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  1. The nice guy from great barr turned the most evil b*****d in Yorkshire at about 8.30 tonight. Well done deano
  2. Uncle Albert

    Jed Steer

    Positioning was all wrong for goal
  3. Yea i have thought about doing that thanks, i used to pay off in 1 go, but 500 quid is alot more money when you have a family, The 0% by zebra was fantastic, lets hope they find another supplier.
  4. I think this is really going to knock sales, i haven't renewed mine yet, i was planning to this weekend using zebra, i just havent got the money to pay it in one go and im sure plenty others are in same boat. Could be my first year without a season ticket in 24 years.
  5. man utd usually put 1 year trigger clauses in players contracts that they can automatically activate when a players deal is coming to an end
  6. The steward kicked grealish too. Scum absolute scum
  7. The whole incident sums them up, there scum end off. They were carrying on like they had scored. Awful horrible club
  8. Same bloke gave me a £10 note featuring a fully erect jeremy corbyn hovering over a bemused jane austin
  9. Exactly what i said today. Great decision by smith imo
  10. Best game in a villa shirt, brilliant today
  11. Yes, im trying to be positive
  12. Brian little had 1 summer and totally changed the squad, we had a superb 95-96 after a disastrous 94-95. Like you said it is difficult in one window but it can be done. (Times have changed i know)
  13. Looks fitter, more powerful, more intelligent than anyone we've had for a long time. He just looks a class above, which i suppose isnt to hard when we've got conor Hourihane in midfield. That aside if he can stay fit would be a greet capture in summer, although i feel there would be many suiters in better postions than ourselves.
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