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  1. Supposedly linked with Alex Teixeira. most likely bollocks but it’s another name
  2. je pense juste que tu ne comprends pas
  3. Really random guess, did all these countries register more deaths than births in 2020? Really haven’t a scooby.
  4. Countries that don’t have a trump named building.
  5. A map with Uruguay, Mauritania, Iceland, Namibia, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Australia and New Zealand all coloured blue
  6. Villa Twitter have latched onto this tonight.
  7. I know Villareport I post those links all the ti...... hey wait a minute!
  8. So I looked and it was just binary code. What does this mean?!?
  9. That’s twice fake fab accounts have got me now And I’ve mugged myself on here copying it
  10. That poor manquillo. First targett takes him out with a fair challenge and now boots the ball at his head.
  11. Another who wasn’t originally keen to join us it seems. Just goes to show how our turnaround this year has meant we can attract this calibre of player
  12. ahhh I see. Still don’t see it being us. Dortmund maybe? Leverkusen apparently aren’t interested. Guess we’ll see.
  13. How do they know what we’re going to bid before we’ve launched it? Are the weigher ups and preparers of this bid a bit chatty?
  14. In tomorrow’s squad. Not sure if it’s as close as some journos have said.
  15. Exactly, it’s almond like some people don’t want it to happen, comparing it to rashica 2.0. speaking off.... another bundesliga club by the sounds, reckon Leipzig finally paid up.
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