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  1. Those small heath games in the early naughties, nothing comes close to how sickening they were, I'm just glad we've been able to put the nightmares to bed with them
  2. Have you had a good look into the organisation?
  3. Oh behave, it's a marxist movement, you really think villa fans who don't agree with it and had a boo today should have there ticket removed?
  4. He only played 1 season at full back for forest before joining us, I think he's handled the step up brillianty and is only going to get better. He's hungry to succeed and clearly loves being here. 15 million will be a snip
  5. Massive get out of jail today, we look like last seasons team now. He can talk the talk, time to put your words into action dean
  6. This 100% , totally the wrong starting line up against these
  7. Just knew it was gonna be one of these games , so sloppy all over, to many games we've had like this, and you know when there going to come strangley enough
  8. Massively overrated player, been dreadful for a number of games now yet seems invincible, any other villa player putting in these horror shifts wouldn't be near the 1st team now. The way it comes across with him is that he's doing us a major turn being at the club, he's a problem we just don't need
  9. No I didn't find out from twitter, I found out from someone who has direct contact with a another player
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