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  1. It'll be one of the ways of setting ourselves apart and offering a (small) competive advantage to us. If we show we offer players freedom to express themselves or support them with international leave it can potentially help be a reason to choose us over another club.
  2. Rds1983


    Robertson won't be far off either. That's nearly their whole starting 11. Big rebuild coming for them in two or three years and I wouldn't be surprised if Klopp didn't stay for it. Could easily fall down the pecking order if they're not careful.
  3. The top players will have it managed and will take instructions from the club. I feel several Villa players manage their own though going off Cash and McGinn's posts yesterday.
  4. Salah has helped me shoot up to 68k as I somehow managed to get 8 points off my bench. Hoping the WH v Utd game is a blank.
  5. I went into town this morning and saw that someone had put a Father Christmas up in their window.
  6. Probably something most of you 'won't get' but I actually prefer driving in silence and turn off whatever music /radio /CD the wife has left on when I get in the car.
  7. Why do retired people insist on coming in to the town centre on a Saturday morning when they have all week to do so?
  8. Same with me. I'm back upto 90k but will no doubt drop as the week progresses. Ayling has done nothing for me and their defence looks shot. Fixtures for the next 5 GWs are decent though.
  9. It's also a good way to build up your coefficient ranking.
  10. Hadn't considered the military but that is an interesting one. I have no idea what the answer is in any of this but there does seem to be better ways to do some of it.
  11. Probably over simplifying things but I have always wondered why there are varying age cut-off for things such as this and also driving, buying alcohol, gambling, voting, getting married, having sex etc. Why isn't there just one set cut-off for all of it? Mostly due to wondering why at 16 you're old enough to have sex but not drive or get drunk?
  12. Could be worse. You could find out the office hottie is the one playing the toilet trumpet.
  13. Hoping it's nonsense as also seeing people say he travelled with the squad. Bamford injury rumours a few days ago. Even if he is out, if it's just one game I can (be upset) but live with it.
  14. Bamford and Raphinha were my 2 transfers this week. Ditched my West Ham players for them.
  15. Never been to Miller and Carter but hear very good things. There's one about 4 miles away who are on Deliveroo but reckon I'll wait until I can go in person. Just need to find a babysitter first!
  16. Please don't joke about this. You'll make it a recurring suggestion in On Topic.
  17. All rumours are he wants a lot more than 500k a week and that's not including payment to his Dad or Mino. Are Bayern likeable?
  18. I think that's going to shift as well though. There's some old contracts which skews it slightly and European clubs have bankrupt themselves trying to compete with the Premier League (just look at Barca). They seem to be moving away from these crazy high wages on the continent.
  19. Bayern highest wage is Lewa on 350k a week. I'm not sure they can afford him.
  20. Historically you are right. However I suspect that more top players will join the Premier League at their peak due to the financial disparity between the leagues. There's a reason half the ESL clubs were Premier League based. Barca are bankrupt, Real have saved up for 4 years to try and buy Mbappe and couldn't manage it yet, Juve are selling stars. It's only really PSG who have cash to burn and they're going for older stars on frees at the moment.
  21. I dont wish them success but to me they're a nothing club. I don't like what they're doing, how they act or who supports them, but they're irrelevant. They could go bust tomorrow and it wouldn't matter. Could win the league for the next five years and they'd still be irrelevant. It's why they're desperately trying to create a profile, brand and following. If the teams that have a (slim) chance of winning it, I don't really like any of them but would have to say Leicester if 8 had to choose one purely due to how they operate and not being a ESL club.
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