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  1. **** off, none of you are welcome at the Villa. These players and their families have sacrificed a huge amount to reach the level they are at today, particularly Nakamba who no doubt did not have a smooth route into the Premier League coming from a country that has suffered a lot of hardships over time. And after all those sacrifices and your own 'fans' call you a slave. God, it's infuriating just knowing we have to stand with these lot every week. Hopefully the club takes action about this, and shame on them if they sweep it under the carpet. I know people at the club read these forums to gauge fan's opinions from time to time so they should be aware of this. If they don't take action then other fans must intervene. Season bans and some proper history lessons has to be a minimum punishment. We shouldn't be afraid to call out this behaviour because it makes us 'look bad' as a club - what makes us look bad is allowing it to happen. And on a side note for all those who don't understand how this is racist, think it's too PC etc - give your head a wobble.
  2. Wow! What a fantastic game that was, I don't think many would have predicted that one... I don't care how awful Norwich were, the performance from Villa was superb and they executed the game plan perfectly. The confidence they can take from that is absolutely massive. The best thing was that even at 5-0 the players were still chasing down looking for another goal. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Dean Smith way. Finally we got to see it today.
  3. Huge, huge chance for 3 points here, but I just can't see us outscoring them. We don't have the goals in the team to outscore many teams, unless we manage to keep a clean sheet. If we do win, it will have to be a classic smash and grab 1-0 I think. A draw is more likely, I would say 1-1. I would imagine that Norwich would score at least once at home, even with their injury problems. I would love to be wrong and see a Villa side, furious from a string of poor decisions and performances warranting more points, tear into an unsuspecting Norwich side and win comfortably, proving to everyone just what they're capable of - but I won't be holding my breath.
  4. I think the realisation is dawning for a lot of people, myself included, that this team just somehow is not good enough to be winning football matches. It's frustrating because the football is easy on the eye and we do look good in spells, so it's obvious that they do have the ability to do it, but they just cannot keep it going for 90 minutes. Coupled with a string of bad refereeing calls over the season, becoming tired and sloppy towards the end of games and a striker who is a serious downgrade from Abraham and you have a team who look set for relegation. I think it will hurt less if I assume that's the case now, and if we stay up then it's a bonus. Not even going to the Madrid derby cheered me up, as it was another frustrating draw. Can't seem to catch a break today...
  5. I believe the second row of floodlights on the Holte and North stand were added at the start of the 15/16 season because of new PL rules for a minimum brightness level for TV viewers, but it's possible that they have upgraded the lights since then as well.
  6. It's a good chance for Smith to try something different, a free hit and hopefully we give some other players a game. It would be nice to win it but in reality the cup will not be the priority of the club at the moment as we're sat in the bottom 3. Perhaps if our fortunes turn in the next couple of months we can give the FA Cup a proper go, but the League Cup is a little bit of a distraction at this stage of the season. I'm normally very keen to do well in cup competitions, but I feel so deflated from the last few weeks of disappointment that I just want 3 points in the league, I don't really mind what happens in the cup. Having said that, it is a good chance to right some wrongs immediately and a win would be very good for morale at a time where we can't seem to buy one for love or money.
  7. Bitterly disappointing to lose in the manner we did, given the man advantage and having the lead into the last 10 minutes. I'm still positive about Smith and the players, there were just a number of mistakes out there that were punished and that is the reality of this division - you cannot afford to do what Villa did today if you want to stay up. It's so frustrating because it seems like every week we keep shooting ourselves in the foot - we should have picked up points against Arsenal, Bournemouth, Palace and Spurs and yet we didn't manage any. My worry is that at some point if this trend of dropping easy points carries on, the rot will set in and there will be a belief that this team is destined to fail despite the performances justifying points. We will start to believe there is some fatal curse preventing us from seeing games out and causing referees to consistently make inexplicable decisions and VAR not intervening. Fans calling to DS to go need to take a long hard look at themselves. May I remind everyone with a short memory that the man was a hero in everyone's eyes only 6 games ago and he has not even been at the club for 12 months. This is a club that nearly ran out of cash only last year and the turnaround to be promoted the following season showed an unbelievable amount of progress alone. We entered the league by replacing half the squad and in many cases the performances have warranted more points than we have. I've thought right from the first game of the season that Villa are 80% of the way there - against Everton it all came together and they showed what they can do. Come the second half of the season, I believe that Villa will be firing all cylinders and with a couple of new faces in January (particularly a striker) we will start to pick up those lost points from these early games. I would give Deano the whole season, and if he takes us down it is not necessarily the case that other managers would have kept us up anyway. I'm not saying Smith is perfect or blameless because he has made mistakes, but I do still believe he is fundamentally a good manager. I don't disagree with his starting 11, his formation or his style of play - there are just issues with substitutions and game management that need to be addressed. He is learning the hard way not to make those mistakes again in this league. Still staying positive despite today's result. 5 or 6 points from the next 3 games and everything starts to look rosy again, and that is very doable imo. Keep the faith.
  8. Agreed. But as I said, he's 22. He's not much older than Green who most people would agree is not ready for the PL. I won't defend his past record, because you make a good point - it's not particularly impressive. But he still has a lot of potential for improvement if given the chance.
  9. I do think a lot of the criticism of Wesley's performances are justified, but that's not to say he's a bad player altogether. The lad is only 22, settling into a new country and playing in a league which is vastly different to the Belgian league. Yes some of his performances have left a lot to be desired, but writing him off after a few poor games is a little unfair on him. Hopefully the second half of the season he will have settled and will start to show some of the potential that Smith saw in him in the summer. As someone who hadn't seen Haller before yesterday, I would say there was no way he was worth £40m based on that performance alone. Obviously it would be ridiculous to assume that based on one bad game, so I don't see why Wesley should be the same after a couple of bad games. It's also worth noting West Ham have two good centre backs who had done their homework and managed to win the aerial battles against Wesley. We should have changed our style of play knowing this, but there was still an insistence to go long to him when he was clearly second best. He's probably lacking in confidence at the moment - we should be getting behind him if anything.
  10. A decent point on the face of it, both sides were fairly evenly matched. We really need to be seizing on games like that, because for all the possession we had towards the end they never really looked like scoring bar that Grealish chance. Still, some positives to take from the game and onto Arsenal.
  11. Fingers crossed for a good result tomorrow, it would be great to get some more points on the board against a West Ham side who are possibly better than us on paper. If we lose, there mustn't be a hysterical reaction about it as there's still plenty to come from this team this season. Hopefully Marvelous gets a chance in the first team as he looked very tidy on the ball against Crewe, I remember thinking how little he gave the ball away - if we are going to build from the back he appears on first glance to be a good man to distribute the ball around the midfield. That and the fact that Luiz has been with Brazil in the international break, I would expect Marvelous to start if he is match fit. Still unsure who our best two wingers are for now because nobody has yet cemented their place in the team imo. Hopefully tomorrow can answer some of those questions. ------------------------Heaton-------------------------- ---Guilbert----Mings----Engels----Taylor--- --------------Marvelous----McGinn-------------- -----Trezeguet-----Grealish---------Jota-------- -------------------------Wesley-------------------------- Predicting a 1-1 draw, which I think would be a reasonable point.
  12. That's a good question - I didn't see that. Possible he was trying to claim Grealish had fouled him, but that would be tenuous. More likely that there was contact, but the camera was obscured by the referee. Regardless the goal probably should have stood - Villa gained no advantage from it as Grealish had already played the ball.
  13. I'll be honest here... that did look like a dive. You can see Grealish leaves his left foot dragging along the ground from before Cahill makes contact, and the moment of 'impact' is conveniently obscured on the replay by the referee. Obviously can't tell for certain as the replay isn't great, but it does look like a dive. I'm not sure VAR would have overturned the ref's decision. Trezeguet's two bookings were also fair enough. Not saying the referee was without fault by any stretch of the imagination - the inconsistency in bookings was ridiculous. We were up against it all game and Palace were the better side. We didn't deserve any points from that game anyway. Move on to the next game.
  14. Part of Dean Smith's managerial strategy is about creating competition for places. A game like Crewe in the cup is exactly the right game for players to stake a claim for a place in the starting 11. Given that we have the squad depth and are relatively injury free at this point in the season, I would absolutely make a number of changes to give the players who will be knocking on Smith's door at Bodymoor Heath an opportunity to get themselves a starting position. Having said that, we still need the firepower upfront to win the game. My team would be: ----------------------------Steer-------------------------------- -----Elmo------Konsa-------Hause------Targett---- --------------Marvelous------Hourihane-------------- ----El Ghazi --------Lansbury------------Jota-------- --------------------------Wesley------------------------------ I'd be aiming to go at them early and try to get a couple of goals ahead by half time, then replace the players likely to get a game at the weekend when the game is relatively safe. I'd love to have a cup run but I'm not sure playing a full strength side is good for two reasons - firstly, the players fighting for a starting position will be deprived a chance to prove themselves, and secondly there is another important game on Saturday where the players have to be on top form to win - any fatigue or knocks from a midweek cup tie might be the fine margins between winning and losing. And if we are struggling in the second half then bring on the cavalry, just as at Yeovil last year. I'm hopeful Smith will give the cup a serious go this year, particularly as there are a number of players used to the Saturday - Tuesday routine of the Championship. Of course, the usual 'Aston Villa Early Exit' ® would not even be a surprise anymore, given the utter dross we have seen in the League Cup in recent years - in fact, since we made the semi-finals in 12-13 we have only made the fourth round once in 15-16, and that was only because we had the bluenoses in round 3 Fingers crossed we get the job done professionally tomorrow and safely into the draw for the dreaded round 3.
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