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  1. Howdy Bicks The photos were taken in a place called Bray, just south of Dublin, Ireland.
  2. Friend is big into photography and film. Gave me one of her older cameras the other day which was pretty nice of her. Anyway decided to go for a bit of a hike and take a few snaps. No idea what I'm doing really, and no idea what most of the buttons and switches are for, but it's good fun anyway. Here are a few of me snaps while wandering the local hills...
  3. E-But, just because it sounds like the kind of insult computer geeks would shout at each other.
  4. I hope you don't want me to show you :shock: Nah your alright mate!
  5. Same as my question I'm guessing - who the flop dunk are Nightranger? Same here , is it possible they are worse than fookin Foriegner though? I hope for there sakes not, that'd put em on a par with Queen Actually I wanted to know what love is... :oops:
  6. It's probably dirt cheap, so why not?
  7. It's alright to watch, does get a little boring sometimes but I have seen some interesting fights over the years.
  8. Floyds punching speed is impressive
  9. Romanian channel is 33767 on Sopcast Thanks man! Now do you have something to help keep the eyes open?
  10. I hope Hatton batters the clearing in the woods, but I think it will be very close. Mayweather probably more used to the massive hype beforehand.
  11. I just think he was absolutely incompetent and weak. Influenced 100% by the noisy home support. I don't think he was corrupt, at least I really hope he wasn't. It would be a sad day for us all if that sort of thing took hold of football. I really think his performance that night should be reviewed by UEFA tho, ref's that poor and easily influenced should never be in charge of a match at that level.
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