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Found 11 results

  1. i know we had this discussion a year or two ago on VT... but as per the Panorama programme that was on earlier today asking this question: How certain are you that the Global Warming is man-made?
  2. Nigel

    Science Thread

    I dont think we have a general thread for new science stories. Let me start... It seems as if scientists have found a long dormant virus has resurfaced after 30,000 years being frozen in Siberia. Fears are that other more deadly viruses could also re-emerge by process of global warming. Makes you wonder just what would happen say if small pox was re-introduced nowadays, and whether we can truly eradicate such viruses or simply put them off for a new generation to deal with?
  3. avfcDJ


    I did look for a topic but couldn't see one.. Nayson last night posted about the Portsmouth football match being cancelled - here I was stuck slap bang in the middle of it - for some of the loudest and brightest storms I have ever been, The flat where I live was shaking at some points! Anyway, I managed to grab a few clips on my mobile, but also wanted to see what the weather is like where you guys are? (Strange one this because it was originally a football question and I also wanted to mention that the local team (Newport IW) carried on playing last night - http://www.iwradio.co.uk/articles/2013-10-22-electrical-storm-lights-up-the-isle-of-wight ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdJnaLFrhHo
  4. I'm sure this has been discussed before on here, but given I was having the discussion in another thread (a couple in fact) I thought I'd start a dedicated one to save those going off topic (couldn't find a similar thread, apologies if it exists). So I've always been sympathetic to Vegetarianism even though I've never been one myself, and never thought I could because I eat (ate) a lot of meat. But recently I've been cutting down my meat consumption, both consciously and unconsciously, whilst simultaneously feeling stronger and stronger about becoming a vegetarian. I have a couple of good friends, one vegan friend especially, who are vegetarian so I've probably been influenced by them. Plus I've been researching more and more into it (see the documentaries thread). So I'm basically at the position where I think vegetarianism is right but I just haven't made that cut off. I only eat meat with my evening meal these days and even then it's only 3 or 4 times a week, so it shouldn't be a massive deal. I'm close, I might do a 1 month trial of it and see how I get on, but I thought a discussion would enlighten me. So VT... convince me (either way).
  5. There are a lot of different types of screws.
  6. Can't have an Apocalypse without the involvement of The Morning Star. Pretty sure they are going to announce evidence of life on Venus in a couple of hours.
  7. So, any takers? It's bound the be the only resource in abundance in a not too distant future. Me, I'm not really feeling any cravings of that sort https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/rAbqkw/forslaget-at-manniskokott-for-klimatets-skull
  8. So, after some interesting thoughts in the Finsbury Park thread, I thought this subject deserved a place of its own. I know there's a religion thread, but religion doesn't enter into this subject for many people. So, what are your thoughts on what happens when we shuffle off this mortal coil? Me? I'm a firm believer that we're a load of lucky apes scrabbling around on a rock and once the body has gone, then that's it. Always thought that 'there is no life after death, only death after life'. Over to you lot.
  9. According to some, people will be going to mars in the next ten years or so. Personally I think there are too many reasons why this obvious idea is being considered about 100 years too early, technology-wise. So I guess this thread is for discussing the technological and psychological requirements for getting people there and keeping them there. Extra marks will be awarded for pointing out the many problems and possible solutions to them. Ukk, ukk. I come in peace. Ukk ukk ukkk.
  10. Found this earlier and thought it was quite an interesting read. I would have liked a little more information on these insignificant side effects, but it's still early days so I'm sure they'll come to light eventually. Thoughts chaps? Would you consider it? Do you think you could take that responsibility? Would it wound your male pride?
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