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  1. Those players were dead on their feet at the end, you could see they were all exhausted after putting in a huge effort all game. To score with the last kick of the game is nothing short of what they deserved. Pure elation at the end, and you could see from their celebrations how much it meant to them. This is why we love football, nothing else in life can create such outbursts of joy as a last second winner. Made even sweeter by taking us out of the relegation zone and having the last laugh with Deeney.
  2. No complaints about the performance in general, a lot more intensity and pace to the team compared to previous weeks. Yet one mistake and we find ourselves 1-0 down at home. The goal is a complete mess - Hause has to close down the cross, Mings is nowhere near it and one of Konsa or Guilbert has to take responsibility and win the header. Leaving Deeney with a free header in the 6 yard box is suicidal. Think we will have to aim for a draw at best now - no way are we able to score 2 with no strikers.
  3. In all honesty I don't mind the team selection too much, I think bringing on Vassilev/Luiz in the second half could have the same effect as the weekend. There's no guarantee Vassilev would be able to play with such intensity for 90 minutes, and starting Luiz over Drinkwater would have left Luiz and Nakamba together in midfield, which hasn't worked too well in the past. I also think we're going to be in a physical battle today and Luiz would be too lightweight to play in the midfield alongside Nakamba. Watford are unbeaten in 7 in all competitions so it wouldn't be a big surprise to lose tonight, I'd take a draw now but we're in need of 3 points tonight, by whatever means necessary.
  4. I bet those calling for Smith to go are the same ones praising the performance against Leicester 4 days ago. Literally just this week we got a great result at Leicester and arguably could have even won the game. Then as soon as we get turned over by the champions, one of the best squads ever assembled in the Premier League, he's the worst manager we've ever had, inept, out of his depth, stupid, the list goes on. These aren't the games we'd expect to win. And a lack of effort is on the players, not the manager. If the players can't motivate themselves enough to even try and play then they shouldn't be wearing the shirt. Honestly you lot are **** embarrassing at times.
  5. One word - concerning. This is the first time this team has drawn parallels to the 15-16 season in my eyes. As good as City are we made it far too easy for them. There was never any belief in the team about getting a result and look what it caused. Those players shouldn't be wearing the shirt if they're going to accept defeat so willingly. Psychologically there is some MAJOR rebuilding that needs to be done, and fast. We cannot afford to carry this baggage with us into the next games.
  6. Patiently waiting for Lescott to tweet a picture of his new car...
  7. Free hit, off the back of a good performance in midweek which should give them some confidence going into the game. I wouldn't expect much from the game, but sometimes football can produce some unexpected results. Let's hope it's us this weekend.
  8. No doubt that Lolley would be better than most of our wingers have been this season, but I don't think Forest would let him go so cheap. He hasn't had the best season compared to last year so his value has possibly fallen, but that would only make Forest less willing to sell him. Whether the Kodjia bargaining chip is a big enough swing for Forest I highly doubt. Getting Kodjia out would be good business for the club but only if another striker can replace him in the squad.
  9. This chant has got to go or be changed. It's not funny, it's not clever and it's not flattering. Ezri is a professional footballer who has no doubt worked hard for years and sacrificed a lot to make it to playing for Villa, where a minority of braindead fans only see him as a lad with a big cock. It's embarrassing, to be honest, and completely undermines his ability as a footballer. If you think peddling a racial stereotype is a compliment to the lad, you'd be wrong. We can do better than that to support the team.
  10. Fantastic game where both teams battled hard and Villa get an (unexpected) draw to take to Villa Park. Full credit to the whole team who fought hard and did well to keep Leicester to just one goal. Sure, we rode our luck at times. And even though the equaliser was frustrating to give away so easily, it's fair to say Leicester were good value for their goal and a draw was probably inevitable. A clean sheet away at Leicester would have been a big ask, and scoring without a striker on the pitch was also a big ask. For me, a 1-1 result was realistically the best Villa could have hoped for. Playing 5 at the back frustrated Leicester and disrupted their game plan - credit to Smith for sticking with the formation from the Burnley game. Sitting a bit deeper and inviting the pressure may be frustrating to watch and lacking ambition, but the alternative was what happened last month. Vardy wasn't able to get in behind the back line for most of the night, which nullified their main threat. No doubt the VT boards will be furious we haven't won this, and it's true we did come close. But I for one am very happy with a draw and making it a winner takes all in the home leg. I would be over the moon with getting past Leicester over 2 legs. We've given ourselves an excellent chance of doing that after the first leg. UTV
  11. Well, an away win again at last, and 3 points is the best way to start a new year. I thought the 3 centre backs made a real difference to the way we played and suited playing against Burnley. Taylor and Guilbert had more room to get forwards and we were afforded more safety at the back. First half Villa were as good as Burnley were poor, and it was very one-sided. 2 really well taken goals and one awful, inexcusable VAR decision. There is no way that is clear and obviously offside, and we’ve gained no advantage from it whatsoever especially as Wesley didn’t even score the goal. Second half Villa dropped off in intensity and Burnley were much improved. We are still conceding far too many shots and on another day Burnley would’ve taken their chances. Both injuries killed Villa’s momentum and I don’t think the players wanted to be on the pitch after seeing a serious injury to not one but two players. Credit to them for holding on and staying focused enough to see the game out in the end. Good performances today from Grealish especially, also Luiz, Mings and Hause were particularly strong in my eyes. Wesley worked incredibly hard and was looking confident after his goal. Not sure about Trez today, he seemed a little lost up front. It may be 3 points but I think those injuries leave us in a lot of trouble - we absolutely need another striker now that Wesley will likely be out for a while. Kodjia does not look like he wants to be there and we can’t rely on him and Davis alone. Final word goes to Dean Smith who got the tactics right today. He had his hands tied with subs but he got it right today under pressure.
  12. I’ll make a proper post later on, but more importantly wishing a speedy recovery to both Wesley and Heaton. Both looked like serious injuries that could end both of their seasons. Such a shame as they were both fantastic today.
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