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  1. Why isn't Smith holding a meeting with terry and giving him the bullet and bringing in Mark Lawrenson as defensive coach? Has Deano got any bollox? That goals against column is not improving any time soon untill those defenders hear a difference voice or get some different instructions. Someone has got to carry the can for the wretched performances. It's nauseating how they refer to him as Jay Tee, he's always posting photos of himself on insta on holiday or from ten years ago in his chelsea shirt, he brings nothing to the table. everything he does is PR for himself. made sure the press saw him going for a jog around the stadium before the cup final. Then during the game the free headers, and migets marking giants calamity reigned in. If I was Smith taking all the flack from the fans, knowing I was going to get the sack soon I would so bin terry to buy myself some more time hire Mark Lawrenson who's the most famous specialised coach out there . Id probaly bin Richard O'Kelly too that wrinkly old baggie does nothing. Get Collymore in he's always offering to help. They'll both be out in the summer unless someone coughs first.
  2. This is the best case scenario: void the season stay up keep super Jack and have another transfer window to add proven class to the squad. the downside is probably stuck with deano.
  3. If the club benefits from an act of god they should never play a match on the sabbath ever again as a token of gratitude for this divine intervention.
  4. can't believe the leagues been posponed! this gives Dunno Deano a stay of exectution possibly keeps him in a job. I bet he's been skipping around whistling another invented disease by manic street preachers all morning
  5. big sam loves the filthy lucra. why do you think he got sacked from england? Im sure his salary was enough to keep anyone happy he just loves making a cheeky few notes through a side hussle. so the as long as the survival bonus is big enough I don't think he would be bothered about a long contract.
  6. Just watched the pre match interveiw with smith on VT (this interveiw was with Villa's internal smoke blower not with press ) and for a man with the noose around his neck is conveying a very relaxed demeanour,although his skin looks a bit blotchy similar to brian clough's when he was on the brink however he's ginger so erm... deano's gone on about our record at Villa Park in night games is 6 out of 7 (most were in cup) and return of McGinn is as big as grealish last season (disagree ) also he clarify's the marking at corners is man to man not zonal and they've done some work on it.(yeah right) also drinkwater has been delt but with didn't say how.
  7. I think they will delay the investigation until they definaly bin smith. The new mananger may think he can get a tune out of drink. to be fair to drinkwater, I've seen guys like jota with the man bun, imacculate beard and sleeve tatoos in pubs on stitch and pitch nights. and I've wanted to drop the nut on them too. however I channeled my aggression into my knitting. I'm suprised he didn't have a pop at lansbury
  8. no managerial experience, never faced a relegation scrap in his career, it would be a baptism of fire similar to when Alan Shearer thought he could save Newcastle. And dont say look at Lampard. He's blessed with top quality squad. players like William (nearly on the same level as Hazard for skills) Pedro, Giroud, Kante, azpilicueta, What I call Foden syndrome: any average kid who looks class playing with top draw players every ball perfectly into stride. always options left and right if you're in the sheight. easy road to the top. Try being Grealish surrounded by deadarses! leave it to the specialists. If you can't afford Rafa (or that slimy clearing in the woods purslow wont work with him) you have to get Sam. I think terry is too smart to take it anyway if offered. 1) it would piss off the smith lovers as would look like he manipulated the whole thing - bad PR 2) he knows the players are mostly bottle jobs. 3) think he likes his easy lifestyle, bit of training, bit of fishing, holidays every month, plenty of instagram, no stress, must have a couple of slags in birmingham on the go, I certainly would.
  9. Smith will say he's been let down by the players. But I think he's been too nicey nicey with them, he can't handle the big egos. the only way he could hit back at them was through the media. Well that worked well didn't it. letting them go on holiday mid season after the bournmouth surrender. disgrace.........then having mings plaster photos of himself on the fake beach in dubai all over twitter? disgrace! These jollys should have been dealt with in a strong arm way. What would chris wilder have done after getting dicked? ........HOLIDAYS cancelled lads we having a team building weekend at lake bala. And someone needs to get hold of mings by his throat and tell him it's defend or homes under the hammer not both. I think he's being distracted by his off the field business interests. look at his twitter feed compared to Grealish. Jack is all about football. Mings is doing this and doing that.........and playing shit!
  10. Now is NOT the time for football philosophys. We need red adair on a 9 game contract.
  11. said many times......Drinkwater + Nkamba is solid. nice protection from the pourus defence. good results with these pair....brighton away and watford home.
  12. The players hate him. he's slaughtered them individually and as a group to the mainstream media. They're not going to sweat a bead against chelsea.... Saturday is going to be an anal massacre.
  13. Jota is a total passenger in the prem. It all started to go wrong when he came off the bench at white hart lane in the first game. Gardner was a better player. and he was crap.
  14. Get him in the team! We need to channel that aggresion on the pitch.
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