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  1. I don’t think people really know what they want and are too happy to criticise Doug for not being it. Thought our midfield looked a lot better with him there today and thought he had a decent outing.
  2. I should be paying you, smile across my face was priceless when a lot of what you’ve spouted on here over the last week came undone in 90 minutes.
  3. Martinez - not himself but he hasn’t become a bad keeper overnight Young - was fantastic Mings - captains performance - was awesome Konsa - seemed quiet but that’s not a bad thing from a CB Cash - awesome throw in and made good runs, otherwise fairly low-key but solid performance Luiz - thought he was brilliant in his return game McGinn - was back to his fantastic bustling self El Ghazi - limited performance but great penalty Ramsey - MOTM for me Buendia - showing us all how good he will be after a less than inspiring first game Ings - worth every penny
  4. El Ghazi has been a great servant for this club, but Ramsay keeps passing to him and running in for the give and go and he never gives the pass.
  5. There has been babies conceived in a moment of drunken lust in the back of station wagon that had more intention than that goal.
  6. I know what you mean, I don’t like the idea that we measure footballers ability in terms of how much they cost though. There’s answers for an against this btw. In the video he looks like a pacier version of Hojbjerg - in saying that though Sqenf Foot sounds more like a bacterial disease than a serious footballing publication.
  7. I appreciate your response and I understand that people are a little bit tetchy after a somewhat tumultuous summer. The only thing I would like to highlight is that people don’t have to moan when they go online - that’s a choice that people make. UTV.
  8. I couldn’t agree more, it’s hard to find a single thread at the moment that hasn’t been overtaken by manic, hysterical and irrational doomsdayers. 2 years ago we were playing in the championship and in the space of 2 months many on here have lost faith in the project, the owners, the coach, the recruiting and a significant percentage of the players. It’s insane jumping at shadows type paranoia. I can only assume it’s some kind of bizarre Stockholm Syndrome induced attachment anxiety from the Lerner years, but hopefully it passes soon.
  9. Your posts for the last couple of weeks have read very similarly to editorials from the Daily Mail about immigration and the corrosion of family values.
  10. We also know that people are subject to bias or prevailing narratives based on what they read on here. Nakamba isn’t horrible on the ball - his passing stats are fine and he rarely gets dispossessed (Ndidi, Bissouma, Doucoure all get dispossessed more). He is limited on the ball though, with his passing range very limited and his ability to dribble the ball forward also fairly poor.
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