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    The way they all panic on the ball under the slightest pressure you'd think it was a nuclear weapon. Just dreadful.
  2. Avcol

    Tammy Abraham

    Fabian Delph u-turn incoming..
  3. Avcol

    Glenn Whelan

    Needs to be put out to pasture. Bad grandpa.
  4. Avcol

    Neil Taylor

    Legs more open than an Amsterdam prostitutes. Can't defend or pass, too slow and made Pilkington look like Ronaldo.
  5. Avcol

    John McGinn

    I know it's easier for us to slate players right now, and deservedly so. But I thought he was the only positive today in a sea of negatives. It's come to be expected from him but his grit and determination is more than the rest of the team combined. That run in the second half where he drove and drove past a few of them epitomized him as a player. Always gives everything and tries to carry the team on his shoulders. Only player worthy of wearing the shirt.
  6. Avcol

    Tommy Elphick

    He'd surely be furious with being taken off. Centre back isn't often a position you see changed and at 1-0 down it wasn't like he'd done much particularly wrong. Felt like he was almost being scapegoated. Hause was ten times worse.
  7. Avcol

    Yannick Bolasie

    Absolutely astonishing Everton paid £25m for this muppet. I know it's not a huge amount of money nowadays and they've signed a few stinkers over the years but how?! Surely an injury can't turn him into this? He trips over his own feet and doesn't have anything other than a few tricks he seems to make up on the spot. Like just smashing random buttons on fifa trying to skin a player. Shite.
  8. Avcol

    Conor Hourihane

    I'm starting to really dislike him. Nothing more than a little diva running around scared of getting stuck in.
  9. Avcol

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Shocking. Poor in possession, slow and clumsy. Nowhere near good enough and never has been. I cannot believe our options are him or Whelan. It's a tragedy.
  10. Avcol

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Yeah it ain't happening. I was gonna head home in May for 8 weeks to catch last home game of season and hopefully a play-off run ending at Wembley but think I'll just do 4 weeks from June now. I'm gonna save a fair bit on spending money!
  11. Avcol

    Kortney Hause

    He actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times. Truly terrible first touch and looked like a deer in the headlights. Ridiculous to even be subbed in having played so little and at 1-0 down. Would do nothing for his confidence and what the hell would Elphick have been thinking being brought off?!
  12. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    He's made the same subs each week, often replacing the wingers and bringing hogan on for 10-15. Today I thought we'd at least maybe try Davis out as we'd been totally appalling the entire game and at least attempt to change the system. Nope, straight swaps in defensive areas. Hause for Elphick?! Bizarre. Whelan is just shocking. At least adomah whipped in a dangerous cross, more than El Ghazi did all game. This bloke has lost me today. Worst we've served up in our championship existence so far. Farcical defensively and not a clue without grealish going forward. Zero shots on target! 3-0 didnt even flatter them. Every player must have shovels for feet judging by their first touch. Mcginn once again only player with any credit. Argh it's so frustrating. We will never get it right.
  13. Avcol

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    My worst nightmare but one I can definitely see becoming a reality.
  14. Avcol

    Scott Hogan

    Totally agree, players like Bellamy had that animal within them and he was a real pest to the opposition defence. If Hogan isn't scoring, which he isn't and hasn't been since he arrived, he is offering absolutely nothing.
  15. Avcol

    Keinan Davis

    Made quite an impact in the limited time he played. Looked lively, hungry and his presence and strength is a real attribute. Definitely should be above Hogan in the pecking order