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  1. Maupay off to brighton. Shame, although im sure if we were in for him, he would have come to us over them.
  2. I dont think so, didnt he play a couple of friendlys for man city abroad?
  3. Dont have a clue on this 1 im afraid, although i think you have to leave the country whilst your waiting for a permit, i could be totally wrong though.
  4. Lets just get butland proven quality, they need a new defender now shawcross is injured 15 million and tshibola on a sold as seen should do it
  5. They are the best but im bias
  6. Lets hope Middlesbrough dont get promoted..
  7. Theres nothing wrong with bmw drivers
  8. Couldnt agree more, i have customers in Bristol and Gloucester , 4 of them are villa fans, 3 of them have no family connections to the west midlands whatsoever
  9. Apparently anyone who drives a german car have small willies and are t0ssers when i had my new car. (5) i was told i couldnt drive, and didnt know how to indicate, ive also been asked why i always have "nazimobiles" i had to laugh as the person in question basically lives in hugo boss shirts This has absolutely nothing to do with douglas luiz
  10. Here here, nothing wrong with being a bit of a b@stard

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