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  1. Get a notification of a quote from Limpid and think I better check that quick... Turns out he's just talking about masturbation.
  2. Started as a health food too.
  3. I reckon ppl will start getting Chelsea defenders after the City game when their fixtures swing. I've got my eyes on either Rudi or Alonso.
  4. I forgot to swap captain from Salah to Antonio. Oh well.
  5. Can't believe the state of the que at the service station, ridiculous how long it took. Don't people know I've got the school run on Monday.
  6. I still kinda wish we'd bought him and Benrahma.
  7. No, but I have been known to start shadow boxing between sets like an absolute nutter.
  8. Why Salah over Antonio? I'm currently 60/40 leaning the other way due to Brentford defence performing better then Leeds at the moment but I'm flip flopping.
  9. All the Leeds injuries have gutted my team and I've only just brought Bamford and Raphinha in. Not going to be a good week for me.
  10. It's next on my list so hoping it's good. From the tiny bits I know about it already it does seem like a remake of Battle Royale which is a great film.
  11. But weird you tell it you're doing the washing up.
  12. I was tempted by getting insurance on my mobile when I first got it due to the cost of replacing and was quoted about £4 a month. I decided to just buy a Spigen cover for it for about a tenner. I've dropped it several times, including from a decent height and so far so good.
  13. With my wife, we'd both said it in the first month or two. With my ex a bit longer. With my sister in law, I'll have to get back to you...
  14. Don't think I've ever got the homecare option. Just pay for an annual service. Not overly keen on those at £60-70 a go just to say 'yeah, it's only 12 months old so it's fine'.
  15. A high profile case like this one is also where traditionally things do go wrong and innocent people can end up in jail.
  16. Good to get that back. £955 sounds a lot for 2 years cover though. Could get a brand new boiler for that much.
  17. That's because in Australia it's 'down under'.
  18. Not good. I've had some minor back and hip issues, usually muscle related though so I can manage with stretching and recovery work. Hopefully the same for you and not anything worse. I've had issues and physio on my knees and shoulders though. Some RSI, some cartilage, some broken bones and never fun but manageable.
  19. I still don't know what the story is about scuba steve. Everybody is different in how they react and what works best for them, it's important to try things and find what works (whilst giving it time to actually see if it does work). If the maintenance calories are high enough then there's no need to try and build up a baseline to work with. Even if not trying to bulk up first (not a great term to use here but you know what I mean), I'd still recommend some basic weightlifting for the reasons I outlined above. Hoping that the backs not too bad.
  20. There's also no certainty that the club will be able to sell them when there's only 12 months left to run on the contract. The player knows that if they wait 6 months they can then sign a pre-contract somewhere overseas and pocket the transfer fee for themselves.
  21. It wouldn't be where I'd talk about it myself but perhaps it felt like a safe space, somewhere familiar, where relationships and friendships have been developed but still far enough away (i.e. Talking with strangers) to not feel embarrassed to bring the subject up. People post all sorts of stuff and problems on various forums that they wouldn't know how to talk to about with their friends or family. It took me a very long time to build up the courage to get professional help when I was dealing with extreme anxiety and depression, and even longer to be able to talk about it to my friends or family. I was happy to seek advice and help online though as it felt safe. Only two people know everything that is going on in this relationship.
  22. The international break is going to be an interesting one. Always throws up the odd injury but I'm curious how many players are going to travel and if a lot will stay at their clubs or not. I usually try to plan several weeks ahead but this season just seems more crazy than usual with injuries or new transfers and I'm struggling not to rip up my plans.
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