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  1. -------------------------------Steer---------------------------- ----Guilbert---Tuanzebe---Hause---Targett----- ---Nakamba---Chukwuemeka---Hourihane--- -------------El Ghazi---Wesley---JPB------------------ Definitely a good opportunity to rotate the squad and gain match fitness, after a disrupted preseason schedule. Apparently the biggest problem we'll face is the sea breeze that makes it a difficult task to travel there - supposedly it's more of a challenge than a cold Tuesday night in Stoke. It's obviously a bigger game for Barrow than it is for us so I'm hoping we're not complacent - winning a cup could be the easiest route into Europe if the draw is kind. Fingers crossed for a smooth run into the next round without any casualties.
  2. ---------------Martinez------------------ Cash---Konsa---Mings---Young --------Nakamba---McGinn-------- -----Bailey---Buendia---JPB------ -------------------Ings-------------------- Young in for Targett to deal with ASM, after he was taken to the cleaners by Sarr last week. I don't think Targett is a bad defender, but he didn't look match fit last weekend and Young is supposedly one of the fittest players in the squad. Keep Nakamba and McGinn but really would like to see Luiz back as he's better in possession, and we will probably dominate possession at home against Bruce. I'd give Philogene-Bidace a start after a really promising preseason and El Ghazi not exactly showing much last weekend. We're going to miss having Traore as he would be the obvious player to come into the starting XI. Hopefully the full house at Villa Park can galvanise us and give us the home advantage we need to get a win tomorrow. 2-1 for me
  3. This is the football shirt equivalent of stubbing your toe
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha (breathe) hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  5. It would make sense if we went to 3 CBs, maybe a 3-5-2 to play Ings and Watkins upfront together but still keep the numbers in midfield. But like everyone else it seems to be a strange link
  6. Been linked with Mario Hermoso from Atlético Madrid. He’s a good centre back, he played a fair bit last year in their title winning season. Atleti are my second team so I’d like to think I’ve seen him more than most on this forum, and he did well last season from what I remember. Thoughts?
  7. Whenever I see the Salernitana captains armband I can’t help but think it looks exactly like a British Union of Fascists armband…
  8. ----------------Martinez----------------- Cash---Konsa---Mings---Young --------McGinn---Nakamba-------- ---Bailey---Buendia---El Ghazi-- -----------------Watkins----------------- Interesting first game, will be nice to see some of the new signings in action. With Ings and Watkins both top strikers it's hard to know whether they will rotate or both play - it will make it harder for the opposition to know what to expect as we were becoming predictable at times last year. Losing Grealish and bringing in new players does mean it will be a lot harder for oppositions to work us out before the game, but those tactics will be new to us as well.
  9. Personally that statement really worked well and it shows the transparency that was lacking within the club for so long under Lerner for these important decisions. Purslow and the rest of the board come out of the whole saga smelling of roses, and whilst they didn't have a clear dig at Grealish, they made it quite clear it was his intention to leave and they tried to do what they could to prevent it. Also to have replaced him with those 3 players we signed before Grealish had even gone is fantastic, proactive leadership. The club hasn't been left in the lurch but has arguably become stronger and more balanced. Full credit to Purslow and the rest of the board for managing what could have been a very difficult summer as best as they could possibly have managed in the circumstances.
  10. "Hi Leo, yes we've just cleared the number 10 shirt for you, you're booked in at the Belfry hotel tomorrow evening"
  11. I would laugh but I know how it feels and it’s bloody ‘orrible
  12. Agreed, it would look very bad on their part to sell both of their best players in the same summer to a club that, let's remember, finished below them only a few seasons ago. I can't see how they could justify that to the fans
  13. Well he's not as good as Buendia so paying more than £30m for him would be a bad deal for Villa. But it's Norwich's right to set whatever price they like for him, we're not entitled to take who we like at the drop of a hat (unlike a certain team in sky blue). I think he's probably similar to how Jack was seen a few years ago, Norwich fans will wax lyrical about how good he is/will become, and opposition fans write him off as overrated. That's not to say he will follow in Jack's footsteps and become a superstar, but it also isn't totally unrealistic to think he could do really well in the Prem. I can't say I've seen much of him so I've no idea how good he really is, but his assist from Norwich's game yesterday was pure class. Plus he has floppy hair, so he would fill our quota in that regard as well.
  14. If Grealish doesn’t believe that Villa would be good enough to compete for trophies then we don’t want him anyway. We only want people at the club who believe and are committed to making it happen. Say what you like about Grealish being a Villa boy, but he’s given up on his boyhood club because he wants instant success with City. For me all the talk about Villa being his club and his home rings quite hollow. That said there will still be 11 men wearing the lion rampant on their shirt and they will always have our full support, no matter who they are.
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