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  1. Thought you didn't rate Chelsea?
  2. Oh I'm sure that you'll be told again and again and again and at the end of that it'll still be going on. You could probably leave for three years and it'd still be going on when you get back.
  3. I think I used it in February if it makes you feel any better.
  4. It won't actually upset him. He'll just be doing all he can to ensure that his dad doesn't get painted as useless and gets hired again. That way he'll get an extra million or two inheritance. It's pure media manipulation and PR spin. I also wouldn't be surprised if he got paid for that article.
  5. Does this not make 8 movies each? Or am I forgetting some?
  6. Sorry to hear about your Dad, was nice that they continued to remember him and send stuff. Having looked at their website I got the feeling that he's a few years too young to make the most of it but we'll see how he's getting on over half term and decide whether or not to go.
  7. Started watching Goliath. Only a few episodes in, enjoying it but surprisingly dark so far.
  8. Very nice. I'm on 56 with Ramsdale and Townsend still to go. Lukaku and James were a disappointment, as was Wolves scoring 3 with Jiminez doing nothing.
  9. Plumbing rant. Thought I'd get over the frustration of football by doing something productive and putting the new taps on the bathroom sinks as the old one had rusted through and wasn't what the wife wanted. Turned off the mains and realised just how tight and awkward it is under the sink as it's a tiny little one, made somewhat more difficult by not having flexi pipes so the in flow was constantly in the way. After I'd mopped up the water that had gone everywhere as I couldn't drain it via the tap and went to put the new one on I realised the wife had bought bath taps and not basin ones. My suggestion of putting the ones she bought to go in the upstairs bathroom went down like a lead balloon as that would ruin the individuality she wants. Guess I'm off to B&Q tomorrow morning.
  10. Still better then wearing shoes and no socks I guess.
  11. Nothing wrong with wearing shorts still, I'm in shorts today. Wearing flip flops at any point is just wrong though, not even at the beach, just take your shoes off.
  12. Like the no Dias after I ditched him (partly due to no Ederson) not keen on no Armstrong, brings Livramento off my bench unless he comes on.
  13. Don't know about anyone else but I hope this debate is resolved faster then the how to pronounce quarter one.
  14. Never been before so nothing to compare it to. Would also happily say no to the free chocolates if it meant that I got money back off the tickets.
  15. I've gone big at the back too. Have TAA, James, Azpi and Cancelo. Very nearly had Rudi or Dias but decided to mix it up. Think I'll swap Azpi for Rudi next week though. I've also ditched Antonio and brought in Jiminez, feels a bit wrong not having him with the form he's in and his ownership but feel Jiminez might outscore him the next few weeks. Plus it feels strangely nice having him back in the team after everything that happened to him.
  16. Fergie constantly upgraded his back room staff in order to stay relevant and up to date with coaching methods. I don't think a lot of managers do this for some reason. Potentially as a lot of managers don't have the history of success to fall back on and justify why they don't need to be doing this stuff and avoid challenge. I reckon a lot of owners would also question why am I paying you so much when you're not doing the technical stuff, why can't I just get your number 2 to do it instead? Fergie also retired 8 or 9 years ago so doesn't really fit the point KMitch made about how much football has evolved in the last 10 years. Even Jose appears to be struggling to keep up to date with the modern game.
  17. Rds1983


    They'll probably watch clips during training/briefings whilst at the club but then don't want to watch it at home in their free time. Which I can understand, if I've spent several hours doing something at work I'm not usually in the mood to do it again that evening, even if it's something I enjoy and find interesting. It's probably like how a lot of chefs don't cook fancy food in their free time and just do simple stuff instead.
  18. Assuming people have been to Cadbury World, would you recommend it for a 4 year old or is it too grown up for that age range? My lad keeps saying he wants to go to a chocolate factory.
  19. Myfitnesspal says I've hit 75%of my weight loss target which is nice. Down from 14st 10lb to 13st 5lb and feels like a much better weight for me.
  20. Id potentially challenge that and say Plymouth Argyle have a larger catchment area. Devon and Cornwall have 1.8m people with Argyle taking by far the lions share (my family are fans and live 55 odd miles away) of the few clubs down there (Exeter and Torquay taking some fans). They also get a lot of fans from Dorset and Somerset too. Why they could get 16,000 fans in League Two without being a recognised big or successful club. Off Topic but an interesting discussion and Newcastle certainly do have a large catchment area.
  21. How many of the people laughing at him are in better physical shape then him?
  22. The bit that has always looked out of place to me with regards to them supposedly spending hundreds and hundreds of millions straight away was that the Reuben brothers were involved too. Whilst they're loaded themselves, they're not going to be looking to spend a fortune as it'll be an investment. Plus, if the SIF was going to splash all this cash why did they need the Reuben brothers?
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