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  1. Avcol

    Conor Hourihane

    I wish we could evict him from the Aston Villa house.
  2. Avcol

    Tammy Abraham

    Pretty confident he will hit 30 goals by the end of the season.
  3. Avcol

    Anwar El Ghazi

    It must be a confidence issue. We've seen he has some talent in his locker but he's barely even trying to beat his man or make anything happen at the minute. He isn't lazy but he's totally ineffective. Unless we can get him firing I don't see how we could justify buying him.
  4. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    Apologies, just the way things are jumped on you clearly aren't his biggest fan. I'm not here saying he's the next Sir Alex. He won't be able to control Tammy leaving and any big bids coming in for Grealish. But any other manager would be up against the same without promotion. Me saying let's give him a preseason doesn't make me his biggest fan. I'm just saying he needs patience from us to have full preparation in the summer with a squad he has put together. I don't think he's a certainty to succeed but unless Pep fancies a new challenge then we should stick with him.
  5. Avcol

    Jonathan Kodjia

    If there's a willing buyer in the summer he needs to go.
  6. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    Regardless of who is in charge, without promotion Tammy was always going to be going and strong possibility of Jack leaving too. Those things aren't on Smith when he's taken over a horror show after the summer upheaval. If we don't go up it's all Smith's fault? Come on man. Also Mcginn will stay at least another season, don't think he's quite there yet where someone will come in and make a substantial offer.
  7. Avcol

    André Green

    Has to be in contention to start the next game. None of the other wingers would have got on the end of that cross to equalise. It's cliche but it's about commitment and desire. This kid cares, could see how annoyed he was at his wayward crosses. Deserved the goal and deserves a chance to start.
  8. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    This squad will be ripped to pieces in the summer and we'll have a high number of incomings. He deserves to get the chance at a full preseason with players that he and Suso will bring in once all the garbage has been removed from the past regime.
  9. Avcol

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    The next two games are massive, but you can pretty much say that about every game I guess. If Smith were to go back to Brentford on Wednesday and get the win, then somehow beat West Brom at a packed Villa Park it might make things interesting. Good thing is we've still got to play everyone above us so to an extent we can still control our own destiny. If we made playoffs from here though it would be as big a shock to me as coming back from 3-0 tonight.
  10. Avcol

    Mile Jedinak

    Old brickfoot. Only Jedi slower than Yoda.
  11. Avcol

    Conor Hourihane

    He's just so easy to dislike. Watched him closely a few times and as usual the effort he puts in to ensure he's not going to receive the ball is astonishing. Peripheral player who only shows any desire when we win a free kick on the edge of the box. He doesn't have the heart or grit. Cannot be a starter for much longer.
  12. Avcol

    John McGinn

    Really needs to improve his distribution and choosing when to release the ball. Often does such hard work only to be let down by his next pass or waiting too long to move it on. Can't really moan about anything else in his game. He's everything that Hourihane isn't.
  13. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    I'm not giving him any credit for getting out of that one. Sure, he made the changes but it was just one of those mad ones where they crumbled at the back under a bit of manic pressure after the Mings goal. Got to admit it was really dreadful stuff until 82 minutes and after their third goal went in I was envisaging a 5-0 hammering. I hate mentioning Grealish all the time but without him the creativity going forward is painfully non existent. That we scored three goals in the last 10 minutes is just ridiculous. I didn't think we were gonna score if we played til midnight. If we can build on this and go to Brentford and win, the Baggies game at Villa Park will be juicy.
  14. Avcol

    Tyrone Mings

    Composed on the ball and doesn't panic, on a different level to the rest of the defence. Was our best player tonight.
  15. Avcol

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Utd

    Wow. Strange feeling after that one.
  16. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    I think a couple of them are just doing it for the lolz based on their wishlist for Smith's replacement. When you don't take it too seriously it's all quite funny.
  17. Avcol

    Tyrone Mings

    I can't believe we're still going over it. Many think he meant it, many don't. I put my two cents in on it like everyone else but only he is ever going to know. I hope he's strong enough to put this whole storm behind him and I'm sure he is. Fingers crossed there are no more incidents like this to discuss for the remainder of the season and we are only talking about the positives that he brings to the team. We need him at his best on Friday.
  18. Avcol

    Gabby Agbonlahor

    Surprised he hasn't found a new club. Plenty of teams struggle for numbers down at the PowerLeague during winter.
  19. Avcol


    Yeah they're definitely gonna let it slip. Just like Gerrard. Can't wait to see the fan meltdowns.
  20. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    Looks like he's asking Maradona if he's got the gear that he's owed.
  21. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    All this talk of Dunga is making me wanna play ISS Pro on the PlayStation. Donka in the middle spreads the ball out wide to Roberto Larcos, plays in Romedio who scores a screamer from 40 yards out. Happier times.
  22. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    He could bring Zinho with him to plug the gap until Grealish gets back. Romario off the bench for Tammy in the last 15 if things aren't working out would be a useful option too.
  23. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    I stand corrected. Let's get Dunga in
  24. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    Bournemouth were bankrolled by Maxim Demin. Brentford to my knowledge don't have a sugar daddy. Not to say Eddie Howe hasn't done a fantastic job but Bournemouth did have plenty of resources. Didn't need to sell their players every summer.
  25. Avcol

    Dean Smith

    Would be incredibly hard for a club like Brentford to improve on a 5th placed finish though. They are always going to lose their better players to so called bigger clubs. Happened to them each season he was there and they still performed reasonably well. Happened this season with Woods and then Mepham in January too. Brentford finishing 5th in the Championship is their peak.