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  1. Pre match refreshments

    Ive heard fernherst is closed!?
  2. Ticket Info

  3. Ticket Info

    What have we got the lower tier?
  4. Ugo Ehiogu

    All i can picture is his big legs getting on the end of every ball RIP ugo Ugo ugo ugo ugo ugo ugo ugo ugo
  5. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff W

    Correct sir
  6. Steve Bruce

    Still needs to sort a system out for me huge 3 points today but could have easily been other way. I looked at derby and they had players where they should be all over the pitch, we still looked blunt and frustrating for most of the game.
  7. Steve Bruce

  8. Steve Bruce

    I wanted bruce, and thought he would come in with a no frills approach and sort this shit out, get players playing and make us a solid unit. Instead it couldnt be any different. Weve got fullbacks playing as wingbacks, signed creative midfielders and completely bypass them. How many times did nathan baker have the ball today and look totally out his comfort zone? Did anything change? No it carried on. Scott hogan no service first half, did thag change 2nd? No he was probably more isolated. Today is the first time i had that horrible sinking feeling about the whole bruce thing
  9. Steve Bruce

    Im all for stabilty and giving a manager time but this isnt good. Since he's taken over we havent seen a consistent formation and we've only had 1 good performance (brighton). There arent any signs of this changing, what does steve bruce want to do at villa? What style is he trying to inpliment? Again i come back pulling my hair out. Like i said i want stabilty but we havent picked up 3 points since boxing day
  10. Sam Johnstone

    Send him back.
  11. Scott Hogan

    Whats that mean?
  12. Steve Bruce

    Im sorry bruce but im sick of you coming out after games saying we were this, were were that, we didnt do this right etc. I can accept that after a bad performance but its a pattern now. You have to do your job!
  13. Neil Taylor

    Awwwww your hard!
  14. January 2017 transfer window

    Ive just read a swansea forum they cant believe there luck with this deal, he's the westwood of swansea
  15. January 2017 transfer window

    That account is the best ITK ive ever seen. 99% spot on