breaking otherwise it's: a)play open and suffer humiliation? well smith woudln't be able to show his face in birmingham ever again after a record breaking defeat. 2)how about a bournmouth, southamption style surrender without making a punch? q) do a john gregory ....unambitious and get done by a blooper It's checkmate for Smith. It's like that film wargames where you just can't win. I think the best way is do a red star belgrade bus parking exercise and try and win the penalty shootout. I'm just glad my seat is not in with the chavs so I don't have to suffer the villa fan on villa fan violence during the game.
  10. there were a couple of half chances. Smatter and Houihane had shots when they could of played in Grealish. I thought Smatter was entitled to shoot. but Grealish was doing an impression of tammy abrahmam
  11. Smith lovers....here it is the soloution for you to keep your beloved. Purslow can send shockwaves through world football and show pity for Smith by doing a steve gibson. gibson brought in el Tel as co manager when Bryan Robson couldn't buy a win. Smith retains his position as head coach......whilst Rafa's title will be manager. Villa win the league cup, qualify for europe, keep Grealish and Rafa gets 200m to spend in Aug. Whats not to love?
  12. posted from a players point of view. I often insist on starting 5 a side matches on the bench if the opponents look a bit tasty.
  13. Get Rafa in now! He would bring us the carabeau cup. then the new manager bounce would see us safe. I think he'd come especially if the rumours of 150m in the summer if we stay up are true. An exceptional tactician with many honours in the game.
  14. "I am not bothered about the cup final next week, this was our cup final today and we were terrible. Certainly some players have played themselves out of next week." I'm sure they're really upset about not being allowed to chase mancity shadows and get torn a new one at wembley....... It's going to be an anal massacre next weekend. The players will be glad to not be out there...........El Gazi couldn't wait to get off the pitch today with an inocuious "injury" If I was a pro I'd be definatly in the managers office with the old tight calf on monday morning
  15. I thought Smith got it wrong today on so many levels. especially by not starting Drinkwater. an extra stopper in midfield was essential. straight from the off southampton pinned us back against the wall. the goal was as soft as you'd ever see, bundled in off his lap. disgrace. In fact the only time Shane long hasn't scored against Villa was the time he got clattered by hutton. Why not tell someone to put in an early reducer in on him? Dunno Deano did'nt think of that one........ it's better to make friends and play the game the right way. I think the players are no longer listening to SMith. Only when Houihane came on did we show a bit of drive. On my stream the camera honed in on him and he was shouting "what is going on here?" It reminded me of Graham Taylor against Holland. Instead of asking the players questions on the touch line how about giving them instructions how to go about getting back into the match? He should resign tonight without taking a penny from the club in compo. Then we need to get special clearence from the government to bring in Rafa from China. It's over smith go now!
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