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  1. Agreed. I'm no legal expert, in fact I have no idea, but I would imagine that relegating a club with 10 games to go would never be allowed if it were to go to court. It would be interesting to hear from a legal expert where the PL stands in their ability to end a season prematurely. I would imagine there would be more leniency with FFP because of a loss of matchday revenue. It would be against the spirit of FFP to fine clubs for matters out of their control, though again, it depends on the fine print of these agreements. It's a shame that this season is going to be reduced to a legal battle over the outcomes of each tournament. I will just be glad to watch football again next season whichever division we end up in.
  2. As it stands I can't see any way the season can be finished in a fair manner, so in my eyes a cancellation of the rest of the season seems the only option. If the coronavirus isn't under more control by May, which doesn't seem likely, then there will surely be no time for finishing the season and having a proper pre-season, even if the Euros are delayed a year, as all these delays will only be pushed further along the calendar. The question is what is fairer - finishing the season as it stands now, voiding the entire season, or carrying on next season with last season's points. None of them are 'fair' per se, but I think the FA/PL/EFL will have to decide which is the least unfair of the 3. Villa and Norwich may well be handed the most unlikely get out of jail free card in the history of English football. I for one am absolutely 100% behind this level of shithousery if it were to happen.
  3. It speaks volumes that with 10 games to go Smith still doesn't know who his best XI is, what his best formation is and whether to attack or sit back in games. I think he's throwing anything at the wall and seeing what sticks. I love the man and always will for last season, as we all should, but honestly if he can't answer these questions at this stage of the season I don't think he' should be there. The problem we have now is that who will come in and turn it around in time? If we don't stay up, does the appointment make sense in the longer term? Or are we going to go carry on going through a manager every 2 years or so?
  4. That was painful, a performance as bad as we've come to expect in recent weeks, probably worse in fact. Way too many errors on the pitch, giving the ball away, not tracking from set pieces etc. Tactically outfoxed by Rodgers meant we never stood a chance. There isn't a single positive to take from tonight whatsoever. But that's football, and we have to move on to the next game now on a short week. Guilbert was the stand-out worst player on the pitch, he was so bad I'm convinced he must have some kind of issue , maybe carrying a knock or an illness, he was so much slower and more lethargic than usual. I'll reserve judgement on him tonight because there's no way he plays that badly if he's not carrying something surely? Reina obviously made a bad mistake and, for what it's worth, I think Nyland will play the rest of the season. I can't see him getting back in the side after a couple of really poor games. Midfield was pretty nonexistent, the less said the better. Everyone at the club had better pull their fingers out because tonight was unforgivable. No passion, desire or effort from anybody tonight. I think the board have a decision to make with Smith and the rest of the season. Personally I wouldn't pull the trigger, but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if he went this week while the season is just about salvageable.
  5. A loss would surprise absolutely nobody. It's expected, and it's my expectation too of course. A win would be the most incredible, unexpected feeling, and it would be a win that would sit very pretty in Villa's history. It would be the first major trophy won by Villa in my lifetime. Given the expectations going into the game we've got nothing to lose, I don't think there's any pressure to win, and I think this may benefit us given we're the biggest bunch of bottlers under pressure in the league. I'm hoping City see it as such a non-event that they don't turn up all game, we frustrate the game like we did away at Leicester and take whatever chances come our way. If we can keep it level, we'll at least have a chance on penalties. I think us fans in the stadium can make a difference - it may only delay the inevitable or make it less painful, but we should be singing the whole day (and not just Allez Allez Allez on repeat, for that matter). At the very least we'll win the game in the stands - maybe I'm clutching at straws (I definitely am) but we all need something to clutch onto. I'm just planning on enjoying the day as much as I can before the game starts, and anything on the pitch will be a bonus. But 100% I will be right behind them the whole game, and there won't be a hint of apathy once the game starts. I'll be reciting the mantra that 'with Grealish anything is possible'...
  6. 28 shots allowed today, 18 against Spurs, 16 against Bournemouth, 22 against Leicester, 22 against City (only 8 vs Watford though). The defensive tactics are pretty bad to allow so many shots. As you said, more defensive pressing is needed. You're right though - the main problem today was the players.
  7. I think Smith is walking a real tightrope with what he says in the media. He's hung a lot of the players out to dry with his comments in the post-match interview - he's arguably right - but I don't think it will win him any favours. I'm beginning to wonder if he's falling out of love with the job a little bit - I have no doubt he still loves the club and is doing all he can to turn things around, but it seems like he has reached the end of his tether with some of the players. I think he is in the process of losing the dressing room, and once that happens there's only one outcome. It's difficult because what he's saying is absolutely right - the players weren't good enough - but he's not free of blame either, which is how it comes across from his comments. It's also pretty clear that the tactics are desperately reliant on Jack to have a blinder every week. That's not really great management. If you look at the tactics Smith used in the Championship, we attacked teams and went on the front foot, whereas now we are playing with 5 at the back and allowing around 20 attempts a game. Whatever tactics Smith used to get us up certainly aren't being used to keep us here, either that or the players aren't capable of playing that style of football (which I doubt is the case). But, I do still think he should keep his job until the end of the season. If we go down and sell a lot of our best players, we will need a manager who can operate on a shoestring budget and perform well, which Smith has pedigree in at that level. Ironically I think if we stay up he has less chance of keeping his job, as I think the owners will make a change at the end of the season to help the club push up the league quicker.
  8. The alleged bust-up is FAKE. Mark Regan has just clarified on WM.
  9. That was an utter horror show. Right from the first whistle, Southampton were much quicker with and without the ball. If anything the opening goal in the 8th minute had been coming a while. From what I remember of the stats Southampton had 5 shots on goal in the first 10 minutes, and by the end of the game it was 28. 28 ATTEMPTS. Anyone conceding 28 attempts in a game not only deserves to be relegated, but they should also be docked 12 points for crimes against football. Second half we just completely capitulated. No patterns of play, formation went out the window, and it was just headless, stress-induced chaos. It was just hit and hope, there was clearly no plan in place to actually mount a comeback beyond 'trying a bit harder' or trying to 'get some momentum'. Honestly it's pub league stuff, they had no idea what they were doing. Reina, in fairness to him, kept us in the game with some great saves - then later tried his hardest to concede another, which he succeeded in right at the death. Hause was poor and looked lost - I don't think he is playing with much confidence at the moment. Should be dropped. Luiz and Nakamba were chasing shadows - not only that, they were both chasing the same ones. They were far too close together, and they were completely bypassed for most of the game. Grealish was marked out of the game and got frustrated, then went into his I'm-gonna-do-this-all-by-myself mode which just made him even worse. Frustratingly ineffective. Samatta had no chance. What sort of service were we giving him? Long balls through which were way overhit time and time again from the CBs. Nobody is exempt from the blame for that today. Smith clearly hasn't got them playing how he wants, which he has to take responsibility for. The players out there made so many mistakes and crumpled under the pressure of needing a result. I think the only way we stay up this year is if the 3 teams below us are even more inept than us, which can't be that likely. I'm just going to enjoy watching Grealish etc. for the rest of the season in claret and blue because there's no way he'd want to play with this bunch of clowns next season, even if we stay up. I think you all should do the same.
  10. Won't be letting a last minute goal overshadow a game where we matched a top side. We were much better than before the winter break and deserved at least a point imo. We just made one too many errors today. Simple as that. Gutting to lose in that fashion, but there's still positives to take.
  11. This just illustrates how utterly useless FFP has actually been in promoting fairer competition, when in fact all it has done is promoted positive feedback loops at the top of the game. The biggest European clubs before FFP was introduced have been at a significant benefit as it has essentially acted as a barrier to smaller clubs like City displacing those at the top. The European elite have been given an oligopoly at the top of the game by UEFA where they know the FFP rules make it extremely hard to compete with them. How is this a level playing field for other clubs like City? How long will it be before fans get bored of seeing the same clubs winning the Champions League on rotation year after year? If City manage to fight it in the courts and win the case by virtue of having better and more expensive lawyers than UEFA then what will FFP have achieved? It will only show that the more money you have, the more success you can have, which is the complete antithesis of what FFP was supposed to do. I'm not sure who is doing more damage to the integrity of football in this case, City or UEFA...
  12. I'm clinging onto the fact that, as has already been mentioned on this thread, Spurs will be without Kane and Eriksen who were the difference makers in the game in August. Plus that day I remember Wesley was absolutely dreadful, so Samatta can't really do much worse. We certainly should have come away with something to show for from that game. It's well within our grasp if we play to the best of our ability to get 3 points, though I'd be happy with a point and not overly disappointed with a loss in any case. Of all the bigger teams to get a scalp, surely Spurs is the best target at present? Just as long as they don't go down to 10 men we'll have a fighting chance.
  13. FWIW the club have said there are 58,000 STH and club members. If you're not a claret member, get yourself to the nearest pub on the 1st March. Claret members will have a hell of a time trying to get the tickets left - I can only say good luck to you if that's you.
  14. Latest as of about 6pm. The greyed out blocks are either sold out (I think blocks such as 129 and 130), or in many cases haven't been released yet (i.e. the whole upper tier). Plenty of tickets to be had in the upper tier still, not so much in the lower tier. I'm not sure how many other poor souls have had a season ticket since 15/16 but it doesn't seem like the tickets are flying out. If you're on your own/two of you you might be in luck further down the booking windows, because most of the blocks have a lot of single seats left over. If anyone wants more updates then just ask, thought it might be helpful for those without a season ticket.
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